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  1. Thank you very much for your replies and time, gogoblender and Augmint! Much appreciated.
  2. Thank you for your reply, Whisky.
  3. Hello everyone, A happy new year to you all. I haven't played Sacred in quite a while (and when I did quite a while ago, I never made it much further than, say, level 60 with any character), but recently came back to it. I am playing a Gladiator, and my biggest issue is the lack of gear upgrades. Obviously, a Gladiator cannot use the trade skill before level 50, so shopping is no option for useful stuff. At the time being, the character is level 29 and killing lots of orcs in the desert. Levelling up was fast and easy until now that the enemies have toughened up enough to make killing them a chore because I cannot find any better gear than the pieces I'm already wearing. I should be grateful for any advice by more experienced players. Should I export my game and restart on Silver so as to kill the early bosses again? For aught I know, they don't just respawn as they do in many other games of this kind (I've played Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo III, Torchlight, Torchlight II, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, Titan Quest, Grim Dawn, so I'm not particularly new to the genre). Don't get me wrong, I don't mind grinding for loot and experience, but without any upgrades, killing enemies takes for ever. Best regards, DeadByDefault
  4. Thank you very much for the welcome! Yeah, I noticed that the forum was taken down quite soon after I had created this topic. At first I thought I might have been banned (for whatever reason), but then again, it wouldn't have made any sense for me not to be able to even display the website any more. XD Thank you for your elaborate reply. Well, I've refrained from eating runes, either completely or at least in the sense of not eating more than one, except for some buffs whose regeneration times are easy to keep down with a couple of points in Concentration or Meditation respectively. The first thing I read about this game's mechanis was that in order to find more runes, you had to eat as few runes as possible. Needless to say, this also prevented me from experimenting with all the combat arts, as it would've required me to unlock everything. If I remember correctly, I've started a game with all of the different classes except for the Seraphim. Reading that she's kind of a jill of all trades put me off, as I generally don't like this kind of character in a game. I still may give her a try, though. I now think that it's a mistake to complete the game on Bronze difficulty, as the levelling process becomes a mere grind fest beyond level 30. I wasn't sure when to switch to Silver, though, but I have little motivation to take my gladiator ('Hector') to Silver now (I know I needn't finish Bronze in order to import the game into Silver). He can deal with any kind of situation on Bronze difficulty, and I haven't even collected all the elements of Ancaria with him yet, but it's not fun. Until level 33, I've only used Attack against everything, and it's worked fine. Then I decided to finally eat some runes (Heroic Courage), and I also unlocked Fist of the Gods and Hard Hit. Yeah, he can easily kill stuff with these combat arts, but it's boring to me. I found the dwarf ('Bolgrim', no good name from ancient Greek mythology here) far more exciting, probably also because he got some great loot by shopping in both Port Vallum and Braverock Castle. I didn't even need Dwarven Armor, Vehemence and War Cry were sufficient for any kind of situation. I enjoyed playing as a dwarf mostly because you cannot play dwarves in most games. I mean, basically in any fantasy setting, dwarves are either extinct or on the brink of becoming so. I started a wood elf ('Artemis') because I usually like archers, but hack 'n' slash rpgs tend to make them problematic in that everything wants to be straight in your face. I watched some videos about high-level archers, but for my taste, it took too long to take bosses and especially dragons down, at least compared to what other characters can do. In fact, I've never played any archer as fun to play as a bowazone in Diablo II. I loved the ability to cover the whole screen in arrows. Playing as a dark ('Deimos', for obvious reasons) elf, then, I made him a dual wielder, and I have to say I like it much more than dual wielding with a gladiator. The weapons and the way the dark elf moves around are more to my taste. I haven't taken him beyond level 30, either, though. I recently started a daemon (and called her 'Styx', obviously). Her wings look ridiculous, but I like her movement speed and dive attack. I started a battle mage ('Azrael', ancient Jewish instead of Greek, but also: smurfs) at some point, but the fire ball spell with which he starts off moves so slowly that it killed my motivation soon. I finished off everything in and around Bellevue but had no idea how to deal with the swarms of goblins beyond the bridge. I need to stand still in order to cast, but with so many enemies to deal with and no effective Area of Effect attack, I didn't want to continue that journey. If I understand you correctly, I need to bite the bullet in any event, since I need to get my characters beyond level 30 or even 50 for them to take off. I find this tedious, but if it's necessary, I'm willing to give it a chance. One more thing, do I have to import a game into a new game each time I want to kill a dragon or specific boss again? Enemies respawn basically as soon as an area is off-screen, but I noticed that this doesn't entail dragons and bosses, at least not in the cases where I actually bothered to look.
  5. Hello everyone, I hope this is the correct section for this topic. I have only recently come around to playing Sacred Gold (GOG version), and so far, I like it better than Sacred 2. I have started quite a few characters, but none has been exceptionally successful, regardless of whether I started on Bronze or Silver. I have read quite a few guides on this forum concering skill progression and combat arts, yet it is not quite clear to me how long to refrain from eating runes and whether it would be a good idea to choose trading as a starting skill for every character that can choose it. My major issue with most characters is that they barely, if ever, seem to find any useful gear. Thus, I created a dwarf and chose trading as a starting skill and kept it at my character's level, which has helped significantly. Save for a few bosses, my dwarf smashed everything, alternating between two-handed weapons and axe + shield. Can this be done with any character? If I remember correctly, the Daemon cannot do so. The rest of my characters is not even half as successful. My second major issue is that I really never know when to eat a rune. The cooldowns on most combat arts are extensive, but I found that at the beginning, this does not matter, as the base level suffices. Concentration and Special Move Regeneration help a lot, but I do not wish to eat too many runes right at the beginning for fear of reduing the rune drop rate. To be clear, I am not looking for a step-by-step guide, just for some general outlines or criteria how to decide whether I should eat a rune. Thank you very much for your time. Regards, DeadByDefault