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  1. Armalion Characters in Sacred

    I've found where this text is used. Or, rather where it was supposed to be used since I do not remember it actually being used in the game. Looks like this was supposed to be one of the remarks playable characters make when they enter an area or approach an object in the game world. For Dark Elf the number of the corresponding .mp3 file in the sound.pak is 16970. I haven't bothered to check but I'm sure all the other original playable characters have the same remark recorded for them. I guess the devs wanted it to play when the character approached one of the several stone circles of Ancaria? Maybe the one in Bellevue? I guess now we'll never know for sure. There are actually other lines recorded and placed in sound.pak but not used in the game. I wonder why the devs decided against using them.
  2. Sacred External Data Transfer Protocol

    Thanks for the reply, Thorium!
  3. Armalion Characters in Sacred

    No problem, gogo. Like I said, I'm glad there are people who are interested in the history of Sacred and I'm always happy to chat about it No, not really. I make small personal mods for myself, but they are not connected to my questions here. I'm just trying to find more information about Sacred and its development. I used to think the same until I found an interview with Michael Bhatty, the lead game designer for Sacred. It can be read here. I speak very little German and had to use Google Translate to read it, so if anyone here speaks German, correct me if I'm wrong. But from what I can understand, Bhatty says that when Ascaron bought Armalion, it was very unfinished, basically it had only one small location and one quest. So even though they used Armalion as a base, most of the work on Sacred was still done by Ascaron. It sounds a bit hard to believe considering the number of character models made for Armalion and all the different locations shown in the trailer and screenshots. But still it is not impossible considering that game developers often show staged screenshots and videos from their games before actual locations and/or features are fully developed. That might have been the case with Armalion. Besides, I don't see a reason for Bhatty to lie, so I'm inclined to believe him. By the way, that interview also has some very interesting info on Bhatty's plans for the expansion for Sacred. Those plans were later scrapped in favour of the Underworld campaign and Bhatty himself was removed from working on the game.
  4. Armalion Characters in Sacred

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I'm glad there are still people who are interested in the history of Sacred. I've been able to find some info on my question. There is another female mage as a crowd NPC in Braverock Castle in a cage in the market square and there are two more druids in the Underworld as quest NPC for quests Hunting Druids and Insect Blood for the Healer. On a side note, I've also found an interesting text regarding druids in the game text files. I do not remember it actually being used anywhere. Here it is: Does anyone know or have any guesses on where this text is used in the game and whether the site it refers to is an actual location?
  5. Hey everybody! Recently, I've been trying to learn more about Armalion content that was carried over to Sacred. If you do not know, Armalion is an unfinished game that was bought by Ascaron and was used as a base for Sacred. If you look at Armalion's playable characters, you will surely recognize that all of them were used in Sacred either as playable characters (Battle Mage, Wood Elf) or as enemies/NPC. At the moment, I'm trying to figure out how the Sacred developers used these characters. In particular, I'm interested in Female Mage, Male Elf and Male Druid. I know that Female Mage is Anya from Castle Mystdale, as well as one crowd NPC, also from Mystdale. Male Elf aka Elven Sorcerer can be found near Bellevue as a crowd NPC, in the Elven camp in Tyr-Hadar as a merchant, and as part of the Ilim Zhurag-Thalir quest as an enemy. Also this model was used for Wyn'gar Snakeblade in the quest "A Dish Eaten Cold". Druid seems to be present only in two locations: as a crowd NPC in Mystdale Castle and as a combo master in the Elven camp in Tyr-Hadar. What I wanted to ask is does anyone know whether these characters can be found in any other places in Sacred, other than in those that I've mentioned? Not counting texture swaps, of course, like all the male dark elves (who are basically texture swaps of the same model as the Elven Sorcerer) or Underworld dryad druids.
  6. Sacred External Data Transfer Protocol

    Thanks for the warm welcome, gogo!
  7. Sacred External Data Transfer Protocol

    Hey everybody! Sorry for bumping an old thread. Thorium, could you, please, provide a simple tutorial on how to use this and what it potentially could be used for?