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  1. Thanks for the additional hints. You’re right, it was near the Embalmed Forest area you’ve linked to ( ); and while the mummies and such did kinda go "puff" when you killed them, I think the gore parts were there in my case (e.g. the bloody chest cage with showing ribs, etc).It was likely due to overhit crits dealt through the Hard Hit skill (http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Hard_Hit & www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Hard_Hit_(Revenge)) though I still couldn’t find any videos on it. There are very few Sacred walkthroughs on Youtube, for some reason. Thanks, I think with so few walkthroughs available online this is as far as I’ll manage to get from this question.
  2. That visual effect \ animation is pretty much what I was thinking about. However, are you sure there wasn’t a similar effect for Dark Elves? I remember stabbing enemies with dual-wielded weapons and causing the same type of explosions. It was mostly happening by the point when I was in some forest-like map area that had a bunch of slithering enemy mobs. Though I admit my memories can have become faulty and inaccurate, so no problem if that’s the only thing that comes to your mind as a possible answer. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hello. I remember back when I was playing Sacred, there was a certain game mechanics element that made your enemies’ bodies explode when you did too much damage to them all at once. For instance, the enemy has 1,000 starting HP, you bring it down to 30HP with various attacks and then use a powerful attack to deal -500HP in one hit, so it explodes in a rather gory manner. I tried finding it through google or youtube but must’ve been feeding the search engine the wrong quaries because all the results I was getting were irrelevant ones. Can someone please point me to the term that describes this mechanics I’m talknig about and — ideally — a video that demonstrates it in high quality (a relevant fragment from a walk-through or let’s play, for instance)? Preferably with a Dark Elf, but that’s just optional.