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  1. Damage calculator tool?

    Yes, exactly like that. Not just CAs, but overall performance of a character which would eventually give some form of average dps in contrast to highest and lowest hits.
  2. Hi guys and girls. I was wondering whether there's a damage calculator tool of some sort that would make outputs of the damage done to the enemies into a written format, chart of some sort? Anyone know of such a thing?
  3. I'm a video-gaming elitist. Maybe even a video-game snob. I figure that out solely on the premise of playing A LOT of video-games on A LOT of gaming systems. I just do not care of lack of quality. Sacred 3 was not my game of choice simply because it looked like another indie video-game that's popular among children nowadays which got it's UI style ripped from a mix of Ookami x Darksiders 2 (the paintbrush effect) - Health Points 404, art direction not found. I mean, surely, people don't really expect that someone believe that one paintbrush effect or a minimalistic design (black on white) is going to state " RICH FANTASY VIDEO-GAME ". Any gantasy video-game should have a vibrant and nice UI, probably followed by either a old celtic-type book or similar. A parchment looks amazing with some nicely detailed font style. Why this stopped I have no idea. Furthermore, no depth, no character customization viability and basically a completely different team to that of Ascaron. All of that leads to a major disappointment even for a relatively open-minded person, let alone a Sacred fan, or let alone me who's extremely scrupulous to what constitutes a good video-game I may enjoy. It's completely another video-game altogether in short. It shows that reboots and continuation type of video-games shouldn't be made just because they've some continuity proportions. That being said I was never a fan of the Sacred 2 storyline nor I liked that Seraphims are a SciFi race. I liked certain nods to it in Sacred, but never imagined that there will be an undead plague thanks to some SciFi elements. It kind of ruins the "magical" aspect of Sacred as well as demonology, although it does pave road to something more steampunkish even if it doesn't strictly follow the victorian steampunk generic setting that's present in many video-game nowadays. But Sacred 2 was never as repelling to me as Sacred 3 is. I like my Sacred game dark, gloomy and humorous at times with silly voice-acting, not cartooney, button-mashing, quick-time-event fest. Ugh... It wasn't that hard of a concept to follow either. You hold left click, kill things, progress by percentage that goes even in decimals, and move your way up with certain magics until you feel OP enough. Take that away and lose the map exploration, what do you get? Nothing. And it's not like the genre is not super-popular, take torchlight for an example or path of exile, maybe van helsing or grim dawn. Man, those are all decent video-games. They are not Sacred, but are good regardless. Or Titan Quest. Not sure why Sacred 3 looks more like an iOS game. Ugh... That's the worst. And there's this game that's eons ahead of Sacred 3 and it's called Nine Parchments which borrows some elements from Disney's Sword in Stone and certain Animated series from Japan (anime). The concept is similar, but at least it's far, far more enjoyable than Sacred 3. It's actually much akin to a mix of Magicka (mixology) for PC and Dungeons and Dragons : Heroes for Xbox (akin to Gauntlet) type of a gameplay. So save yourself time and money, if you want to actually experience a better video-game in the same vein of Sacred 3, play Nine Parchments. And it's not pretending that it's something else by its title.
  4. Hi. Probably this one : She looks as if she's going to do seppuku being angry that Batman left her and the Cyrillic font states "Диск 2", but in turn it looks like "Duck 2". Kniaz Tami - Кнез Таме (dark Knyaz). This one is as unique as it gets I think and I like a bit of golden color for a Seraphim. Very German color I think... I can totally imagine Seraphim on Octoberfest
  5. Made another image dump on imgur which has around 20+ images I found on mobygames https://imgur.com/gallery/JzAoq Here's an image of a demoness artstyle
  6. An actual Linux version, true to the core
  7. I've managed to get 10+ images, so I'm just going to send this link. It has Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish etc releases and some extras that I've never seen until now. https://imgur.com/gallery/3OpUF In the collection of these images is the one I know for sure and I've seen it at my friend's gaming center
  8. I have been snooping around and have found some good covers. Mostly on amazon/ebay/abandonware etc I will be posting them here later This one caught my eye https://bigboxcollection.com/#Sacred It's allowing the 3D positioning, so it's nice like that
  9. That French edition looks absolutely glorious, but at the same time it's somehow off-putting from the game. Mine Sacred came like 10 years ago from Germany via a friend who held a PC LAN gaming center. Since it was on german, I stumbled upon it for some time. Then I found out the "plus" version, and then I found out for the Underworld version. My friend kept some other german version where it was written "BIG" in I think red or yellow letters, I can't seem to remember correctly. Didn't really feel the need to upgrade up until I got Steam. The original discs are long unusable but I kept them in ISO format. In truth Steam version one is my backup version. So, I don't really have a case to show or a cover. That french one does look amazing, first time I've seen it and I've seen a bit of Sacred covers in my time I wonder if there're more gems like that
  10. Sacred Gold Capped at 40fps?

    Yes, the engine itself is hardcoded to 30FPS at all times. The refresh rate for the on-screen resolution of 1024x768 is at most 60FPS, but it doesn't change the game's native FPS rendering even in the situations where there are solid 59-60FPS on-screen. With the possibility to somehow change the native(engine) fps , each motion would have to change drastically and at the best case scenario the game itself would just be twice the speed, similarly to how it is with the "unlocked" modern games of today. Trying to change such things would first lead to some weird graphical glitches and bugs with the texture and then would make some animations to act wonky. In all cases, a terrible idea. Start from 5:37 to see what I mean
  11. " Dangerous File Blocked The file you attempted to download was determined to be dangerous. For your protection, MediaFire does not enable distribution of dangerous files." REUPLOAD?
  12. I've sent my small contribution for now, just to see if it works. Regards!
  13. Your Location

    Very nice place to live Montreal, reminds me a lot of my hometown, although looks a bit on the quiet edge which can be a good thing. I immediately recognized the Icon of Bogorodica Trojeručica, as well as the brutalist architecture such as Habitat 67. My hometown's also filled with brutalist architecture and schools are built the same way like Pavillon Judith Jasmin in Montreal. I also have close relatives living in Toronto and I'd occasionally get pictures of Nikola Tesla next to the Niagara waterfalls. Places filled with Brutalist architecture is commonly connected to Novi Beograd. It's an absolute heaven for rollers and bicycle trick enthusiasts, especially since most of it is right next to a river. If you've got more videos I'd like to watch. Thanks!
  14. Foobar2000 is currently the best music player, especially for the hi-end audio files. The only thing needed is a proper DAC and an amp.
  15. Programs you cant "live" without

    Program title : Medieval CUE Splitter Area of application : Music Decoder for PC Recommended because: Turns CD Audio or single audio files into track separation or FLAC for PC use and preservation of the CD/Audio Download from: http://www.medieval.it/cuesplitter-pc/menu-id-71.html Cost: Freeware Known drawbacks / limitation: N/A