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  1. Heya gogo, good to see this place is still active after all this time. I still remember teaming with you in the deserts of Khorad-Nur with our Seraphim. Those were some good times. I'm not sure what you mean about the keyboard as I don't have any links that I can see?
  2. At first I thought this sounded amazing and was just about to give it a go but after reading through the thread I can't make sense of what this actually is. I'd like to just play Sacred with the HD mod but no other mods or changes. Is that possible? It's been a while, hi to all at Darkmatters
  3. Hi all, it's been a while I had an email a few days ago telling me that a really old photo storage account is going to be shutdown and that I need to download the files before they are deleted. I wondered what to do with them and thought they might be mildly interesting to some users here. Some are from S1 online days and a few from Sacred 2 closed beta I think. Also a few random Screens of the Dark forum(not sure why) and a sacred 2 Birthday cake... I have more from the Sacred 2 closed beta but they are mostly early unique items and don't think they would be of much interest to be h
  4. I think you misunderstand us Flix. I'm sure most would agree that we would never want to bury the franchise, I would give anything for a true Sacred 3 or 4. I would buy it in a heartbeat. As I said, I applaud you for the mods you have made and the hard work you put in with keeping Sacred 2 going but for many of us Sacred 1+2 have had their time now. No hard feelings, I think there are some pretty high emotions in this thread
  5. Well if it isn't dead for you Flix then I'm happy for you but taking a pop at other people for simply expressing some sadness at how they miss the game is a bit out of order and not the type of post I would expect to see from a Moderator. Criticising people for not contributing to a wiki for a game that they have not played for years is also not on. You make it sound like unless we contribute to the WIKI we are not welcome here and are opinions should be disregarded as "lip service". Not everyone likes mods and it was a decision by Ascaron to not allow discusssion of them. As moderators we
  6. I just got back from a holiday and found that the SIF has gone, it really does feel like the end now. Even Unbended has been put on hold, possibly cancelled It's sad but true that even now I wake up having had a dream about roaming around in Ancaria with my Unicorn in tow, firing off penetrating arrows at Orcs. I can still walk most of the S1 and Sacred 2 maps in my head and recall little details of where quests and items could be found. Sacred games will always be special to me and nothing since has even come remotely close to how good they were. Even though the SIf has been dead for years
  7. Hey Gogo and Knuckles, not seen you guys for a long time I'm enjoying a bit of SP Sacred 2 but sadly not being on the closed servers just doesn't feel the same I'm mostly playing Grim Dawn but only on single player just getting builds up to 50 and hunting for the rare loot whilst waiting for D3 patch 2.3 to come out. As fun as all these games are, nothing has scratched my Sacred itch yet. What are you guys playing at the moment?
  8. Hey Lujate, great to see you are still here. Thanks, I will try out the CM patch later. The game runs surprisingly well, way better than it used to. Is there any way of getting the MP side working other than third party software? I guess it's the same as S1 in that the lobby has gone.
  9. Hi all, it's been a while, hope you are all well? I just started up Sacred 2 for the first time in over 3 years since the Closed Net going away party and boy did it bring back some good memories. It's still such a beautiful game and I wish the MP side was still going. Is there any mods you guys can suggest? I'm running the Steam version of Sacred 2 gold(couldn't face trying patch up an old boxed version). Does the community patch work with the Steam version? It's good to see some familiar names still around, hopefully Unbended can fill the whole that Sacred left.
  10. Did anybody actually want the key? I get the impression Keen were told what game to make and they did the best they could. Some Brawler fans are even enjoying it....
  11. I just had a read through too and can honestly say that this game has me more hyped than any other has for years. The fact that they are sticking to what a 'game that we shouldn't mention' game should be is great. I miss the way loot dropped in the 'game we shouldn't mention', as Knuckles said, the loot sharing has gone in recent ARPG's and with it the sense of community and sharing. I got my question about SPLIT answered too, hopefully that will mean the return of the tentacle nukes of doom!
  12. Here is the first review with a 30 minute video http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/08/01/sacred-3-review/
  13. http://www.gamestar.de/dateaseraphine/ Oh dear....what have they done?
  14. This is not the game you're looking for.....
  15. Hey Dobri, welcome back I feel the same way about S3. As a huge fan since 2004, it's is a big let down to see the direction it has headed in. Unbended on the other hand looks like the game S3 should have been. Hopefully some time in the future we can all hook up and slay some monsters in it.
  16. Hi there Frank. I cannot tell you how excited I am that the old devs are making a new game. After feeling let down by some of the recent ARPG's, I know you guys won't let us down
  17. I would guess early next year. They are a very small team and although it feels like it is taking ages, the quality/scale of the game is better/bigger than I ever expected when they announced it. It is frustrating to have to wait but I have a really good feeling that it will be worth it.
  18. I can remember him having that dwarf, reminds me of the good old days I'm still not sure about mine. It reads "Hey Dobs. Hey You! I'm talking to you!" Seeing as I had no input into it, should I change it or leave it as is?
  19. Congrats Thorin. What does it say? I can't seem to find it. One thing I am not clear on. Is the game included in the 29 Euro donation?
  20. Nice little update, although it's a shame to not have an English forum to discuss the game. I guess I will just be patient as the devs are obviously busy making the game . The graveyards are so cool and I found my grave . Not sure if I should change my name or not though, it seems to have used my email account name. Anyone any good at coming up with grave inscriptions?
  21. This is going slightly off topic but one thing I would love to see make a return in this game is 2D backgrounds(with 3D models). The 2D backgrounds in S1 are beautiful and gave the game a style that many people loved. This video of a game in development called Pillars of Eternity got me thinking about how high res 2D backgrounds could work well today in a genre crowded with 3D games. The game looks gorgeous and has a definite S1 feel to it. Could 2D also be cheaper to develop? Also, how do you donate to the game? I can't see any link on the site, just an amount already funded. Edit: fo
  22. I'm quite excited by Unbended more so than Sacred 3, although not the name. I would try and find a better name before going any further with development. There is an interview with Franz Stradal here: http://nichegamer.net/2014/04/unbended-interview-the-new-rpg-from-the-former-ascaron-devs/ I like the sound of the game but would need to know more before putting any money towards it. Maybe they should think about Kickstarter?
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