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  1. This code: [spoiler]Test [I]italic[/I] [b]bold[/b][/spoiler] [quote]quote[/quote] [list][*]List 1[/*] [*]List 2[/*] [*]List 3[/*][/list] Results in this: List 1 List 2 List 3 So it looks like BBCode still works.
  2. System tga's View File console.tga Font.tga Font2.tga glowFont.tga From system folder of (steam) Fallen Angel v2.43.0 build 1671 Submitter BrainMuncher Submitted 09/19/2017 Category Fallen Angel Miscellaneous  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    console.tga Font.tga Font2.tga glowFont.tga From system folder of (steam) Fallen Angel v2.43.0 build 1671
  4. Finished the download, it definitely does not have the expansion. The title screen for Gold shows v2.65.2 build 1837. The title screen for Fallen Angel shows v2.43.0 build 1671. scripts.7z
  5. There's two separate versions in my list - Fallen Angel, and Gold. I'll download Fallen Angel overnight (slow connection) and see what version number it has.
  6. I just ctrl-click to sell them so I guess I've never had a problem with clutter
  7. I still have Fallen Angel in my steam list, I could probably get those for you if you want.
  8. Not sure why anyone would want a stack of runes in the first place. Are there people out there hoarding runes? They drop frequently and you can craft whichever rune you need on demand at the rune guy... seems kind of pointless. Fixing something that isn't broken.
  9. ^ Thats how bad the current CP version looks to me. Vanilla for me looks much more opaque than that. Don't ask me why, I don't have any other mods or tweaks. But that was my major complaint, the readability. As far as I'm concerned, the more opaque, the better.
  10. Well, basically everything. Call me a purist, but my preference would be the vanilla game with bugfixes. Vanilla UI, no new items, lightsabers rare like they should be, etc. As an example, I've played a Dryad up to around level 130 now, who has had high Enhanced Perception the whole way, but I've yet to find a single piece from the Glyphs of Torment set. The only vanilla set I've found a complete set of so far is Tendrils of Time, which is only three items. Meanwhile, the CP sets have been dropping like candy. I keep one of each class set item in the stash, and the Wild Cat items are always on level. I'm usually finding multiple copies of the same level item and selling them off. Same goes for the all-class CP sets like Crypt Raider's Artifacts, multiple duplicates dropping consistently. My one and only Meho's Chestguard that ever dropped is level 65. Never found a Girth of Flame. It's also more than just a small number of unique items. To quote the wiki: "CM 1.50 integrated a large modding project called the Community Items Mod, in which many community members contributed ideas and designs for new items of all kinds." I appreciate all the work that must have gone into that, and I understand a lot of people love that sort of thing, but I'd prefer to play without it. In my mind there's nothing wrong with the original. So this is the sort of thing I don't like. Arbitrary changes to things that weren't broken.
  11. I don't mean to whinge but I really wish there was a "bugfix only" version of the patch. I disabled the new UI by unzipping skin.zip. Quite frankly it looks terrible, especially the console during loading (who thought red text on red background was a good idea?). But the main problem is it is too transparent, making the text even more difficult to read than it already was. I have the same complaint about this forum skin, but thankfully I know how to fix that with some custom CSS. If I could I would install a version of the patch without all the new items and so forth. Just vanilla with bugfixes and "unlocked" content like the Christmas island. If I haven't complained before it's because I don't want to criticise a free community patch that someone obviously put a lot of love and effort into. It really feels bad to come to a small community like this and start bashing people's labour of love. But if I'm honest there's a lot about the patch that I don't like. I will probably uninstall it for my next playthrough and just try to remember not to go in the artamark crypt.
  12. Meryl Streep/into the woods cast -> It's the last midnight Lettuce > The Last Suppit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss1dY2FwhGM
  13. I'll leave that up to you to decide where the best place for the thread is. I've been trying to figure out the skill progressions, it's driving me crazy
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