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  1. Understandable, but it's really painful to see how the chests deal out only trash items.
  2. Is it possible to drop legendaries directly from a chest as a quest reward? Thought that would work only from NPCs. Nevertheless, the 'Widow Maker' would seem appropriate for a pirate treasure chest, but that's for the SW only. So I'd suggest either '(Jolly) Roger's Raving Razor' or the 'Impenetrable Protector' for more general use. If they don't drop from another quest line already, that is.
  3. It's from the Wicked Witch of the West musical.
  4. Btw, I've been doing the Legendary Pirate Treasure quest in the hidden pirate cove on the Gold Coast lately and it has bugged me once again, that this quest doesn't drop a legendary item. Perhaps you could rework this quest to drop one, maybe be putting a mini boss fight there (preferably with a souped up giant rat guarding it).
  5. Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose...
  6. Would that be the matter why shieids on an Inquisitor are not being displayed in the main menu, while he can wear them in (S2EE) game ?
  7. Quite a sublime guardian. this. She somehow undressed after the Gar Colossus. Must have gotten a little hot.
  8. I've currently tinkered with Pelting Strikes a bit further: To make the mods of this CA more consistent and meaningful in choice, at least in my opinion, I've put the chance for critical hits onto the silver mod and opposed it with a likewise chance for sure hits. The debuff of enemy phys armor I've put onto the gold mod and opposed that with the debuff of enemy defense values (EVW). For this, the cooldown regen of the spell had to go, as I always felt that the cooldown regen on any attack skill is rather a placeholder. I'd rather change the cooldown regen on the Battle Stance, so that if you skilled BS as a buff, it would regen the cooldown of all Exalted Warrior aspects and not only BS. I have been thinking about an actual cooldown regen for literally all hero CAs, as this would synergise nicely with its 'Idol' mod, but that's prob rather impossible to balance, I guess.
  9. I love the new 'Bruzzelmeister' (Flamethrower-Sentinel). Ancaria is going to burn!
  10. Since you're asking, I'd have a proposal as to Smithing but I'm not entirely sure if it's possiblw to do in the game: I'd like to see it restored to the former/higher values but you can't unforged(remove) items unless you have skilled Smithing. P.S.: if you feel like you've got too much time on your hands, I'd also propose a buff to the Nature Magic aspect of the Drayad. Remove Goldengelade Touch and create a Walking Tree companion (a smaller ones similar to the Xmas trees) with high phys dmg / stun / slow chance and maybe a heal as well as replacement for the removed Godenglade Touch. It should be 'buffable' too, I think. Just my 2 cents ...
  11. I've been testing this with values 1000, 0, 1, 8 and upon close look it seems that two "streams" of projectiles are going out and I've also seen the projectile jump to another NPC when the first target was done, pretty much like the double shot of the dryad does. When the double shot hits it really shreds, a bit akin to the Barrage skill in Path of Exile.
  12. P.S. would you consider to add entry5 = {"et_missile_count", 200, 0, 1, 8 }, to the first bronze mod (% chance for double melee hit) of Pelting Strikes, to make this mod usabla for a Bow Seraphin too?
  13. You could translate it if you wamt to into 'pro Stufe' but you simply don't. 'per' being latin is just as fine in German and 'level' has been germanized.
  14. Following the Addendum thread on attribute/CA skill points I wonder, if in the next patch the 'Ancaria Airlines' quest should be modified to give attribute points only. The additional CA skill point(s) seem op to me and also easily cheesed in game by mode switching.
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