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  1. Make a sentence from 5 letters

    Sand Kills Interesting Little Liars L I A R S
  2. Single Aspect Niob Level High Elf vs. Terus

    Such good quality my computer won't even let me watch it... Sucks, because I really wanted to see you get those nine set items and be amazed like I always am.
  3. Make a sentence from 5 letters

    Save A Terrace In Nepal N E P A L
  4. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    science -> biology
  5. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    appreciation -> gratefulness
  6. Dual Staff Wielding

    In my opinion... Absolutely not. So many guides and information about the game would have to be changed, and some sets revolving around that would have to be removed. I think it's just too much of an inconvenience to remove it, and I say we keep it. Hopefully I didn't come across rude...
  7. Sorry for bumping an old(ish) thread, but this caught my attention and I really wanted to do it. 1. Black 2. The ringing in my ears 3. Strawberries 4. Nah, I used to, but I always find myself doing other things. 5. RED. 6. lol what weather 7. Root beer 8. Hockey 9. Brown, but I want to die my bangs red 10. No 11. Little sister 12. June 13. Strawberries (which explains why it's the last food I ate) 14. God, the last time I visited a theater was so long ago I can't even remember :T 15. Um... none... 16. I scream at people. 17. I still have this, but it's a ratty old teddy bear I've had since my birth. 18. Summer! 19. Hugs; they're more cuddly and comfortable 20. Vanilla. Not sure why. 21. Not sure. I was either depressed or I stubbed my toe really hard. 22. I have a board game and a marker under there... huh. Never even knew that 'til now. 23. Last night? Why, played video games and checked FDM of course! 24. Sidewalks, main entrances to schools, food, water, rivers, gas peda-- I can't believe I just admitted all that. 25. Buttered OR salted? More like AND. 26. If it gets me from one place to another without breaking down, it's a good car. 27. Any flower that smells good. 28. I think 4. 29. 7 years 30. Saturday 31. Laser tag 32. Only one. 33. Three: Pottsville, East Allen Township, and Northampton (I like East Allen Township the most) 34. Never thought about that. 35. Reeces Pieces 36. Forever single 37. I'd say I feel pretty good about it. 38. Um... probably first grade... 39. I regret almost committing suicide, which is not a topic I like talking about but I'm trying to be completely honest here. 40. Sunshine. Rain makes me feel so uncomfortable :T 41. YOUDONTNEEDTOKNOWTHAT
  8. I may or may not be listening to twenty one pilots pls dont judge me :3
  9. Ah, we can see it now. And that pose is very... impressive
  10. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    consumption -> time-consuming
  11. I just remembered that's my favorite drink. ...oops. Although, I do plan on moving to Germany in the future. I do speak some German just because I felt like learning it one day, and I learned it very quickly, making me re-realize all of my life's plans. HALLO, DEUTSCHE! WIE GEHT ES EUCH? (Hello, Germans! How are you all doing?)
  12. Heh, yeah, I guess we're a lot warmer than Canada, that's for sure
  13. Mandatory quests

    Looks pretty good! Also, glad I could provide you with the info about Ancaria Airlines.
  14. Mandatory quests

    I thought Ancaria Airlines gave you attribute and skill points as well. Maybe I'm just mistaken?