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  1. I've read posts from Sacerd's heydays when players would regularly meet, trade and sometimes outright give away their treasured loots! These days, downloadable contents for Sacred gold are near impossible to find. It sure would be nice to have a character bank/vault of downloadable .pax files with list of inventory items. The LAN-dumping process is tricky, as Flix said, nonetheless doable. I don't know if hosting such a database is possible within darkmatters; sacred wiki and wolf's layer are other possibilities. Anyway, I too need a couple of illusive unique items. Perhaps Dax can help me out too?! Regards.
  2. iFLAME

    Dwarf greed.

    I hear they actually had to nerf PA in Reborn 'cause it's that OP! Obviously I don't like that Assuming you're referring to ranged weapons, almost all the RPGs I've played have bows doing lower damage than melee weapons. And that's how it's supposed to be, melee fighters need that edge to compensate for the lack of the ability to shoot from a safe distance and all the strategic advantages that come with it. Especially when you consider Wood-elf's ability to use ranged CAs from horseback - are you kidding! A dragon is already halfway dead from 12 Penetrating Arrows (24 if in combo!) before it even sees my character! Without cover and AI perception (good point Dax), it's not a fair game to the critters. The only problem I experienced with bows would be the lack of sockets as even the set/unique ones only consist of no more than 3 slots. Rare WE-only bows with good elemental damage are easy to find but often come with only a few slots, sometimes none! Considering bows occupy both hands, that's pretty detrimental to your socketing possibilities but that goes for any two-handed weapon. Solution is to pick-up trade or have patience and find yourself a set bow/x-bow from drops. There are some nice Unique WE special bows with excellent buffs but are hard to come by; in comparison set bows like "Araelfi's Glorious Retribution", "Octanion's Rage (4 sockets!!)" drop frequently. Keep an eye open for Egill's x-bow and Ettol's bow and you'll know how potent ranged weapons can be!
  3. Surely Lady RNG is playing tricks on you. It's that or Trade's level requirement becomes super-exponential when you reach certain difficulty level. The later however doesn't make much sense as I've read in this forum about Trade retaining its usefulness far beyond your character's level. Hopefully, it's only Bravemart trying to run a bad batch on you! All your beautiful screenshots made me dust-off my trader BM and do a few quick runs in Porto Vallum (too lazy to go to capital). Lo and behold, It's just as rewarding and addictive as I remember it to be! My BM is at level 54, silver with 87 Trading and 80-ish SB. I know he's not much but got this on my 3rd refresh: So all is well on that front I guess.
  4. iFLAME

    Battle Mage best combact arts

    I've taken weapon lore as a skill in the past, if only to justify the "Battle" part of the Battle Mage. Adds a bit of variety in case you're bored with your Ghost-meadow/Flameskin/Fireball (or whatever you're going with) routine; However in my experience, the fun starts to fade as soon as you face tough opponents in numbers and you return to your mage-self to get out of Dodge. So, I'm kinda curious in knowing how far your "tanks" managed to go even with the Armor bonus from Relmin's!
  5. iFLAME

    Battle Mage best combact arts

    Some might say BM's most devastating Combat Art isn't actually a C/A and shows-up in the skill list instead! You know what I'm talking about. In my days as a BM, What I enjoyed most apart from fireballing the horde into oblivion was to don my Mammons and slide into the Bravemart - another thing Ascaron got right.
  6. Since I started playing Sacred 4 years ago, I've mostly played SP. Never really managed efficient pacing in the SP campaign, always get distracted by side-quests and such. As a result only two of my characters (BM, Daemon) have reached gold. I could've pushed the BM (level.120+) into plat but started playing other toons. For me power-leveling isn't a problem when you know good places to do it, even in SP. But the campaign itself is too long to repeat more than twice and as such I wish gold was accessible from the beginning for newer toons!
  7. iFLAME

    Another bug for Sacred I

    True, Sacred Gold hasn't aged well but it's still one of the better ARPGs, pixelation and glitches notwithstanding. And that's reason why I'm keeping my Win-7 PC. But something needs to be done to maintain its playability in future OS and hardware.
  8. iFLAME

