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  1. Hiya everyone! Miss Me? I sure miss you guys!!
  2. Good Job!! I enjoyed the single player campaign I actually got started that way.
  3. Congrats!! I hope I get to play again sometime before I die but we will work on that lol.
  4. Awww that reminds me of something Evil would do to torture the kids!!
  5. OMG I can't believe I missed it! Well, Happy Belated Birthday! *BITE*
  6. I just wanted to stop by and say hiya!! I missed you all very much! I am sorry that I havent been on much and this time I can't blame it on Evil because I bought me a new laptop. I got a promotion and department move and with all of that also came more hours and I couldnt possibly imagine how I could work more than I already did but they found a way to make me! It has been nice seeing some of you and I hope to see more of you around and get to play more. This Thursday and Friday I will be attending my VERY FIRST seminar and I am totally excited! I get to meet some major corporate people
  7. OMG Schot I think I am in love!! LOL! I LOVE Lucky Charms! In high school I had a guy that was like my best friend in the world and that was his favorite cereal too and we would give eachother a box for birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, and St. Patricks Day! OMG do I miss that guy! Good Memories!
  8. Spaghetti is my all time favorite food followed by Fettucine Alfredo. I have recipes for both. My spaghetti sauce recipe came from an very wonderful older lady and I am sworn to secrecy about all of its contents but I not only use tomato sauce but also canned crushed italian stewed tomatoes and tomatoe paste in it as well as italian seasoning because buying all the spices seperatly gets a bit costly for me. The stewed crushed tomatoes makes the sauce more chunky and thick which I adore. As for meat I use hamburger or ground chuck also if you have a meat grinder try grinding up a roast.
  9. Ok I was honestly extremly dissapointed with this movie. Thats all I have to say just dissapointed.
  10. *pokes her head in and looks around and says "hey I remember this place! Can I get a Baileys and Coke please?"
  11. I had a blast getting to play with all of you again! I forgot how fun Kami was. I missed you alot! Hope to get to do it again soon!!
  12. ok well mine had quite a few on them but the first one was ARH Arch Cap 8 dunno what it is but the history on it seems to be steady lol
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