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  1. Hey fellow Uni 36 players Glad to see some familiar names there, heres me 223.296 (Rank 138 of 5.547) 138 + ChuckBiscuits PROs 223.296 Well my mines are currently: M - 26 , 25 , 25 , 25 , 25 , 26 , 25 , 25 , 25 C - 23 , 22 , 22 , 22, 22 , 22 , 22 , 22 , 22 D - 21 , 20 , 20 , 20 , 21 , 21 , 21 , 21 , 21 SP - 27, 25 , 25 , 24 , 24 , 26 , 26 . 25 , 25 My first project is to finish Metal 26's and then balance the crystal out at 23 and Deut at 23. My Solar plants are currently housing the Energy bills on all atm, so those will continue to be upgraded till 29 where I will stop and use Sats. So for now I wouldn't mind getting this in a month: 27/24/24/29 and nanite 1 on all.
  2. Hey, I have seen numerous post about uni 36 and I was wondering who still plays there? I am currently 137 * ChuckBiscuits PROs 222.629 Full Miner, I have been there for quite a while now. So if you are in uni 36, hit me up ingame
  3. Hey HC its a little late, April 1st is over bud. Shame on the hit Mika, I know you rebuild quick. I guess this is payback for all the smashes you've been laying on him.
  4. Sweet my least favourite player is returning, well... he didn't last long. I really hope he gets an account with a fleet and is ranked high so I can crash him like crazy Besides my farms are depleted
  5. OMG 400k lf, >80k cr, 40k bs, 5k bo, 10k dst, 12k bc, 400 rips, >40k recs, 38k lc, 24k sc He was the best player in .org ever considering the amount of time he built this account in after starting a month late.
  6. LOL this Crash and Burn guy has been trying to trade his uni 9 accounts forever. He had an old one and tried trading it and one before that and now this one. Purple D needs to find players they can trust to handle their accounts I'll help you get it Blade I would very much like to see you back in uni 9
  7. HOLY CRAP BLADE! MAssive hit buddy I was ponering in my mind how you could build a fleet that big so fast as you had a account ranked like 200 or something but then I see's you with a Ranked 8 account Amazing Blade big grats and enjoy Werners account
  8. Now that is a bit hard core. Is it ever I haven't seen so many cruisers in such a late Galaxy. Thats close to what Graf used in one of his many Advanceds
  9. Lol well I had to buy some school suplies and quite honestly I am actually excited about this year Hey wheres my drink
  10. :o No Way that is so sad. How could this happen ? As soon as Mika, left things just fell apart it sounds. to hear what Helo and Dami did is sad. I wish I could come bac and help rebuld Worms a bit. BTW I now don't have my old account Mika has it bac everyone. But I made an account from scratch and I have 3 points if ya wanna donate to the "Get Chuck back up and Running" Fund please do you can find the donation box at 1:109:12 PS Sorry about bad spelling and grammer my Lap top is F-Up
  11. Ya Gottheit Plays in the same Alliance. Excellent Hof Crunchie Amazing Rank and profit.
  12. Surprisingly he doesn't have much Fodder and very littel Dessies, Bombers or Bcs for that matter. Impressive cruiser count though
  13. Luckily I don't have to go to school quite yet. Unfortunately my school has Crappy computers and half of them don't run ogame so long FS till I get home
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