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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-ChillStream-Gamepad-for-PC/dp/B000IX1NDC The Logitech Chillstream came before F310 and has a bit better analog control imho. Don't get me wrong, F310 is possibly the best you can buy ATM. Currently there are no very good quality gamepads for the PC. The Chillstream also makes any event of sweating hazard - gone! I've used it to play some driving games since its L2(PS terminology) button is very responsive and I've managed to hold particular speed in games like TDU2 and NFSU2. Problem is - no support for later versions of WinOS. The last one was Vista I
  2. I've noticed that portions in Canadian restaurants are rather large. I didn't visit, but I've relatives who're sending pics. Like 400-500gr meat and 400-500 gr fries on a plate with like 2 smallest tomatoes ever (called salad instead of garnish lol). Very good for a sportsman, but for a "regular joe" seems rather heavy, no?
  3. Ah, yeah, people don't know the taste of a hamburger until they try Pljeskavica. Any american coming here, including my godfather's children, have their mind blown each time. Since I can compare the both food from McDonalds in contrast to Pljeskavica, which you can find pretty much anywhere here on the Balkans, the McDonald type hamburger feels good to the tummy if you eat one maybe and if you really are hungry. The fries are way, way better, though. The meat is absolutely horrendous, gummy-like, chewy, flat, almost like eating some paper or whatever. Next to the patty of Pljeskavica a tota
  4. Interesting. That's a sort of younger cabbage (spring cabbage variant). That's also something that the Chinese use the most in their dishes. It's tender and can really be thin once it's processed, no? The one most commonly used here was made for the specific sourness and role. It's known as Srpski Melez. It's Brassica oleracea L. convar. capitata L.) Alef. Average KG is around 3kg per head of cabbage. The leaves are very durable and hard, which is ideal for the pickling process. These are also used for salads as well as the dish "Slatki Kupus". The outer leafs are dark green and t
  5. The Curry ketchup and any type of Wurst is a great, great combination. There's this company called Hela and they have this absolutely amazing mild curry ketchup that goes amazing with any sort of a breakfast and even on the salad like green salad or similar. I like to put a bit of it on the delicates hard-boiled eggs and some ham with green spring salad. The thing is also great with any sort of meat, especially the Karađorđe's schnitzel or any other deep-friend breadcrumb schnitzel for that matter. It's for those healthy, great amazing breakfasts when you get energized for the rest of
  6. As a guy from southeastern Europe, notably Serbia, I sincerely doubt that any Slavic person would mix Chocolate and Kiseli Kupus (or as the Germans popularized it - Sauer-Kraut). This seems like a total waste and an unhealthy combination to say to least. Mixing Salt and Sweet is not that common around here. And Sour Cabbage (Kiseli Kupus) is actually extremely salty. This is a predominately Slavic food which came to the Central Europe probably either through the Czech, Polish or even Balkan influences on the Eastern parts of the Germany. It is the stuff you eat with spicy meat or salty mea
  7. Motif 1 : LifeLeech, similar to the concept of spells in Diablo-esque video-games. Motif 2 : "People on Darkmatters might like it" So it is an action-based point&click RPG in the vein of Diablo or, rather, Path of Exile. The latter seems more probable game-wise, but the first more probable concept-wise. Am I wrong ?
  8. Yes, exactly like that. Not just CAs, but overall performance of a character which would eventually give some form of average dps in contrast to highest and lowest hits.
  9. Hi guys and girls. I was wondering whether there's a damage calculator tool of some sort that would make outputs of the damage done to the enemies into a written format, chart of some sort? Anyone know of such a thing?
  10. I'm a video-gaming elitist. Maybe even a video-game snob. I figure that out solely on the premise of playing A LOT of video-games on A LOT of gaming systems. I just do not care of lack of quality. Sacred 3 was not my game of choice simply because it looked like another indie video-game that's popular among children nowadays which got it's UI style ripped from a mix of Ookami x Darksiders 2 (the paintbrush effect) - Health Points 404, art direction not found. I mean, surely, people don't really expect that someone believe that one paintbrush effect or a minimalistic design (black on white) is
  11. Hi. Probably this one : She looks as if she's going to do seppuku being angry that Batman left her and the Cyrillic font states "Диск 2", but in turn it looks like "Duck 2". Kniaz Tami - Кнез Таме (dark Knyaz). This one is as unique as it gets I think and I like a bit of golden color for a Seraphim. Very German color I think... I can totally imagine Seraphim on Octoberfest
  12. Made another image dump on imgur which has around 20+ images I found on mobygames https://imgur.com/gallery/JzAoq Here's an image of a demoness artstyle
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