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  1. lechuck

    Selling Price stat not working

    Wow really! Has it always been like that? I've been playing Sacred 2 for so many years and I just always assumed the selling price stat affected all items. Oh well, you learn something new everyday. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hope some one can help me this please. So I've got v2.65.2 with the 1.60 cm patch installed and just started a new game. I bought a piece of armor that has a Selling Price stat of +51.2% attached to it but when I equip it none of the prices in my inventory are increased and even when I sell an item I don't receive more money. I thought it might be to do with the patch so I disabled it then reloaded the game, but I still get the problem. Not sure if its a problem with the base game or the patch or just my install of the game as I never noticed it in previous playthroughs or when I had the 1.50 patch installed.