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  1. Recath

    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    The problem is 1-handed is almost twice as fast with lower attack speed. Auto-attacking gives me more dps than using the CA by quite a bit. Pelting strikes is way faster by comparison
  2. Recath

    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Dual-wielding swords mounted as shadow warrior using Frenzied Rampage is extremely slow between hits - slightly less so on foot but still really crap. Anyone test if its the same for you? I don't recall it being bad from my previous characters but its been a while oh and this text is overlapping
  3. All your guides are in Russian and I can't speak it, I'd need an English guide
  4. I'd like to ask how to access the elite textures, I run it on gold version on steam but I don't have the option of elite textures.
  5. I tried it again and it worked BUT fullscreen is no longer fullscreen, it's borderless windowed now and that means I can't access anything underneath the game because it won't let anything display above it. I tried to go windowed then back to fullscreen but I got a bug (an old one) that throws your cursor off center, so I tried to change the resolution, and the game minimizes itself everytime I launch it. I've had this exact issue before that when you change back from windowed it will throw your cursor off center, change resolution and you have to delete options.txt, otherwise minimize hell. After I deleted options.txt it worked
  6. Confirming: the dll file works on my end, thanks dimitri Edit: just as I say that the game crashes again: The file can not be accessed because of any of the following: There is a problem with the network connection, with the disk where the file is stored, or with the storage drivers installed on this computer, or the disk is not available. The error caused Windows to close the Sacred 2 - Game Client software P1: sacred2.exe P2: P3: 4be45a9b P4: StackHash_0a9e P5: P6: 00000000 P7: c0000096 P8: 0cc9d01f I tabbed out the game and it crashed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ New edit: game crashes on upstart again P1: sacred2.exe P2: P3: 4be45a9b P4: s2render.dll P5: P6: 4b27a363 P7: c0000005 P8: 0025183d Edit: the game launches the 3:rd time around after long wait, it's fullscreen in the options, but when I click outside the game on my second screen the game stays up, the game is not really in fullscreen. I probably put the dll in the wrong location
  7. New update, both me and my brother downloaded the updated patch version, he had no issues (windows 10) I had 1 issue (windows 7). I crashed on upstart, solution was to put both exe files in xp pack 3 compatibility mode. Problemsignature: P1: sacred2.exe P2: P3: 4be45a9b P4: s2render.dll P5: P6: 4b27a363 P7: c0000005 P8: 00251829 P9: P10: This was the only one with any useful info The error that said: a problem arose with sacred2.exe, in the module s2render.dll The error in windows logs appeared twice, and I launched the game twice, and the time stamps seems accurate too. Aside from this the energy shield is working, and xp mode solved it, but it wasn't needed in the first version I tried. I will see if I can get my brother to check what crashed his game the day before too
  8. I'll post if I notice more ^^ nope, but if you tell me how I can get that I'll provide them, his crashes felt standard for sacred 2 so idk. He runs windows 10 and neither launch nor opening a game takes long times as for me, so I guess those 2 are just me as well, as I posted earlier. Just wanted to mention that
  9. Here's the regular buff She was created today in this patch, I have tried restarting the game and such
  10. I just played sacred 2 LAN with my brother for roughly 5-6 hours and I have noticed at least 1 mayor bugs and my brother crashed 2 times. My brother's first crash was nothing I took note of, he crashed and launched the game quickly. The second crash he froze and the quest update sound kept playing on repeat. The game was completely frozen and he had to logout because the game was on top of everything so he couldn't turn it off in the task manager. The bug I saw was with seraphim's shield. Using ward energy buff or divine protection I got under half of what I should be getting Also once a rune is stacked I can't go and turn them in for a new rune, can I un-stack them? also thanks for the patch again, aside from the seraphim low shield everything is better
  11. I've heard of audio crashing sacred 2 before, I can't recall where. Anyone who knows more about this should post it somewhere if it's not already on here somewhere
  12. if I recall correctly my model has 5900RPM, SATA 6GB/s, I don't think speed is a problem, nor is fragmentation, the only reason why the game would otherwise freeze is if steam downloaded something during gameplay while my anti-virus ran a scan. It can be whatever windows reason too. I will continue to just play it normally and tell if I see any bugs, crashes or something noteworthy. As for the small freezes or lag spikes happen for me at around 1.6GB when the game starts to drop fps, it runs buttersmooth at 1.2GB, not sure if that's of any use
  13. I have not touched it since before the first installation and this is the only time, so probably not, I can re-install the game again, test-run it, install cm 1.5, test run it, install 1.6 and test run and compare if you'd like, but it would take a while
  14. 1% fragmented before clean installation and I don't remember the model of the HDD, it's a fairly new 1TB hard drive. I did not have these issues before so I thought it was worth mentioning them, although it might not be much of use atm. Here's my option.txt if anyone's interested options.txt
  15. Here's my 6 hours of sacred, trying to keep it as minimal as possible, should I add time? took 2 minutes to boot, joke screen skipped 0.750GB after launch everything works fine 0.97GB after launching a LAN game 1.2GB at gar'colosus 1.3GB after killing him in a slow fight 1.25GB teleport(tp) to special mount island 1.3GB back to the monolith at gar 1.41GB close to ruka, game froze when opening the inventory (temporary) 1.42GB when reached ruka 1.35GB TP to thylysium (thyl) Save and quit, takes 2 minutes to jump into my (SP) high elf 1.4GB in-game with my high elf no increase, ran without killing from thyl to clearview 1.42GB to 1.45GB from clearview to dragonmaw pass killing mobs on the road 1.5GB before tp to mount island 1.45GB on the mount island, after doing the quest to get there 1.48GB when completely done with the quest 1.51GB after tp to thyl for questing 1.55 to 1.56GB doing Lich quest 1.48GB at a cave east to thyl 1.52GB as I left the cave 1.56GB in the city, was afk for a while, no change tp to the town near gar, jumped to 1.63GB 1.65GB after reaching griffinborough, fps is quite bad, first lag spike here 1.66GB 14 min later, stutter, after this no stutter, only 1 lag spike 1.72GB at ruka, I ran from gar town, it has been 3 hours in-game 10 minutes being afk 1.55GB in menu again 1.69GB in Lan again, stays here between 1.68 to 1.72 game tabbed itself down, 1.2GB when back in, end of note