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  1. The Related Song Game

    Yazoo -> Only you Kongos > I'm Only Joking
  2. Yeah this winter hasn't been one of the nicest. From a 3 week long cold snap to 4 Nor'easters in March (4th hitting today), it's been a bit of a wild ride. Where do you live Gilberticus? Only time I've seen temperature swings like that was in Colorado. I was there for a few weeks and we went from 70°F one afternoon, to heavy snow only 3-4 hours later
  3. Jessica Jones season 2

    I actually liked both of those series, Luke Cage more so than Iron Fist. I didn't know Iron Fist was supposed to be of Oriental descent before watching but I totally understand why people who have been fans since the comic books would be upset at the series In order of Netflix/Marvel series I enjoy most (wish Doctor Strange was a series too ) Jessica Jones (easily #1) Daredevil Punisher Luke Cage Iron Fist
  4. Controller for pc

    Appreciate the feedback guys...ty How's the battery life on the Logitech controller? And if I go wireless, is it a good idea to buy the rechargeable battery packs or just go with regular batteries? Sorry for all the little questions, but I only want to buy this once. (I must have gone through 5-6 mice before being happy with a $20 Logitech one and I'd rather not repeat that experience with the controller)
  5. Congrats on the foal I'm confused by what 'cold blood horse' means.
  6. Controller for pc

    @ gogo....yeah the animations are beautiful...lot of love went into the world...I haven't gotten far in the game but it seems to be a lot of stealth involved and story-driven....once I get the controller I'll comment more on game in game forum. @ lujate and Hooyaah....anything you really like or dislike about your controllers? And what was the biggest reason you disliked the steam one luj?
  7. Controller for pc

    Just bought a cool game called Ghost of a Tale and found out rather quickly that using a mouse/keyboard isn't a great way to play it. Many actions require stealth and a controller would be much better. Unfortunately I have never used a controller with my pc. I thought about just getting the steam controller but reviews seem mixed. Not sure what my alternatives are so wondering if anyone is using one and might have any recommendations? Oh here's the link for the game Ghost of a Tale Trailer
  8. Jessica Jones season 2

    Oh I know but I just can't get into her plot/story line. I don't hate her or anything, I just don't enjoy her as much as the other characters. BTW I do think all of the actors are great. I just finished season 2 today. Been sooo busy have hardly had time to even watch 1 episode lately. Man do I feel soooo bad for Jessica...she just seems so alone and unhappy and this season didn't do her any favors. Ritter has done such a great job bringing her character to life. Trying to avoid spoilers here, but her finding something she thought she lost forever, only to lose it again devastated her and the why/how it happened is even worse. There better be a season 3...I want Jessica to find true happiness...she deserves it after what life has dealt her so far.
  9. How much did you get gogo? Looks like the wet, slushy heavy stuff we got down here.
  10. Steam - name and friendships?

    For me it was the original Sacred. Was the first game I really played in MP and where I met so many peeps I still talk with today like gogo and Schot. Was in the beta for Sacred 2 and think the allure faded for me before it was even actually released. Oh I still immensely enjoyed it but the first one was such a new experience for me and meeting all the great people in HC really left it's indelible mark on me. Delta, I'm on Stream but these days I seem be playing mostly SP games ( like Rimworld, They Are Billions, Crashlands etc). I just have such limited time to play that coordinating game times would be arduous for me. Also I have a hard time with FPS type games. Action is too fast for me now (getting old ) and fast movements tend to blur my vision. That said I do play a lot of Grim Dawn. They do have MP though it's more of an add-on than a core part of game. If you're interested in it, especially for MP, I would talk with Dorimil. He has played quite a bit of MP and could tell you what to expect. My Steam name is Knuckles (weird huh) but I guess there are a couple of us....so look for the one with 'Robb' in the profile. Actually I'll just send you an invite
  11. Just went thru 24 hours of internet withdrawal (not pretty...especially for my daughter). It's amazing how much you use/miss your smart phone these days until you lose the ability to do so. But forum is still working much better for me. Whatever you or the provider did seems to have worked for everyone
  12. Oh man...I know it seems like I'm complaining about the weather here every other day.....mostly because I am on here complaining every other day Now they're talking about another Nor'easter on Tuesday...or 4 major storms in a 17 day stretch...I mean enough is enough. Definitely been a weird season. From the 2-3 week long cold snap in Dec/Jan (and barely any snow) to March Madness with all these Nor'easters. Least with Spring we'll get a break....too early for any tropical storm and tornadoes are very very rare here....not worried about rain...I can deal with rain any day.
  13. Holey Moley did *forum edit* hit the fan here. Lost power for a little over 24 hours and to be honest I'm surprised I have it back on so fast. It was an extremely wet and heavy snow that instantly bonded to any wires or trees it hit. There are wires/trees/poles down all over the place. At one point power was lost to over 90% of the Cape with several towns having 100% loss. My town got as high as 92% (48% now). I live on a dead end street with several summer-only homes so I knew I would be at the bottom of any list. But thankfully the downed trees didn't hit any wires so once the main feed to the street was restored I got my power back. But I would say at least 50% are without power on the Cape. Basically got the day off though....no power at shop and we're sure none of the tower sites are accessible right now. Officially we got 17 inches here though it is soooo hard to tell. In some places there is more snow on the sides of trees or poles than on the ground right next to them. Had wind gusts up to 70mph. The main 'city' on the Cape is Hyannis (town next to mine) and it looks like a war zone. Just soooo many poles/wires/trees down. Most of downtown is without power. My daughter and I went out looking for a place to grab lunch and found only one place open after an hour of looking. The line was out the door, but since we wasted an hour looking we figured another 30 minutes wasn't a big deal
  14. Who the heck is Scjpt :) Now I don't feel bad calling him Schit one time while playing lol So far this morning, the site has been much more responsive. Best it's been in a while so I think I'm good to go. Appreciate you and Schot looking into this and fixing it