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  1. Seth I have already found, I wanted to know, you can make the appearance of the original, as in cm-patch
  2. is it possible to return Seth Seraphim - "Revelation of heaven" the old form?
  3. Hooyaah,Thanks, I already found it.(on version 0.3, but works),if you want I can give the link
  4. Merry Christmas and good mood to You too
  5. Many thanks to all the mod developers.Amazing work.And thank you for not forgetting about this game
  6. are there any plans to make a Russian translation?
  7. Планируется ли русский язык?
  8. Спасибо за великолепный мод и что не забываете про Sacred,скажите вы продолжаете работу над этим модом?
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