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  1. I didn't get any freezes for a long time. I just open Task Manager, then start the game in window mode. It didn't crash anymore. It used to this summer, but no problems now.
  2. Neemis

    Sacred 2 Textures

    I installed the mod but I don't see any differences at all. The dessert is still flashy as hell.
  3. Neemis

    Sacred 2 Textures

    Hey. I checked the Diablo 2 Fallen mod on youtube but I don't like it. I checked Wardust mod, but I don't like that some skills are changed there. I want the original CAs not changed ones.
  4. Neemis

    Sacred 2 Textures

    I will check into this mod when I get home. Can't access the link since my job intranet restricts access to some sites. Thank you all.
  5. Neemis

    Sacred 2 Textures

    I did search the forum for some mods, but I didn't come across one that helps. I searched on the web for solutions but there's not much one can do besides playing with the monitor settings (I use a laptop). Guess I'll get some sun glasses when I reach that region.
  6. Thank you for the information, it is helpful.
  7. Thank you very much.
  8. Can some moderator delete this thread, as no one bothered to answer?
  9. Neemis

    Sacred 2 Textures

    Some moderator please delete this thread. Nobody bothered to answer.
  10. Neemis

    Sacred 2 Textures

    Hello, In the past I couldn't find something helpful for my dilemma. When reaching the desert zone in Sacred 2, during daytime, the sand color is so bright that it's annoying. Is there a mod to make it less bright? Playing with the game video settings doesn't help.
  11. Hello, I have been playing Sacred (all of them, except that crap 3) since my cousin introduced it to me and now I am having fun with a level 12 Vampiress. So my question is, regardless of the class, how can I make it so my attacks do damage when I melee hit the enemies? It's kind of frustrating to hit ~5 times (NOT miss) but not to do any damage (weapon or Attack CA). I am following this guide for the record. I will go for Sword Lore since Aarnum's Sword set gives some nice bonuses. Oh and not topic-related: I feel that Gust of Wind BM is powerful too. I tried that Ice Shards BM but it didn't make too much damage at the beginning, whilst Gust was pretty awesome. Gust of Wind knock-backs and stuns, so you're not in immediate danger. I don't really care for poison damage over time that much.
  12. Hello, This mod is very interesting. The only thing that kind of bothers me, until now, is that the High Elf's fireball animation is too big. I know took "Globe" mod for this skill, but it's way too big. Another thing I have discovered is that you replaced the teleportation skill with Thaumaturgic Nova. Why would you do that? That skill was so useful.