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  1. Getting to know each other quiz

    I'll rent it to americans
  2. YAY

    I have found this http://thenemesisclan.forumfree.it/?t=40857274 (where the damn is the url code? |: ) "build" that for the moment seems nice. Anyway don't seems there is lots of nice wt, but the game it's still intuitive like the previous one (: The only thing, it's a bit "despersive": a big map and you can go where you want but noone tell in which part go first or later |: seems people keep secrets for himself <.<
  3. Getting to know each other quiz

    Name 3 words that other people use to describe you? Depressed, Anxious, Strange What is something that gets on your nerves? People What makes you cry? Things I have done in past What is your first memory? DDR226 What level of education have you completed? I've ended High School, some years ago Do you have any siblings? No Favourite milkshake flavour? Tears of my enemies When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I don't remember Can you speak a foreign language? It's what I'm doing in this moment! If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? On Mars What is your favourite article of clothing? Military wears What was the last CD you bought? Dimmu Borgir - In Sorte Diaboli Do you believe in an afterlife? I think this is the afterlife of a past life in which I was happy If you could have one superpower what would it be? Remove superpower to others just think about them Do you have any tattoos or peircings? No, I'm poor Do you have a personal motto? Ci sono uomini che fanno grandi cose, che fanno rivoluzioni, che combattono, che cercano, che si distinguono.. Io no.. Io sto a casa e gli trombo le mogli
  4. YAY

    Hello! My name it's Lorenzo but people usualy (in RL too) know me as Lord Kas (principaly on Neverwinter Nights and RL) or DamonMortis (for browsergames and IRC) and I am an italian tailor (: I'm pretty new of Sacred's communities because I always played it on Single Player and after some (very some ç_ç my provider is Evil and hates me!) years I got Sacred 2 <3 Looking online for walkthroughs I've found this forum (: and now aimi to be a possible translator of Community Patch and maybe in future, Diablo 2 Fallen. My actual pc sucks alot, but it's better than nothing (my own have a problem I'm unable to solve at the moment ). no!?
  5. [REL] Diablo 2 Fallen

    Thanks all for welcome! Honestly I never really joined italian community of sacred because they was a bit "close" and "we are gods, you are s*it" but I like anyway the work they have done! Following the fact that this mod was released at end of 2015 I thought the italian community wasn't interested in translate it, neither translate the Community Patch (if possible, I would try to translate it too, just let me know who I must contact ) and imho this is a bad thing for all those italian that don't understand english but would play something new. I'll wait for Flix work and subscrive this topic to keep informed about news about! I'll check the forum atleast once time weekly for eventual private messages or update here.
  6. [REL] Diablo 2 Fallen

    Hello, Where can I find the files necessary to create an Italian translation? (: