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  1. Cheers This is a VERY friendly forum, the best in fact, welcome aboird!
  2. a new decade has entered and it forces me to re-new my post as follows Name 3 words that other people use to describe you? Black&white, Hg ( to be found in MPS) determinated What is something that gets on your nerves? Hatred, 'suckin-my-energy-people' bonzai-music ( defined as when a track is stucked and appear as pneumatic drill machine constant working outside your window) What makes you cry? Great memories, and happy Endings at the Picure's What is your first memory? I don't know but I have been told that when I was born I screamed constant until age of nin
  3. ~~~~ ~~~` I could add my Personal Motto a quote from Oscar Wilde 1893, ' I can resist everything except temtation' I LOVE THAT
  4. Wecome Abor I are a FECAL MATTER!ty typer and I reamin the same,eleaLKAME P.S. HeLL?[ Gofo Blender! D.>\S
  5. Hello! Longtime no see-- howdo you do? who am I?
  6. Mattel is recalling their WorldWide succsessfull Barbie Dolls, Mr JAY LENO ( the popular studio-reporter in USA) refuses to use the very generos recall from Mattel as he claim therse I sno danger at all to play the styles Barbie, ( comes with diapers) JAY LENO WANT HIS GRANDCHILDREN TO CONTINUE PLAY WITH THE BARBIES ON HIS CONDIONTION. THE DOGGIE MOGGIE STYLE THE BARBIE DOLLS HOLD THE TOXIC COLOR PBY756 in the hair and causes neurlogic disease unable to recover from Look BELOW! take WARNING TAKE VITAL ACTION NOW! YOU DO NO HAVE FOR TAKE VITAL ACTION AND SPEAK T
  7. It is not that easy to wake up in vacccum and be aware that the oral cavity, ( for feed) which was working so great good as jaws of death - ( for feed) is out of order, to raise a brow and say IC U - Orange! Orange is still a fruit. the metod of measurement is Concrete Ranged, not able to buy, the usage of carbon14 do maybe define some particular a sausage of flesh on a skeleton. Samvete (conciousness) and spirit is unbale to measure and dat in time, it is a shine, unable to steel with steel, and even more when judgement is lacking on " judgementday, - The Doom- Face it. As there exis
  8. JaVe t DuVa - Ja Ha Inge Cet make GMT in Kira Motor Hari Juka Sari! ZORRO tomorrowan Hey hey, useless useless, Engelkan air damged as chosan as SkenEl, willpower is gone " The Will is not here toda, send bill .laterz joKING
  9. TXS mates I am right now jsut raisen as I have been hit by migraine the entire day for day of birth, too bad the medical shots holding Imigrane ( antidote) was in lack of effect. Edit: Jaja GoGo, true Color Purple the belonging of the Great Warrior as Omnia Vincit Amor, Pure Love Is ALLWAYS ALLDAYS the Strongest Power
  10. Gogo You knock Out with that siggy and other too. so kewl and speedy! what was I going to post, oH I actullay I stucked in my old stuff Bach cello suites at moment -- sensual.. made as sublimation in love to a woman not able to love in reality.. I wish I had someone.. for the first time, really
  11. Have I confessed? may 14th-.. b-days really sucks it is hard to remember them all and mostly the day never turns out as expected.. I do not care for gifts and suchh..it is simple the hysteria ..sort of.. stress...
  12. Ronski Speed Michal Jast remake- The Space we are
  13. I got 2 black caps ( for head) from microsoft with the lettermen msdn and an arrow.
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