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  1. iFLAME

    Dwarf greed.

    Unless you exploit the "Fire Daemon + Infernal Power + Descent" synergy, it mostly is. But if you do, it's one of the most damaging build which makes the best possible use of Arnum's blade! I hear you. More unadulterated mayhem, less micromanagement..liked it that way the last time I played. Wood Elf is the trickiest but great fun!
  2. iFLAME

    Dwarf greed.

    The pleasure is all mine It's an honour to finally being able to meet the great gogoblender (one, who inspired my 1st Daemon build)! Over the years, I have learned a great deal from DarkMatters which helped me appreciate the true potential of this little gem that is Sacred. Thanks for all the good works and for keeping this place alive! You're welcome friend. Maybe someday, I'd have my own greedy dwarf running amok through the desert - throwing flames and all shorts of dwarven profanities..
  3. iFLAME

    Dwarf greed.

    Greetings. I don't think it does or even if it does the impact is negligible. In sacred gold, the contents from chests, barrels, cabinets etc. are mostly limited to gold, potions and sometimes low level equipment. On rare occasions, you may also find books or icons. While generated randomly, these contents are often predetermined as you approach the container; that is to say, you can't change the outcome via q-save/load. I don't know much about "Greed" but if it works in the same vein as "chances to find special items" aka "Magic Find" then you won't see much difference as I've a few chars with (relatively)high MF but yet to see high level unique items falling from crates/barrels! As such, your best bet is to find some high level baddies and put both your hammer and greed to good use Enjoy your time in Ancaria!
  4. My BM managed to find some great vamp set items (enlightened iron, lots of q-loads and some luck!!) but had to sell those eventually The random nature of item drops was sooooo frustrating at the beginning! Right now I'm playing a Gladiator and would like to exchange some goodies. Is that possible in single player? Please provide a link to the lan trick you mentioned. Regards.