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  1. I too choosed the "peace" settings in the end, first because my rigs isn't that op to max out everything (even on "stabe games"), and second because Sacred 2' s "eye-candy" options tend to feed the memory leak way too fast, so here are my settings , those allow me to play for hours in peace (I still keep use quick save ofc ,cause soon or late I still getting crash lol ), Also I even noticed getting crash right after the "sys flush" prompt, donno if its because I'm doing it to late ,or if the texture reloading itself also feed the memory leak. And again here's my comp specs : - Phenom II x4 965 @3,8 ghz - 8 Go G.skill DDr3-PC3-12800 - Nvidia GTX 770 2ghz Even if a little sad about cannot enjoy the physx nor the ET, that game still offers an intense immersion in its unique universe, so I really don't mind lowering the graphics to enjoy that journey.
  2. Hey Androdion, Even before memory leak issue was given a name, when I bought the game I first tried your nvidia settings, and activated both Elite and Physx and all others setting maxed xD, on this rigg this result on 30-40 fps with frequent drops, it's just unplayble, for sure the picture is blowing, but it's just a matter of 10-15 min for the game to crash, Just tried it right now to confirm my memorie, and that's exactly what happend , all settings maxed in nvidia CP + game result in game client crash after 15-20 minutes ( and 30-40 fps max) I think the best I can achieve when tweaking the nvidia cp , is getting the game's own settings to higher instead of intermediate (but with Elite texture and Physx still off) other than that , I'm getting unplayable fps, or crash too often....:/ Now gonna try to mix your nvidia cp suggestion + my previous "intermediate game settings" + Elite and Physx on, and let you know if its better. Edit : Got a slightly better fps: 43-50, but game still crashed after 15-20 min :/ I think the problem is really the Physx or Elite texture caching. I ll go back with my previous intermediate/stable settings for now, then when I'll got more time to experiment, I'll try to mess with the nvidia cp, (maybe trying to rise perf above quality for more stability, and see if game client feel happier with it)
  3. Just a little thanks for you guys great help, Still experiencing some crash after lowering graphic settings and disable both Elite and Physx, so I'm gonna try that dll and the other few tips you guys mentionned in this thread, Actually I m running the game at : - Default textures - Shadow details : Middle - render details : High - ground details: Very High - effects details : High - Ground details : in the middle - Physx : Off - AA : x4 - Weather : on Those are the best settings I've found so far for longer gameplay ,yet it still crash after a while ( sometimes 30min, sometimes 1hour, I guess it depends on how much I'm spamming mini map, or caves in/out) My config is : Phenom 2 X4 965 @ 3.8Ghz GTX 770 2Go 8 Go Ram G.skill PC-12800 I prefer to stick with nvidia drivers 345.20 for now (because of another game better compatibility with this) Hope this can help on developping, thanks again for your work and your time Now gonna try that dll and try to report later on afternoon. Greetings Edit : found that I was already using mss32.dll ver 7.2g lol,
  4. Community Patch make me think it's made by community , so who to thanks More seriously, Thank you very much to all of you, Patch/Mods Authors AND fans , few days ago, I' ve decided to play this awesome games again, cause I wasn't really happy leaving it because of unstability issues, while it has that so great potential.So I readed a lot here and there, and finally could adjust some settings for more stability and now I'm having very much fun playing it again.(still getting some crash thought,but hella less than back in the days...) Also I can't really tell about the CM patch differences right now, cause I just wanted to build a new char to farm some stuffs ( blacksmith, perception and such..) and I kinda forgot how the game was without patch last time I played it, (back in 2014 maybe..) All I can say , is I'm having so much fun playing it again, (and not that many games can brings me fun lol) So Again, a big thanks to all of you, and I'm really happy that this game pearl also got a pearl comminuty here at DM. Wish you guys great fun, now time to go back to Sloeford with my shadow warrior loll
  5. I'm gonna give this "Scourge of Lordaeron"a try , Thank you very much Frostyman !
  6. Hey All

    Hey, guys ,I've been big sacred 2 fan when it cames out and played it a lot,but that terrible game optimizations made me stop playing it. since a few weeks, I really want to play it again and give it another chance , so I looked around the web and read about possible bug fixes/patch and I've heard about that community patch, Hope this will allow me to enjoy playing as a shadow warrior again, Please forgive for my english, french player here , And even in case that CM patch won't prevent the game from crashing, thank you anyway to all of you for keeping a sacred 2 community alive, Greetings.