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  1. Where are my male nude skins for Sacred 2?

    While I don't care either way about this mod...I was wondering if the new forum software has the 'Spoiler' feature. Maybe you can hide all the questionable pics behind that with a quick warning. That way it's not embedded in the thread if someone might object and those who wish to view simply click on the Spoiler tag
  2. Oh yes, yes they do...you can either go with a cable or with an adapter box. Amazon has many to choose from. I don't mind Black Fridays as much as I used to. My daughter's birthday is on Nov 30th and I always had some last minute shopping to do. The aggravation is mostly from lack of parking, because I refuse to camp out for several hours before the stores open to find a spot. But now that my local mall has reserved parking spots for veterans, I went and got a 'Veterans license plate'. And I think only one time all the spots were filled when I went there. I was told I could qualify for a handicapped plate with my back issues I have, but if I can climb up to the top of water tanks, I think I can handle walking into the mall from any parking spot so I have never got one.
  3. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    pants > mouth breather
  4. The Related Song Game

    Yiruma - River Flows In You Pearl Jam > Even Flow
  5. Continue with 3 words only

    to everyone but
  6. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    sensitive > skin
  7. The Related Song Game

    Kylie Minogue -> on a night like this Frank Sinatra > Strangers in the Night
  8. omg where is the bacon !?!?!?!? you can't have breakfast without bacon...it's un-American... oops forgot you're in Montreal...must be un-Canadian too right?
  9. Continue with 3 words only

    became increasingly aware.....
  10. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Charlotte's Web > classic
  11. The Related Song Game

    Sam Tsui & Kina Grannis -> Bring Me the Night Whitesnake > Still of the Night
  12. Weird, my first reaction is "who are you people and how did you get into my house"
  13. Oh I definitely died to several bosses the first time I met them as I didn't know what kind of attacks they had or what they were strong/weak against. But I was able to see each act one at a time since I've been a backer/player since Kickstarter a few years ago. That and saw the improvements/additions as they came in like Devotions. You're experiencing it all all at once so I would expect you have a few deaths on your 1st few characters. That you made it or about to make it through all the content on your 1st character is actually kind of impressive I seem to lose interest once I know my build is weak...could be the Sacred HC hangover. I don't want to struggle thru the content and simply survive....I want to DOMINATE it lol
  14. The Related Song Game

    Glee cast -> You can't always get what you want Cheap Trick > I Want You to Want Me
  15. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Saint Bernard > Saint Louis