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  1. Hello everybody, I'm new on thsi community, first of all sorry if my english frak I'm not native. I have the idea to make a remaster of Sacred Gold, so it's a crazy idea, after a lot of research (here and another websites) I found it's "imposible" just remake textures for the game and change code for solving bugs etc... So I decided to do a personal project to practice and research/learn about c++ and another things... Actually I'm looking for the source files, grn files etc... Cause reabuild animations etc can be a little bit complex just for one person, so I'm finding the way to make a .grn file to .gr2 to export it to 3dMax and export a .fbx to work in maya 3D So I like to know if someone has an idea or can gide me to this first step of the remaster, I have already a tool from a user here called "grnreader98" sadly it don't work for sacred file idk why, I have see too that GrannyViewer read this .grn and convert in Temp to .gr2 I like do it but the huge files that I need for make hole game it's a little complex I fact the complete idea it's like this: Get all visual datas like textures, models, animations Send to maya, rebuild principal characters, add controllers, joints etc... and make better the textures Export all it to CryEngine and begin to code everything Simply on words so hard to do ^^ Well thanks you so much, I hope someone can help me ^^ Good day
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