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  1. Matachusets2

    Gar Colossus invincible

    The boss die whit the 100% energy shield, never go down, dont know if this is a bug o no, I only know I cheated my temple guardian, to max a can, and still need 10 minuts for kill it. afther I kill him I revert the cheat, but I have more or less the same issu whit the gobblin lord, the 1st boss of the game, but I could kill him whiout cheats, at level 8, but takes me half hour or more hitting him hard.
  2. Matachusets2

    Gar Colossus invincible

    No I dont put any mod the only "mod" I have intalled so far is the CP
  3. Matachusets2

    Gar Colossus invincible

    Well. I was able to kill gal colossus, BUT doing heavy cheats and still took me almots 15 minuts, something is worng whit this boss at least in my computer, I have to put 100 armor, 200 tatics skills and 100 swordmaster. so yeha, something is bad whit this boss, I kill it whitout empy the t-shield blue bar.
  4. So, I dont know, I m playing again afther some years, but in my mind there is no such memory about gar colossus begin invincible, I cant even chew trought the shield bar, I m using a temple guardian, and my memory toells me this hero didont have so much hard time dealing whit this T-mutant golem, So, my question its easy, have the CP path make him more more more hard, its a bug who cheated him to become a god, Its me whit low level 20? Anyway I trie to beat him up but never dealt dmg, even I try to edit my char, and stills cant damage him...
  5. Matachusets2

    Community Patch

    Problem solved, sorry, afther think think think why why, I look again at my reg file and noticed I have bad path to game where is installed, dont know why the game works whit that bad, but since I corrected it I try again and it let me apply the CP now I going to test how it works on win10 x64. Post-data: Mini question -- there is any kind of parameter like -multicpu or something that allow the game to use multy tread on multicore cpus:) I ask because when this game came out I have a 4 multicore cpu at that moment a phenom I think thanks
  6. Matachusets2

    Community Patch

    Hi, I have a small problem I have one hard disk whit the game installed, and for avoids reinstalls, I make in the past imports from regedit, well, I loss one reg file of ICE & BLOOD installation, so the game works but.... I can apply any patch, because the paths thinks the game isent installed, can someone please send me one import from regedit of ice & blood installed please:) I dont want to reinstall everything because takes ages from installing , updating updating updating updating installing ice & blood and agaain updating updating updating updating and the final updating of comunity path, and I have my game update up to 2.65.1, just I need that reg file for apply the CP, I m on win 10 I want to test if this path quits me freezes & crashes. Thanks very much in advance