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  1. I've tried that on PC and it didn't work... but not on mobile; I guess I'll just try it there! Thanks!
  2. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    quartermaster -> quarter
  3. Also, on the topic of how to find your way around the new DarkMatters, I can no longer find the way to change my signature. I know the answer is right under my nose, but I can't seem to find it. Haaallp.
  4. IDK if I'd be willing to try that... got sensory issues, and if I eat something and don't like it, I usually end up gagging or something. Sometimes, I get kinda scared to try new foods...
  5. If I lost internet for a week or two, that would be fine with me. Besides, there are other things one can do on electronic devices besides browse the Internet. If it was for an extended period of time, though...
  6. The weather actually hasn't been that bad here lately. It rained once In the past two weeks but everything else has been strangely pleasant. There's been a nice breeze, and it's not so hot that you feel like you're going to melt in the sun but you also don't wanna freeze. I'm pleasantly surprised with the weather
  7. Looks like dragons can be quite a handful to take care of sometimes!
  8. You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist. - Indira Gandhi Not sure why, but this quote just captured me and make me think about its meaning for a while.
  9. Trimmed Elite Textures

    Agreed! Thanks for this!
  10. Heya!

    Hi, Fury69! Welcome to DarkMatters! You'll love it here. Yeah, it's really sad that Sacred isn't more popular than it is... but I'm glad we have this community. It doesn't look like DarkMatters is going to end anytime soon, so there'll always be a Sacred 2 community on the web. Anyway, if people would just give Sacred 2 a chance, I'm sure they'd love it
  11. So I have a question about something pretty strange I saw on the map. I was in the north of the swamp, near the portal that takes you back and forth from the Dragon Sea Islands to the swamp, and I saw a resurrection monolith icon in the middle of nowhere? It was right on the edge of the map, between Swamp and Christmas Island. Has anyone else ever encountered this? If so, is there actually a way to get to that location? It just seems like a bug to me, but it has me really curious. Thanks
  12. Yes, yes, of course. I... um... of course I thought about that but I um... just wanted to go above and beyond...? Um. Yeah? No? No.
  13. I lick both... and still end up with it all over my face. ...What am I doing wrong?
  14. Huh. I'm still very unfamiliar with BBCode... you just type it in and it does that? WELL let's test that theory
  15. Glad a lot of these fixed were fixed, some of them bothered me (like the fact that when a Seraphim talked to a human, the Seraphim's hand went through the human's face because physics and you could see that the Seraphim's hand was bigger than the Human's face )