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  1. Note: Still two Bosses spawning with yesterdays version.
  2. LOOOL. "Bug" I started a new game curiously. After going the first two steps, I crashed my head on the desk because I downloaded, but didn't really install the new version from Nexus. So I saved, installed the new things via JSGME and loaded the freshyl started char. Strangely, there was a level 160 set item attached to the curser. So the level Char has now the level 160 sword of "Smoke and Fire" set. x'D I don't really bother, its just funny. ^^
  3. The title on nexus is 3.0a. the zip is called 3.0. Well, I'll see it when the first camapaign boss is comming. ^^
  4. It was just a quick run through silver so I haven't seen many endbosses other than the main ones, but the elemental endbosses (providing holy reliques) and goblin lord Gahanka have been there only in single, not doubled.
  5. Okay.... looks like I disable Free For All for the time being. ^^
  6. Any ETA for 3.1? Just to know whether I have to downgrade to play again. ^^ I only play Single mode.... want to leave a saved Ancaria and not every quest respawning on me. xD
  7. Last entry of this diary: I died.
  8. Info: The Carnach was doubled, too. But the Fog in the swamp not. Doesn't it count as endboss? Edit: The first encounters are not doubled, but the last one! Did you know? Even though the double ice-aura is chilling the character to the point it cannot run anymore, the player starts sweating a lot! Proposal for maybe another skill... temporarely double the amount of supporting skeletons. Those poor four guys have been downed multiple times in this battle. (Though it was the most intense battle I had for a long time playing Sacred!) Edit: LOL! Not only Kral, the flyin
  9. I am greedy. And I like Sacred 2. I see new content for Sacred 2, I take it ALL!
  10. Just a thought crossing my mind... if I am the first one noticing the double bosses since release of EE 3... am I the only one playing Sacred 2? Or is no one else beating bosses?
  11. Yes, this one was doubled, too. But it didn't move so it looked like an octo with 16 tentacles. xD
  12. *gasp* I will see it as a feature until it kills me too often. Then I will come back and complain about the bug. xD Double Octagolamos stun incomming. xD
  13. ALL OF EM. xD Just kidding. Reduce Fog Mod and from Sacred 2 WW 3.0: CORE_Required Alternate Spells Enhanced Music Free-For-All Quests Portrait Overhaul Superspawn EDIT: Maybe the Super-Spawn decided to double this one? I just imagined ... double the amount of nameless guardians?
  14. I think I have a problem with a double variable: I think that should be a singleton. I am not mad about double XP and items, though. Quest was solved after the first one fell.
  15. Helloooooo! Back from my Cyberpunk-Hollyday. 30 days since release, I played ~250 hours counted on steam. xD Today I installed the 3.0. Realy nice work. I like the green skeletal fortress. And I like the new animals. The birds fly fairly low, though. (Ravens hopping around in elven region, starting to fly and... well fly on ground level. Is this as intended? ^^) Music is matter of taste, won't say much to this point. But the most impression is (for me) done by the new npc portraits. After every type of enemy I stop and look at them in the character menu. I didn't realize how man
  16. All those beautifull weapons.... how soon is end of the year?
  17. Didn't dare to ask to... but if Sweep really looses that Knockback, I'll go full Berserk with the 2H weapons. How does friendly fire matter? I play Singleplayer, so, not afraid of that. And... am I the only one bothered by that all the years? xD
  18. Why is life leech linked with dual wield? I do dual wield without it. Oo
  19. I think I am drooling a bit seeing all these weapons... I think I have to be more precise here. I don't think the gap can be closed with damage that easily and it isn't related to some defensive shortcomming. (I don't know how to read your bet as anything else... since the bet is wrong. I almost never find any life leech items and thus don't rely on them.) The Shadow Warrior has the Demoic Blow, Scything Sweep and my beloved Frenzied Rampage as direct attacks. I absolutely hate the DB because of that jump animation. Sorry, it looks retarded. xD Soooo... the FR does 5
  20. Seyr's Blade looks so ... greeeeeeeeeeeen. I totaly love twohander. Sadly, can't find a build where twohander do as much damage in the same amount of time as two one hander. But these look so good, maybe I make a Char just to use this swords for a while. *.*
  21. At least I showed up to the party! xD Sorry, Diablo Mod never interested me, that's why I don't look there. Actually I just lurk in here from time to time to see how it is going with the S2EE. ^^' Thanks for the answer!
  22. Am I the only one who was geeked by this guy? xD Or am I the only one strolling around in Ancaria trying NOT to die? x'D (Or did I miss the hint here on Dark Matters? ^^') Thanks you two, looking forward to it!
  23. Those weapons look epic! Besides the random red one... looks so rusty it might break while hitting. xD Don't worry about the Widowmaker... it definitly looks sinister. o_o I can't believe the level of details which Sacred 2 can bring up. The little skeletons on the shield are awesome. (I ♥ skeletons...) A little question... is the Lord of Thunder (Lighting), north in the swamp region, somehow buggy? Mostly I miss him since I go down straight south after porting there. But today I was strolling along in the vast world of Sacred 2 and found him. The Lord of Ice was no problem, due to 13
  24. I love that musical. I bought tickets for the one this year... but it got postponed to next year. I don't mind much. I have 5 hours by train just to get there... but it's my absolute favourtie.
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