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  1. So, were those changes implemented in the final build? I don't see them in the change log.
  2. Voted No. The dual mount system is cool!
  3. What happened to the blacksmith changes? Will they only be available in enhanced edition?
  4. Then it's an issue as I said earlier. Mine shoots bolts too. Malicious Totem should shoot poison arrows. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Malicious_Totem "Summons a totem that will fire small poisonous arrows."
  5. Could you please test if Malicious Totem shoots lightning or poison projectiles with your Dryad? Thanks.
  6. But the totem shoots lighting projectiles when they should be poison. Isn't that an issue?
  7. So, are the Voodoo-Totem VFX projectiles fixed or not? They should be poison projectiles...
  8. Should we install Legacy Physx driver or the newest version is fine?
  9. Trimmed Elite Textures

    Will this work without Elite Textures?
  10. Is there any way of bigger UI font size?
  11. How can I change that? Will it affect monsters too? Thanks for your reply.
  12. Can someone explain me the current state of the escort quests? Do NPCs run away? Do they have low HP? Thanks. Edit: sorry for double post