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  1. Launching three times

    I'll try the beetlejuice trick then :D. But now more seriously, yes it is indeed CCleaner that seems to cause it. Thanks a lot for the help. Also, love the reworked forum! Great work on that.
  2. Launching three times

    Yeah, let's hope
  3. Hello Is there a way that would fix having to launch the game three times? (The first two times it launches only in the background and I have to use Task Manager to end the process, it always works the third time for some reason. I'm on Windows 10 x64, and I've tried various compatibility settings, too
  4. hello I was just about to face the giant octopus boss, but found myself inadequately armored (and skilled) to beat him, so I teleported away in the middle of the boss fight (yes, coward me) but now, when I return to the cave with the locked door, that leads to the octopus, the locked door that the shaman unlocked when I was going to kill the octopus the first time, is locked, and the shaman is nowhere to be found does that mean I have to start a new game?
  5. hello is this possible in Sacred (1) Gold? thanks
  6. humble bundle's drm-free latest version, no cm patch and not planning to either, I only play vanilla games
  7. so you don't think it could be a missing file/installation/unpacking error that could be causing it? I hope not
  8. I tried both desm's and your's suggested workarounds but none worked, while the intro videos did not appear neither did the silly messages
  9. but I still need to find a way to launch the normal executable with the screen
  10. I found out that launching Sacred via a SACRED2SAVE File (for example hero01) makes the game launch with the silly messages screen
  11. hello and thank you for your suggestions however I'm still running XP therefore I have neither options available in the game's properties however checking the Run in 256 colors or something like that makes the silly messages screen reappear but of course I'm not gonna run it in 256 colors because it's buggy and ugly could you suggest me some options files which I could look into, and perhaps find something and edit it?
  12. bump, can anyone please suggest anything for this odd little problem
  13. did any of you who have this issue do anything since you're getting the issue that might have caused it?