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  1. Remove monster level cap from various areas?

    Hello! I know the policy about posting in a topic not used since ages on most forums and communities but for a single question I wouldn't like to create a new topic. I've just encountered this monster level cap in the unmodded game (usually I like exploring but somehow it never lasted long enough to outlevel the random monsters). On Gold now I'm more than 6 levels higher than any monsters I encounter, sometimes even with 10 levels. After searching a little I found the Wiki site and there was this region-based level cap. After more search I ended up at this topic. There is some question I would like to ask. Are you talking about the "Sacred 2 Gold\scripts\server\balance.txt" file? If I modify it, the changes will affect my already-existing character and save? Will it affect the LAN play, and of course have to be modified on all the PCs we run in our household? I hope this necroposting doesn't cause much trouble, hehe. P.S.: I know about the Community Patch and after a little search I found the removing of these caps in the changelog. I'm used it a long ago and I have no problem with that patch. But that was ages before and now we're playing on LAN and doesn't really modify the game.