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  1. So I've Never Played Sacred...

    Sacred 2 in my opinion had four major problems for me. 1. Colors were too vibrant (grass). At the time I didn't have a monitor which reduces the vibrancy. It also didn't help that UI had small icons and somewhat blue-ish transparent window on top of the very vibrant scenery. I personally am a fan of Vibrant colors and mods of Vibrancy for various games, but in Sacred 2 it gave away the sense of plastic scenery. I am familiar with the concept of Vibrant colors for Fantasy-oriented games and I personally enjoy that, but here it was just too much and a lot of it. Especially the grass...ugh... 2. UI and font issue. The font was so small even on lower resolutions. I had to REALLY dive into the monitor if I wanted to see what the heck it says. And new icons. And not really clear fonts. It was a nightmare to deal with. 3. Camera was way up too close and fixed in a wonky 3rd person view. I needed to see more ahead but I couldn't since the panning is in a weird 45degree fixed positioning. Like a weird 3rd view that's trying to be a Bird's view, but essentially would adore to be a first person view. The camera argues with itself the most. Another issue was the FoW (fog of war) which was constantly in front of the toon at all times. Maybe there are some mods to go over this, I don't know, never really bothered... : / 4. Skills. Ok, this you either adore or dislike. I don't think that you can be in between after seeing the skills in this game. They are unique alright, but are made to be a bit TOO unique for certain classes (and OP at that). I'm not sure if it's just me, but for instance the spell for the necromancer is to raise up to three-four-five skeletons at the time and just watch them obliterate everything around. An interesting spell. Broke my game couple of times and had a couple of CTDs. More so than in Sacred 1. I'm also a die-hard Sacred 1 fan. It's just an overwhelmingly better game in my opinion and best in series of two Sacred games (heh).
  2. By default, the option to auto-collect items (Gold, Uniques, Items) is set to off in the multiplayer. This is done to avoid the ninja-looting of the chests/barrels (in an example - one person clicks on the barrel, but another one keeps pressing the "A" button and auto-collects gold while the other one is locked in the barrel animation). I am unaware of any option to allow it to be set to true, unless there's a modified version of the gameserver config that someone made possible. Yes, it can be bothersome at first, but soon enough you simply adjust to it and it becomes a muscle memory that you don't even notice anymore. In my case it also helps me to see if I really do need an item which I'm picking up unless it is some junk I'll be selling anyway. If my memory serves me well you are able to get a piece of equipment per player on the Magical Hiding Place locations, as well as the Health Potions from most wells in the game. Another great thing is that you may auto-teleport to a LAN player anytime, or give them gold, items or whatever with ease.
  3. Yes, it is possible to make enemies explode in a splash of gore much alike to the Daemon's spell. Animation is pretty much the same. Some flying ribs, some blood splatter and the splattering sound. You may also reproduce this effect directly on yourself via various cheating tools such as Cheat Engine, for an example, by editing/altering your HP pool. Your character will simply continually explode on spot, constantly producing more ribs/blood/gore. To Achieve this on enemies you really need to be doing far more damage than the enemy has HP, so that it is, in a way, an overkill. You don't need to critically hit, either. A regular hit that's powerful enough will trigger the animation sequence which overlaps the dying animation sequences. It is important, however, to have a high physical hit damage and Gore enabled in one of the .cfg's Unfortunately, the spell animation for tentacles of the Daemon are very glitchy and might break a game leading to an error and a CTD if a lot of enemies are hit on-spot. In the best case scenario it will just make the game have FPS dropped to about 15FPS. Even though the spell is extremely powerful, that's the only reason why I do not use it.
  4. There is also this one side quest in Mystdale where you have to talk to the girl by the name "Anya" and she's suffering from leporiphobia. You may find her being a Rabbit which sits on a round table with some books on top of it, similarly to the round table in the show. This might be a reference to a popular TV show "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" and more specifically the episode "Tabula Rasa", Episode 8 of the Season 6, where Anya Jenkins suffers the memory loss and continually summons more and more rabbits which fill the room, yet she fears them/hates them. She's a Magician in the show. I also believe that it is not the only time that there was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference in the Sacred 1. I think I've seen a gravestone or something. Edit : Oh, almost forgot, in the show she lives in the Sunnydale, but in the game the character Anya is in the Mystdale. The Character also fits the general Nordic-esque premise since the character's backstory points that her origins are from Sweden and that she was a rabbit herder.
  5. It doesn't matter if you equip the weapon in another slot, the bonuses from it will remain inactive. Certain items have a downside to them because you also do not meet the optimal level to use them, which usually is portrayed by their negative attributes to, for instance, your overall speed as well as attack speed. Furthermore, Trading and Charisma will help you to not only find better items at traders, but also have better overall prices. When you purchase at the merchants, starting around levels 40+, pay attention to both ATTACK and DEFENSE values since they actually operate on what the chances are that someone might hit you and what the chances are that someone might miss you and vice-versa in your case when you attack. ATTACK and DEFENSE are not DAMAGE and RESISTANCE. These are extremely important to find, best if they're part of an amulet or a ring or similar like that. You don't need resistances that much if the enemy can't even hit you. At a later stage, after Gold, enemies will attack faster and have a higher chance to actually successfully hit. Yes, merchants are out to get you.
  6. Dexterity for trap damage

    As a longtime Dark Elf player I may state this : - The way you should build a Poison Mist based Dark elf is to collect the gear with the additional Poison Damage as % of Physical Regeneration. The spell's good because it actually deals both Poison Damage and Physical Damage. - Downside to playing a Poison based Dark Elf character lies in the amount of Poison resistant enemies, which are great. Over the time, the physical resistance also rises up with the enemies and it doesn't really pay off to do so. - Greatest thing to achieve is to get an actual ranged weapon. - Charisma is the one that increases the Poison damage (DOT), but the Dexterity is the one that increases the overall Trap damage. Dexterity is more valuable to take for the damage in the end. Still doesn't beat the physical regeneration that gives you five factors altogether : HP regen, MAX HP, SP regen, Physical Resistance + Overall Resistance % bonus. A Dark Elf who doesn't build Physical Regeneration will have a hard time on levels after Gold, depends upon the build.
  7. OK. What's a Shneeple? (sp)

    Thanks for the welcome. Hopefully I may contribute a bit to the community. Cheers!
  8. Over a billion in gold.

    That is the correct ammount. Any gold above that will result in the corrupted gold value that will enter into a negative value, so it will look like -2,147,483,647. ​Luckily, the gold can be easily dropped.
  9. Cheating gold

    Sacred is well protected against the software that directly affects the memory parameters during the game, however the saves of the characters aren't protected at all and you may edit those to your liking with certain item editor programs. However, I can't really see the point of that unless it's purely for the sake of micro-management and build testing. Gold does come fairly easy in any case. Cheers!
  10. OK. What's a Shneeple? (sp)

    I think that sometimes the goblins say "TO JE MOCNA VODA" (To je moćna voda), which is actually Serbian language and it translates roughly to ''That's a powerful water'' or something in the terms of ''That's a magical water''. Always found it funny. Me and my friends would quote Goblins all day long. :}