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  1. Thanks a lot, this is so awesome, 4GB pure game improving content with instalation order I ll do: copy saves, uninstal, instal, cm, this textures, paste saves and lets go for adventures have a nice day
  2. Guys I m big fan of you're community patch for Sacred 2, atm I have version 150 cm I think but not sure how can I know when new version comes out? (still getting mails about community patch topic) nothing hurry game works fine like this, sadly as fast, as I leaved human structures games getting bored for me. Now I m at desert level (barely did swamps cause this stage sux in gameplay for me) and I m still in game just playing rare Is there anyway to improve my feeling of the game (seraphim with swords)?
  3. hello, I m not very good at this modding game, how to load this model into gog version? I saw readme but dont get it, is there any mod loader for Sacred 2? other mods like community patch was easy to aply
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