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  1. Speaking of making tutorials since I also mentioned increasing the font size: I found 2 topics here already about either replacing the fonts altogether or changing the size. I believe Flix provided a fonts.xml with edited values to increase said font size some time ago. But ultimately the user who asked about it couldn't get it to work, saying he can no longer move or interact ingame with the edited file in place. I found that odd because I had no such issues when I changed the values equally myself. I extracted the "Fonts" folder from "skin-xml.zip", placed it in "Sacred 2 Gold/pak" and there edited the "Fonts.xml" by increasing each value by 2. One thing to note though is if the increase in size is too high some names or descriptions might no longer be displayed correctly and appear to be cut off. <Font Name="DEBUG"> <FontGroup>TextFontGroup</FontGroup> <Size>18</Size> <Flags>ANTIALIASED, OUTLINE</Flags> <Sharpen>true</Sharpen> </Font> In my case I changed the value 18 to 20 and did so for every other entry. Either way I found the difference substantial enough to make a few comparison screenshots and post them here. I apologize if someone already made a post about it or uploaded a working fonts.xml at some point. Each screenshot shows a few elements like the inventory or item- and ability preview. From left to right: Vanilla>2pt increase>4pt increase.
  2. I changed the y value from -840 to -1260 and it worked! Thanks a bunch. Guess I wasn't looking close enough the first time. Also increased the font size in Fonts.xml a bit while I was at it so it's clearer and more readable without getting blurred. (Screenshot for reference below.)
  3. Thank you for the quick reply, Hooyaah. I actually don't have any issues with the smaller displays, everything is readable to me so far. My question was actually whether I can change the position of the boss-healthbar HUD-element (not the size). I was wondering so because it does seem possible to alter at least parts of said element (like the aforementioned damage channels) so I thought that maybe the rest can be moved as well somehow.
  4. Greetings everyone. First off: While I signed up on Darkmatters about 2 years ago only now have I started playing Sacred 2 again after so many years and only recently have I found out about things like the Community Patch, Diablo 2 Fallen, SE2EE and many more. I'm glad the Sacred-Community is still active and kicking it and I already downloaded a few mods from here so thanks to those who keep this game alive and well. Now to my question: Is there a way to change the position (xy coordinates) of certain HUD-elements, specifically the boss-healthbar? I searched the forums here already but couldn't find a solution. I play the game at a resolution of 2560x1440 so I disabled the UI-Scaling setting as it makes the HUD-elements and fonts kinda blurry. Without the scaling It's smaller for sure, but still recognizable and definitely sharper for me. However, disabling that setting makes the boss-healthbar appear much lower and is being positioned almost in the middle of my screen. (See screenshot below). I looked through some of the .xml files like in Skin-xml.zip or from the Interface Pack mod provided by Flix. Inside the VisualTemplates.xml from the latter I found several "boss-healthbar" entries but the only elements I was able to move were the damage channels since those seem to have x and y coordinates which can be edited. The healthbar itself went unchanged.