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  1. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Good morning! Just found a tiny "bug". The skill "Spell Resistance" has Spell Resistance +X%. Since the CM, the value of Spell Resistance is shown in the inventory screen. The shown value is changed correctly when changing items which have Resistance +X%. However, the value doesn't change when the skill "Spell Resistance" gets rised, despite providing higher Resistance +X%. All in all, I think it is just a bug in the displayed value, so I believe it is working, though. have a nice day!
  2. Sorry for the late response. After a reload, the clones disappeared.
  3. Ahhhhh, of course! I didn't think of that. Thank you! I can undestand having unfinished code somewhere disabled because of rushing things... but disabling finished sounds? Must have been really tight in the end.
  4. Hello there. After all this time I got finally time to test this beta. Maybe to late to be of any value for the team, but there isn't much I have to point out, though. ^^ I played five hours straight until it crashed. Normally I can't play this long, so nothing to complain here. xD Most things are just working fine. Ship ports, Air Balloon port and Travel Agent NPCs working fine. Running around in circles for horses and with meele combos really works fine (means, is fixed) (a big point for me since I mostly play meele). Camera in boss battles is fixed, that always bothered me especially in the final battle. "Percents, not flat numbers, are now correctly shown in tooltips for Combat Discipline and Speed Lore. " Thanks thousand times for that! Stackable runes are great for saving space. Is there a way to lay a rune from a stack into the Rune Masters slots? Having to seperate them to do so is a bit boring... but a small price for the bigger benefit. ^^ "Ogre clan Champion designs: Grurag (blue) and Ore-Thag (red) are activated and added to Nor Plat. " I can confirm this. But I have to say, the blue one doesn't do anything. He has the symbol to speak with him, doesn't attack and isn't attackable. "All characters now have voiced comments when accepting new quests. " Where do you get those from? Some of them are really cool! xD Onliest seen bug: I only posted the links to the pictures... don't know how to post here without spamming you with pictures, sorry! At some point, those two in Nor-Plat have been doubled. They have been normal at first, aber after some quests they have been doubled. Not really copies of each other, since they had different items to sell. Thanks for all the work, I will greatly enjoy meele Shadow Warrior for a while. ^^