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  1. @moo : sadly, at school, they don't insist enough on paper work, because of a major lack of time...
  2. @moo : download and install python 2.6. blender scripts are made in python, and you need to hzve installed for scirpts to work well.
  3. To be exact Brad, even for a pro dev, the pen/paper combo is an absolute need. I should say, it is more and more needed as you grow up in coding, because you have to deal with enormous projects with a lot of constraints. When dealing with databases, there are points like foreign key constraints or dependencies that need a lot of thinking before getting coded. A pro dev, most of the time works in a team, or directly with the customer (my case), so coding roughly from a customer idea is suicide, and coding without a plan in a team is genocide ! Dealing with the Hello World app isn't such a p
  4. This is my point of view, the way I do it. Certainy not the only nor the best way, but mine, and believe me or not, it never betrayed me. These explanations are as language independant as possible, even if I sometimes rely on code to explain some stuff What do I need to start a project : a whole pile of blank paper a whole pack of pencils patience time and calm ! did you notice that no computer is involved ? How do I start a project : Take a sheet of paper, draw an horizontal line in the middle of itin the upper part, write project goals in the lower part, write the need
  5. Ah Pasta ! My two cents about pasta cooking. Put them in the boiling water with a spoon of olive oil, but don't cook them completely, remove them 1-2 minutes before the time it would normally take to get them "al dente". Immediatly shower them with cold water to stop the cooking. Once cold, take oil and swirl the pasta with some oil. Then you can put them in the fridge for a day if you want. When you want to eat them, boil some water and put them in for the 1-2 minutes missing from the first cooking. My 2 cents
  6. To get a nice render with the texture, and apply multiple textures on a single mesh, you can work with vertex groups or UV Mapping. By the way, UV maps and textures must be a power of two wide and high (1024*1024 for instance). It would be great if you could provide the first texture in 512*512 for example. This way, after the mesh unfolding, this texture could be applied the inner part of the top surface. Then, I'm pretty sure we can play with the texture coordinates to animate it. To get a render like the one I posted here, it's really simple. For the mesh, I used a blueish material with
  7. Hi ws. You should have a look at services running on your comp. There's a lot of them which aren't needed for everyday use such as bluetooth service, dhcp (just setup the network card to a static ip adress) and so on. Which cg card does this comp have. Maybe a swap between two machines could be helpful. For example if you got a powerful pc with a powerful cg card and this one handling a low end card, you could improve this machine by using the high perf card and the powerful pc may not be hurt much by a less powerful card...
  8. This looks real nice. Could you please post a full screen static render of the mesh. I'd love to get a snapshot from the blender window with your mesh on also. You should add some scenery @Schot : I'm pretty sure you should open a blender 3d sub forum First raw work on the logo. Now that the shape is almost ok, I can work around the scenery
  9. You can also go for particles, transforming each vertex of the mesh into a particle emitter. The logo can then spray sparkles all over the screen to then fade to the normal model ang light up... just an idea, among many others... Bezier curves are another approach to modeling, but at last, everything is converted to a mesh made of polygons, so any way is fine. I prefer what's called "box modelling" (extruding from a starting primitive) than bezier curves, but they show really convenient when going for spinning shapes (glasses, bottles but not gears, as an array modifier is much more convenient
  10. Ok. Upgrade is not possible, you must download the version on this page. Once installed, go to your start menu and launch "idle". This is the python interpreter and it's also a code editor with syntax highlighting. You could go for version 2.6, but f you want to go for GTK Gui, you'll encounter problems. Start off with python right out of the box and if you go around a project, expose it here so we can discuss the way to code it efficiently. What's really nice about python is that you can test functions right into the python interpreter, without having to make a python program and run it. her
  11. Hi Moo Ok, let's talk about prgramming. Here are some pointers. Language generation : the higher the generation, the easiest, but not really the more insteresting. Among the common languages, I would order them this way from low-level programming to high level programming. The lower the level, the closer to the machine you are, but the more complex it becomes to code... memory management, more risks of bugs, memory overflow and so on. Assembly (back to dinosaurs) C/C++ (low level enough to manage threads, mostly employed for game programming (diablo2 for instance) as it allows
  12. For the monitor, you get two choices : A flat panel full hd (1080p) lcd TV (€1000 here in france for a 127cm screen) with hdmi input if the video card is hdmi capable. Believe me, Sacred2 in full hd on a big big big screen is godly, and thunder strikes flashes are.... amazing. A 24" monitor (1920x1200). Some are hdmi compliant and embed speakers if you plan on plugin' a PS3 or X360 on your monitor. just my 2 cents
  13. The major blender revolution started with version 2.3 as far as I remember. Everything is matter of key-binding and mouse gestures in blender, where other software make you click on a far far away button, you can grab, rotate scale, extrude and so on just by moving the mouse over the model or hitting a key. E G S are the 3 keys to know first, as you can extrude, grab and scale. What's really nice about other bindings are the constraint. hit G then X and you will only grab around X axis (same for Y and Z and works with extrusion, rotation and scaling) You can also hit N to get numeric inputs f
  14. I used blender3d some time ago. there's a ray tracing renderer called yafray that is fully integrated within blender gui. Just download yafray and you can render blender mesh through it. This app is really great, quite hard to get used to, not really intuitive at first, but once you know the basic key bindings, it's really fast. visit blendernation, and google for blenderart magazine. These sites are really helpful. @Schot : for materials, the hard point, blender really shines with node compositing. It's also a great video editor (believe it or not). Using nodes, you can mix textures on d
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