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When it rains it pours I guess...  Heh!  We were informed just minutes ago about our Host Providers plans to move DarkMatters and SacredWiki to a new server.  Hopefully that will come with improvements!  And not headaches.  :oooo:


We will be performing a migration of the P1 server from our old storage platform to the new storage platform on September 23rd from 11 PM to 3 AM ET [GMT-4].

The expected downtime is not anticipated to exceed 45 minutes, however we are scheduling a longer maintenance window should we run into any unforeseen problems.  We have migrated numerous servers already successfully so we do not anticipate any delays or issues.

We will be posting updates to the this thread on our forums as we perform this maintenance: https://forums.mddhosting.com/topic/1474-p1-server-migration-saturday-september-23rd-11-pm-et-gmt-4/



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  1. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Wonder Woman > Wonder Bread
  2. The Related Song Game

    Ricky Nelson - Garden Party Soundgarden > Spoon Man
  3. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    bee sting > excructiating If you have ever been stung inside your ear, you know exactly what I mean
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    The Who - Love Reign O'er Me The Who > Baba O'Reilly
  5. Planning my next pc purchase - Again!

    Probably not much help as I like to "Go big or go home" But if you're just looking for a case at this point, have you looked at Newegg's website? Figured you already have but throwing it out there just in case. Last time I was pc building they had a huge selection of cases
  6. Haven't seen the sun in sooooooo long, I think it's a myth Been since Sunday that the sun has made an appearance....just foggy, windy and rainy....just dreary weather more appropriate for late Autumn...wind has been blowing 30 mph fairly constantly since Tuesday and supposed to continue through at least Saturday. Highest gusts around here are maybe 50MPH so nothing major...rain has been sporadic, it comes through in waves/bands, so could get a heavy downpour for 20 minutes and then nothing for a couple hours. Have had a Flash Flood Watch up since late Tuesday but doubt anyone has had any issues. Hopefully Jose will move out by end of the weekend and hopefully it pulls Maria with it. I want to see the sun..dang lol
  7. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    of pearls > oysters
  8. I've been playing SP for awhile now...even in Rimworld I can't play big maps due to my aging pc....though that will all change hopefully in the next week. Once I get my new pc, I'm sure it will handle Grim Dawn MP with ease so I'd be up for some MP. Just super busy at work so finding a block of playing time might be a challenge
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    Evenstar > necklace
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    Christina Aguilera -> Let There Be Love The Beatles > Let It Be
  11. Haven't played for a bit...got burned out (over 2500 hrs played) so I've been waiting for the expansion to arrive before playing again. Looks like the wait may soon be over. Scheduled for October 2017 release. If you have the Loyalist Edition, you will get it for free, otherwise they're asking 17.99 USD for it. Well worth the price IMHO. Oh here's a trailer
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    hardened > cold-hearted
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