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  1. 2 minor bugs that I've encountered in game: a) small(weak) health potions do not stack moving between silver / gold (drop & pickup does not work) b) the grand inquisitor Nimonuil still does not show up in the last enemy list after kill.
  2. The elite scarab's AI in the desert area is still bugged. Once they've gained a hit on the player, you can move out of their melee range and they just sit in place and do not run after you. Hope this old bug will get patched sometime.
  3. My totem shoots normal bolts, no VFX.
  4. Map at Sethiaz in the swamp region indicates an active portal, but it is invisible. It nevertheless works.
  5. Did the Octagolamus(=Kraken) fight again in free play mode. (Im currently running through the game in campaign mode) Teleported out halfways through the fight to the start island and the battle music kept playing there. Teleported back to the respawn stone and the music stopped. Ran back to the kraken and the music resumed. Killed him and the music stopped this this time.
  6. Yeah, thought as much. Seems to be down below.
  7. No, reloading the game stop the loop.
  8. Yes, I does keep playing. I ran through the whole lava labyrinth to the human enclave and it kept playing even there and on the start island. I had to exit the game to stop it. Same happened at the Octagolamus fight.
  9. 1) The map at Ordaurcil dragon indicates a saving stone, but here is none. 2) boss fight music of Octagolamus & Ordaurcil (probably other boss fights as well) keeps playing even after teleporting back to the start island.
  10. Looking at old screenshots I have to admit that you are right. This issue just looks downright silly now.
  11. This is really weird stuff. After disabling the CM 0160 mod and re-enabling it again, the VFX issues are gone. The humans throw knives again and not fire projectiles and are hitting me too and the voodoo totem spits normal bolts. But there is something odd going on. When I had disabled the mod earlier today and returned to the start island, the human blacksmith and human vendor were stunted in size. That has not been the case before. I realizes that I never had any issues with dwarf sized humans in the game as far back as I remember! They have always been about the same size as the elves for me. This is so strange now.
  12. Just checked. Yes, they hit without the mod.
  13. 2 further issues with the patch noticed: 1) elven guards spawning in the human territory at the inn next to the wall 2) the human NPC knife throwers (note thewrong fire projectile VFX) do not hit at all. According to the info panel the NPC should have a hit chance of 32% on me, but I stood there and let him attack me abt. 20 times and ALL his knife throws were passing over my head. This may indicate some problems with the increase in size of the humans rendering their aim now off target.
  14. The Voodoo-Totem still shoots the fire projectiles, so nothing has changed with the bugged VFX, I guess.