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    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    So..after some testing and complete new installation of Win10 Sacred2 I&B 2.65.1 installed and playable Start the cm-enable will show the same error message as befor, but the installer runs through and don't interrupt with an error!! Sacred 2 run now with the CM160 One question to all the hints and tricks mentioned in the post above: What does it happend for the cm-enable if the s2gs.exe or sacred2.exe run as admin? The installer shows an issue ... Sacred2 itself run as expected. thx to all BR Herbert
  2. JollyRogers

    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    The only anti virus is win defender. The patcher terminats with the message attached. In fact, the physxExt.zip is not changed ... after the (not completed) patch procedure 10.210KB ...it should be after install the v160it 57KB During deinstall v160 the message below appeares...not found graphic25.zip Maybe this file will be installed with v160 That's why I think the patch is not completely installed.
  3. JollyRogers

    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Hi @all First of all....many thanks to all member of the CM-Patch team to hold alive my favorit game! Now I has to come with a issue that I see on my laptop. After a clean instalation of Sacred 2 + I&B 2.65.1 I want to install the v160patch (and yes the game was unlocked ) System: Laptop i7, 8GB Ram, Win10 When I start the installer...the message down appears! It was possible to procces the installer, but after some time the installer terminates with an error. The game starts with CM 160 but not with all changes. The de-installer remove the changes On my main PC, the installation of v160 was succesful Some advice in that case:) Thanks in advance BR