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  1. That's what I was thinking. Currently don't have internet was working to much before to really use it. Probably get again Monday and see what's up. Anyways just figured I pick some of your guys brains who have been playing or have played forever before doing something I didn't need to. Oh and I have read that link you shared before but I wasn't sure if it would still update being such an old game and reading they went bankrupt plus the no Internet haha. Thanks guys.
  2. Shadow path and yes went to the shaman. And nothing.. just "item"
  3. Yeah I've read the wiki both light and dark parts. I'm playing dark. I have competed the entire chain of quests with out any issue at all. It just never dropped the "Hunters Amulet" it dropped something just named "item" which is like a "parchment" or "leaf" which is completely useless except for selling.
  4. OK I know this an old game but my wife and I play together in our spare time for fun on ps3. We play Co-op offline (obviously) anyways we were doing the "Master of the hunt" quest when we killed what's his face and he us supposed to drop the amulet.... he doesn't however he does drop an "item" which is useless. Tried it solo on silver just to test if it was a coop bug. Same thing. My wife and I are currently on platinum when we first attempted and we're let down. Anyone know what maybe the issue? Possibly need the update if it even still possible to get? Any help appreciated. Also on a side note... Names Loki been playing for about few weeks now. Use the forum for all my other troubles. Love it. Anyways thanks. Games legit.