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  1. If groups of 8 or 10 seem too much just try doing smaller groups like 3-5 or even some single enemies until you get a nicer drop, if you have a rather high trading skill it's always worth to re-visit merchants every once in a while and see if they have anything good for sale.
  2. Well... I do like sweet whiskey like the Irish Jameson. I've had every Johnny Walker from the basic up to Blue Label but I've never tasted a maple syrup Canadian whiskey, if I can find it anywhere in my city will be sure to try it out!
  3. In case you ever wonder how to get through the low levels with decent gear and runes, use the Goblin Lawn, it's a great low-level farming area where you can get a bunch of runes and EQ for your character (and others) and also a bunch of gold considering the low level. I recommend farming in this area if you find the desert too difficult for your current character. It's always a good idea to figure out your build before you hit level 50-70 and just continue with it, there are builds that are weak pre-level 100 but shine after that level in base Sacred, after you get a hold of the game I recomme
  4. I contacted them two days ago but couldn't get a reply, I'm glad I got through this after all this time and can finally start overspawning a little
  5. I've found the solution to my issue, took me three days and it has been the first thing I should've checked! The problem lies with the firewall, all you have to do is setup Hamachi or Radmin and go into your antivirus's firewall and set the network to private and not public. I've read about 50 posts on how to fix it, set my sacred files to run on one core, added an exception in every protection my PC has etc. and the problem turned out to be so trivial.
  6. I didn't mean the few main quest bosses but there's a bunch more bosses and mini-bosses hidden across the map for a challenge (or just some uniques), most of the main quest baddies are actually just mini-bosses (similar to ork leaders) and won't pose any threat once you learn the game and the character you're playing. Try focusing a little on regeneration time if you can, having your CA go down from 4s to 1,5 with just three items is worth it, trust me. You also have to pay attention to your CA damage and the weapon you use, it's sometimes worth keeping two-three weapons on the belt just in ca
  7. I've been trying for two days now and I cannot seem to get through it... I am using ReBorn mod. I do not have the unofficial patch as I have no idea if it's compatible with ReBorn. The problem is that whenever I start up a GameServer (using Hamachi, Radmin) and then start the game I cannot see the server on server list... The game has an exception at Avast and has an exception at DEP. I have also set it to run at one core as some topics on google stated that this also causes a problem with Sacred. I cannot run a GameServer for either ReBorn which I currently play and for the original g
  8. I've created this account 3 years ago and completely forgot about it... Hello, my name's Adrian, I'm from Poland and I love Sacred. I'm not really good at introductions so let me just tell you that this forum has helped me countless times in the past decade with a bunch of stuff. I am a sacred play through-and-through, I've completed the main campaign multiple times with different classes but never really got to niobium as I've always thought that Split is the only way to level faster, boy was I wrong. I will definitely try my best to help the community in any way I can and al
  9. Not gonna help you with a Wood Elf since I've never played the class (not really into bow classes at all) but if you always gave up at the desert I'd recommend going through all of the classes, give yourself 2 hours of gameplay each and you'll definitely find your favourite, maybe edit the classes to get the real experience you'd get after forcing yourself through the boring low-level rush. I've recently installed ReBorn mod and wanted to take on the dragon (but not rush it) down, got rid of Wilbur and went on to the desert to kill it with the main quest... I failed miserably as the dragon
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