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  1. In terms of the instruments, it's a flute, a harp and a lute that I know of.
  2. By the way, I see there it mentions "Split". Is that when the enemy become two with half life? What is the point of that, is it supposed to help or make it more difficult?
  3. Oh, okay thanks! I tried for about an hour to get there rambling about looking for either a boat or a portal
  4. Hey Everyone! There is a village right under Silver Creek, under the gladiator arena. I've noticed it with a few characters, but it seems one can't get to it? Is there a portal there? How do you get to it?
  5. I have a couple of musical instruments that I've picked up with my Seraphim that's now in platinum. Do these have any bonuses? I've seen with some characters you have figurines in your inventory and if you have all of them it gives you some kind of bonus.
  6. I just read another guide, but this time for a Seraphim and there it looks like the last skill is at level 50. I was quite sure on some battlemage builds they mention level 80... The main reason actually is that I don't have trading as a skill and was wondering how useful it is. Can you get green set items through merchants with that skill?
  7. Hi Everyone I was reading some of the guides and they mention picking a new skill at level 80. However, my Seraphim is now level 80, but no new skill... Is there any new skills after level 50? Z
  8. Oh, I just mean for example to take away Magic Lore as a strarting skill if you want do a melee build.
  9. Prism refers to the tool in that post that you linked. He says he uses it to take away default skills. This makes a lot of sense to me if you have a very specific build in mind.
  10. Well I can tell you that the immediate thing that this causes is I now want all 7 classes and play them at the same time so they level more or less the same haha. Of course the snag is you can only really exchange all the items at the end of each difficulty level. But I think that's fair anyway, makes more sense to start platinum after the 7-way exchange. Jeez, is there even such time in the universe!!? Edit: or even gold... 7 chars likely to give you some nice set items by the end of silver.
  11. Thanks!!! Sorry for all the questions, I have only one more. Do you know where to get the advanced configuration tool?
  12. Wow, thanks for this hint. When I start LAN, it gives an error something like "Code -20 cannot create log data message". Do you have any idea what causes it?
  13. Thanks! I've been reading the forum and it looks like here and there people still play Sacred 1 / Underworld. What is the best way of exchanging items between players (I.e., my toons)? I see you can do it with multiple instances on LAN, but I'm not sure if I want to use the Reborn mod rather than just playing Sacred 1 vanilla. Z
  14. Thanks. Do you guys also chat on IRC, or just posts?
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