    Another bug for Sacred I

    I've come across this particular phenomenon a few times and my understanding is it's caused by windows overlapping. I remember trying "alt+tab" to get out which made things worse. Closing Sacred and restarting it solved the issue for that time being. To be honest, these old games have so many quirks! A common one I face is where the screen goes black and the cursor missing, yet the music continues and hitting the windows button to return to desktop doesn't work either. My only way out is "alt+f4".
  9. Greetings and welcome zogar85, let me assure you it's never too late to play a game like Sacred. Just give it some time and you'll see why old-school rocks! You see, Sacred doesn't have a straight forward DPS based damage system. Instead it breaks things down into a base damage (basic attack, left-click) and a special attack damage (Combat Arts/Spells, right click) and provide hundreds of ways to buff/multiply those. While the basic attack is important it's the special ones you want to learn more about as they have their own attack speed, regen time, quirks and synergies and can take your damage to astronomical values. For pure spell casting characters the basic left-click attack doesn't even matter. Which weapon/armor is better? Veteran players can choose just by looking but you might need to equip them to see the stat changes. Don't worry, it's only a part of the learning process. For starters, gears with more socket, better buffs (life-leech, crit, to all CA/spells, to all resistance) are better even if the damage/resistance numbers seem lower. Also, for weapons elemental damage (I.e. fire,poison) is more potent than physical - again, even if they are lower in number. Later you'd know which one is better suited to your need and play-style just by looking. Personally, Seraphim and Dwarf are the only toons I've never played with but I'm sure other, more experienced members have lots of pointers for you and some great builds can be find on the character guides/builds section. So, endure and enjoy
  10. Tyr-Hadar is an excellent place for hunting no doubt but it's huge and can be tricky for new players. The woods around Timberton, as I said earlier is small enough for quick round-ups with good density of Orc-champs and less of a chance of being overwhelmed. Also it's readily available and has a portal nearby to boot. IIRC, you need to advance to a certain stage (siege of Mascarell, is it?) in the main quest to get access to Tyr-Hadar area. As for the rings, I put those on as well as infuse into equipment. As the OP mentioned, most of my toons are w/o trade and I really had a hard time acquiring decent jewelries until I came across the ghost-cave!
  11. Don't forget the woods around Timberton - area is rich with Orc champs and small enough for quick round-ups. Good place to take a break for the MQ and get a few nice items while there. When I get bored of desert orcs I end up here to rumble with the immigrants . Playing a level.42 WE atm and found at least 4 set items, even with very modest MF. For me, an even bigger challenge lies in acquiring quality rings/amulets, especially for a character without trading. The only way about is to go ghostbusting and the best place to do that would be the famous "ghost cave" near Highmarsh, south of the river IIRC. I've found couple of useful pieces from the ephemeral residents of the numerous haunted mansions/basements throughout Ancaria but that cave is just epic!
  12. Doesn't seem to be a bug. I happened to find it too, can't remember where exactly but definitely from the drops. It's a unique item (dark gold) and not a look-alike. No machete so far. My theory is that while being Easter-eggs, these are also in the drop-able list albeit with a high degree of rarity. My char has a fair amount of magic-find which could be another factor as well.
  13. iFLAME

    Dwarf greed.

    Unless you exploit the "Fire Daemon + Infernal Power + Descent" synergy, it mostly is. But if you do, it's one of the most damaging build which makes the best possible use of Arnum's blade! I hear you. More unadulterated mayhem, less micromanagement..liked it that way the last time I played. Wood Elf is the trickiest but great fun!
  14. iFLAME

    Dwarf greed.

    The pleasure is all mine It's an honour to finally being able to meet the great gogoblender (one, who inspired my 1st Daemon build)! Over the years, I have learned a great deal from DarkMatters which helped me appreciate the true potential of this little gem that is Sacred. Thanks for all the good works and for keeping this place alive! You're welcome friend. Maybe someday, I'd have my own greedy dwarf running amok through the desert - throwing flames and all shorts of dwarven profanities..
  15. iFLAME

    Dwarf greed.

    Greetings. I don't think it does or even if it does the impact is negligible. In sacred gold, the contents from chests, barrels, cabinets etc. are mostly limited to gold, potions and sometimes low level equipment. On rare occasions, you may also find books or icons. While generated randomly, these contents are often predetermined as you approach the container; that is to say, you can't change the outcome via q-save/load. I don't know much about "Greed" but if it works in the same vein as "chances to find special items" aka "Magic Find" then you won't see much difference as I've a few chars with (relatively)high MF but yet to see high level unique items falling from crates/barrels! As such, your best bet is to find some high level baddies and put both your hammer and greed to good use Enjoy your time in Ancaria!