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  1. Hey just wanted to know if anyone has some spare pax files with some set items or skills to share with new players (like myself >.<). - I am a vampiress - 36lvl, started last night, need at least one full set, I have around 10 pieces of green but not 1 single set. I also save set items for other chars, so if anyone wants anything for D.Elf, Serpahim, Gladiator I can send him my pax and you can do the lan trick. thanks in advance <3
  2. Vampiress Swords

    vampiress swords usually give you lifesteal if they are of good quality and craft. there are ofcourse tons of "white" or common swords that are replicas of the original gold + vampite swords and they mostly look like the originals even if you don't see the point.
  3. The secrets of Survival Bonus

    I've been testing SB for the whole day. It is true that as much as it gets the more benefits your preset stats have, like your attack, yout lifesteal bonus, your resistances etc. but...but... people think that if you have a 99% SB you get easy greens. Well, that is true and false at the same time. Increasing SB will eventually lead to better loot / drops, but in fact there is a secret pattern, which I am still working on to decode it, in what exact moments are the spikes for better loot / drops. for example someone with 11% SB has lower stats bonus than someone who has 99% SB but...the first one has almost a double chance for a green drop. same again at 74~75%. your stats are worst than a 99% but you actually have a better chance for good drops. My theory is that the game has a specific spike pattern and rewards players after playing for example 1 hour then after 10 hours then after 20 etc. 99% means that yeah you survived everything. but it also means that you've killed so much FECAL MATTER&#33; on your way that it's hard to give you green in every hit bro. a 99% char has better stats ofcourse, but it is considered to be a char with 8-9days survivability, which means that the game will take some time to reward you again. that would be around 99.11, 99.74~99.75% similar to normal XX. so after a lot of testing...(and I am talking about sacred gold/underworld) I believe 11 / 23-27 / 74-75 % where the best to get some set drops. let me know what you think.