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  1. ​Sweet! Remember this quest, a small "suburb" outside Thylisium, right? Didn't recall getting those points but also can't recall what I had for breakfast. Thanks.
  2. Thanks! This may come out stupid (blame it on my hair color) but it is so cool to see people caring and helping out others. It can be hard to find a sense of community in the "real" world. Its nice to see it in the virtual one. Jeez that was maudlin wasn't it? Pass me that coffee cup would you? A shot ought to make me perky again. Anyway, thanks again and have a crazy-fun (but safe!) weekend!
  3. Hi! You folks are absolutely awesome and I hope your holiday season has been wonderful. I finally managed to install the community patch. For my steam, gold version, the game has to be running for the patch to find it. After that it prompts a shutdown of the game and kicks into gear. (In case anyone else has the same problem.) What I'm wondering is if all of the items, special sets such as mutation, etc that the team has created are included in the patch or do some need separate downloads. Okay, I'm kinda lazy. Mostly, I can't see for crap. Trying to search through all the pages of downloads gets me lost and hurts my head. Hoping someone knows which, if any, haven't been integrated. Thanks.
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