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  1. Rayna

    Best of Ancaria

    Took me some time to gather the data and decide my favourite for every category. The Music Mod is fantastic, I think you deserve a special award! After a single complete playthrough with the mod installed, I'm certain that Sacred 2 is no longer whole without it, the enhancement is beyond expectation and the atmosphere in most regions is changed for the better. Your choices fit the surroundings and greatly flavour the gameplay; also, gaming veterans will experience nostalgia and melancholy for old titles. I believe the best tracks are those for the Swamp, they reflect the uniqueness of this region(perhaps the most original), the desperate existence of it's inhabitants and the horrors they have to face. As for contribution, it was not to individual items listed, but to the entire game. Seeing this flawed gem fixed and perfected convinced me to post this humble tribute.
  2. File Name: Rayna the Exalted Warrior File Submitter: Rayna File Submitted: 25 Jun 2017 File Category: Community Patch Seraphim Builds Level 49, Bronze campaign finished, all quests completed, map fully explored(82%); Developed according to pre-established build, use only unique and set items. Click here to download this file
  3. Here it is, only a sketch, at level 49 after completion of the campaign on bronze difficulty and exploration to the last corner of the gameworld. I followed it to the detail, including my own spreadsheet of skill points distribution(up to 75 and the possibilities beyond). http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/630-rayna-the-exalted-warrior/
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    Level 49, Bronze campaign finished, all quests completed, map fully explored(82%); Developed according to pre-established build, use only unique and set items.
  5. Here are my favourite things about Sacred 2, divided in twelve regions and ten categories for each. If anyone is interested in this, you may view it as a small homage to Ascaron Entertainment(RIP) and the modders who polished and perfected this awesome game. Version: Gold Edition 2.65.2 Community Patch 0150 Community Items Mod 1.2a Elite Mounts Mod 1.10 Flix’s Music Mod 1. Tyr-Lysia: Location - Monastery of Light Town - Thylysium Structure - Thylysium Senate Hall Dungeon - Seraphim Underground Abbey NPC - Mage Wylmieni Foe - Captain of the Bluestone Pirates Boss - Daloriel the Depraved Single Quest - T-Energy Soldiers! Chain Quest - The Undead Legion Easter Egg - Blind Guardian 2. Artamark: Location - Lakeview Tavern Town - Black Oaks Structure - Griffinborough Royal Palace Dungeon - Hagelstein casted into darkness NPC - Lady Mirwiell Foe - Shaman of the Cult Boss - Banshee Single Quest - Unique Mounts Chain Quest - The Ghost Village Easter Egg - Manners Maketh Kobold(Star Wars) 3. Christmas Island: Location - suspended bridge nearby waterfall Town - A Snow Covered Village Structure - main house in the village Dungeon - Yeti Cave(with two entrances) NPC - Christmas Ogre Foe - Fury Boss - Ghost of Christmas Future Single Quest - none Chain Quest - Can Christmas still be saved?(and subsequent chains) Easter Egg - the whole island 4. Nor Plat: Location - Gornkor’s Outlook Town - Entruag Structure - square house with inner courtyard Dungeon - Gornkor’s Grave NPC - Chieftain Jurrtag Foe - Ogre Shaman Boss - Thranak Single Quest - Wantanor, Ogre Champion Chain Quest - Master of the Hunt Easter Egg - Nouveau Varguz(cave with chessboard) 5. Dragon Sea Islands: Location - Human Outpost Town - settlement on the southernmost island Structure - Seraphim Tower Dungeon - Carnach Cave(entire complex) NPC - Mer-Kil Foe - Young Dragon Boss - Carnach Single Quest - Almost Godlike Chain Quest - The Dragon Cult Easter Egg - Carnach(Lord of the Rings) 6. Swamp: Location - Libi’s Pratfall Town - Sar’Thaz Structure - tree dwellings with bridge between Dungeon - Ascaron Headquarters NPC - Lizardman Companion Foe - Hydra Boss - Dark Prince Single Quest - The Dream Vampire Chain Quest - Bloodthirsty Mercenaries Easter Egg - Epic Office Quest 7. Bengaresh: Location - Assim’s residence Town - Sulinar Structure - house with two entrances and separate roofs Dungeon - Garganthropod’s Lair NPC - Al Sadim Foe - Scorpion(large) Boss - Garganthropod Single Quest - A Rather Different Bar Chain Quest - Soldiers from the Past + Blinded Easter Egg - Desert Cantina(Star Wars) 8. The Jungle: Location - Temple of Tears Town - Na’Fian Structure - Temple of Tears Dungeon - Asmarael’s Lair NPC - Failitia, Dreamweaver of the Gods Foe - Garema Assassin Boss - Asmarael, The Queen of Spiders Single Quest - The Earth Lord Chain Quest - The Impostor Easter Egg - Car Showroom 9. Dyr Lain: Location - ruins of Logaeiar Town - Eloeth-Sun Structure - aztec-style pyramid Dungeon - Ancestors’ Chambers(entire complex) NPC - Dyria D’Arquelyght Foe - Fen Fire Boss - Facetteleon Single Quest - Outside Interference Chain Quest - The Ancestors’ Chambers Easter Egg - Forest Guardian(Lord of the Rings) 10. Blood Forest: Location - Diaanja’s Retreat Town - Village Ruins Structure - Abishai Stronghold Dungeon - Crypt of the Damned NPC - Kormynth Foe - Demonic Eye Boss - Abishai of Dissension Single Quest - A Roof Over the Head Chain Quest - The Cursed Forrest Easter Egg - Unintended Use(mop handle & bucket) 11. Crystal Plane: Location - The Sparkling Forest Town - Old Camp Structure - Crystal Cottage Dungeon - The Portal NPC - Sophia Foe - Dracolin Boss - Narmul the Crystal Phoenix Single Quest - Don’t Trust Statistics Chain Quest - On the Trail Easter Egg - Yeti 12. Wastelands: Location - Great Machine(ground area) Town - Windswept Fortress Structure - high-tech building Dungeon - Great Machine Hub NPC - Liosilath Foe - Temple Guardian Boss - Nameless Guardian(the last one) Single Quest - none Chain Quest - none Easter Egg - Demon(Alien)
  6. Rayna the Exalted Warrior Version: Gold Edition 2.65.2 Community Patch 0150 Community Items Mod 1.2a Elite Mounts Mod 1.10 Flix’s Music Mod 1. Preamble: Why Rayna? First time I saw the Seraphim in Sacred 1 my mind associated her with the character Rayna Kapec in the Star Trek TOS episode “Requiem for Methuselah”. I believe them to be organic androids, their power comes from bio-engineered strength and advanced technology, and since they can’t age or die from natural causes, it’s the same person in both games. I wanted my Rayna to be roughly the same in Sacred 2: a fast melee fighter with protective spells and a balanced mix of skills. 2. Attributes & Skills: Are calculated for level 75, taking into account the points received as reward from the quests “Ancaria Airlines” and “Feed the Poor”. Willpower +76(+1 at every level) Vitality +26(+1 after level 50) Tactics Lore 75(kept with level until mastery) Exalted Warrior Focus 40 Armour Lore 40 Pole Arms 40 Enhanced Perception 1 Concentration 30 Toughness 30 Sword Weapons 30 Riding 10 Warding Energy Lore 2 3. Combat Arts, Modifications & Combos: I use only seven so they fit the available slots without ever changing them or bothering with combos. CA1 Pelting Strikes CA2 Soul Hammer CA3 Assailing Somersault CA4 Dashing Alacrity CA5 Divine Protection Buff1 Battle Stance Buff2 Cleansing Brilliance Modified in this order: Pelting Strikes Thrust/Focus/Precision Battle Stance Premonition/Drill/Retaliation Dashing Alacrity Bloodlust/Delay/Impatience Soul Hammer Wounding/Battering 4. Inventory, Item Modifiers & Mounts: Pole Arms, Two-handed Swords or regular Swords imbued with the four damage types, the fifth slot reserved to a ranged weapon(Energy Lance or Pistol). Armor sets suitable for this build: Megalcarwen’s Garments of Mutation Virtues of the Seraphim Impressions of Sophia Twilight of the Gods Niokaste’s Blade Dance Most useful item modifiers: +All Skills -Regeneration Time +Chance to halve regeneration time +Chance to evade(also by socketing Celestial Magic runes) +Chance to find valuables +Chance for critical hits +Experience per kill +Attack speed +Run speed +Visibility range Mounts: Charger(+Chance to evade) replaced by Unicorn Saber-toothed Tiger(-Regeneration Time: Exalted Warrior) replaced by Volcanic Tiger 5. Combat Strategy: Simple and obvious, nothing sophisticated here. Use efficiently the most damaging weapons while reducing CA regeneration time as much as possible. For defense, other than attributes & skills, use Battle Stance permanently, Divine Protection when needed and increase the chance to evade.