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  1. It's an early access game, but you need to actually buy it to play it. Right now it's 19.99 USD on Steam. Here's what they wrote about what to expect during early access. Why Early Access? “We want the game to be properly tested in the field while we implement the core features. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is an ambitious project and we want to share its evolution with the Community, gather feedback, and improve the game accordingly. The game has a lot of replayable mechanics to test as well and we want to make sure that these mechanics are appreciated and polished. An Early acc
  2. Hey Thorium... Sorry the first go at Kickstarter didn't work out well....though the game wasn't one I was interested in (sorry ), we all hoped you were successful in your endeavor. If this new game is any type of rpg or city builder, I would be more than happy to help out. While I don't have any skills in modding or in making the game...I will happily alpha/beta test for you guys
  3. Think we had 1 nice day in last few weeks...just raw, wet and miserable here. Feel bad for the Boston marathon runners today. Windy, rainy and high in the upper 30's. Not a nice day for a long run. I know I may complain about the weather just a wee bit but I guess that comes with working outside a lot. Just about finished with all the storm(s) repairs. My daughter had just asked me what the worst weather to work in is....easy answers would be blizzards and thunderstorms but we don't work in those...too dangerous. So what would be the worst I'd actually work in. Has to be a day like
  4. Nothing says Spring is finally here more than gently falling snow...umm......what?....yeah snow...getting 3-5 inches today....Winter is now officially being a jerk...time for you to go old man...let Spring have it's time (New England is notorious for going from Winter straight to Summer...well least it feels like that way too often)
  5. TBH it looks like the red car may have been pulling out of it's parking spot...the car on far left is much closer to curb than red one. But that being said, how the heck do you do that in what looks like a downtown business district...aren't the speed limits fairly low?
  6. yeah that looks like it gogo...I couldn't remember what they were going to try after Unbended fell thru...just remember that I had no interest in it.
  7. I was able to figure out quite early that Sacred 3 was a 'Sacred' game in name only. After reading a couple of articles and seeing a preview or 2, I knew S3 would be totally different from the earlier two games. I don't think we'll ever see a sequel Ascaron is no more, and for awhile we thought some of the developers from Ascaron would carry on and make Unbended (which we all felt would carry on the legacy). Unfortunately, they never went past the drawing board stage and ultimately decided to make a completely different game. So I don't hold any hope at all of another 'Sacred' gam
  8. Yazoo -> Only you Kongos > I'm Only Joking
  9. Yeah this winter hasn't been one of the nicest. From a 3 week long cold snap to 4 Nor'easters in March (4th hitting today), it's been a bit of a wild ride. Where do you live Gilberticus? Only time I've seen temperature swings like that was in Colorado. I was there for a few weeks and we went from 70°F one afternoon, to heavy snow only 3-4 hours later
  10. I actually liked both of those series, Luke Cage more so than Iron Fist. I didn't know Iron Fist was supposed to be of Oriental descent before watching but I totally understand why people who have been fans since the comic books would be upset at the series In order of Netflix/Marvel series I enjoy most (wish Doctor Strange was a series too ) Jessica Jones (easily #1) Daredevil Punisher Luke Cage Iron Fist
  11. Appreciate the feedback guys...ty How's the battery life on the Logitech controller? And if I go wireless, is it a good idea to buy the rechargeable battery packs or just go with regular batteries? Sorry for all the little questions, but I only want to buy this once. (I must have gone through 5-6 mice before being happy with a $20 Logitech one and I'd rather not repeat that experience with the controller)
  12. Congrats on the foal I'm confused by what 'cold blood horse' means.
  13. @ gogo....yeah the animations are beautiful...lot of love went into the world...I haven't gotten far in the game but it seems to be a lot of stealth involved and story-driven....once I get the controller I'll comment more on game in game forum. @ lujate and Hooyaah....anything you really like or dislike about your controllers? And what was the biggest reason you disliked the steam one luj?
  14. Just bought a cool game called Ghost of a Tale and found out rather quickly that using a mouse/keyboard isn't a great way to play it. Many actions require stealth and a controller would be much better. Unfortunately I have never used a controller with my pc. I thought about just getting the steam controller but reviews seem mixed. Not sure what my alternatives are so wondering if anyone is using one and might have any recommendations? Oh here's the link for the game Ghost of a Tale Trailer
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