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  1. I assume you mean magic staves, then yes and no. The double attack works for the melee part but not for the shooting part. Afaik, Flix has only added a chance for addittional projectiles to the double attack mods for the Seraphim's 'Pelting Strikes' and the Temple Guardian's 'Battle Extension' in his latest S2EE v3.0
  2. One thing I noticed again during testing with the Inquisitior is that the facial speech animation in conversations is missing. Is it really not implemented or simply bugged?
  3. Does the T-mutation act like a CA, I.e would the tokens 'et_summon_level / et_summon_mylevel' work with mutated creatures?
  4. I was indeed thinking of fooling around a bit with such a feature if possible. I have been looking at the T-energy variants of chars but I havent found a possiblity to raise their spawn level. I wonder though, how NPC enemies do it when spwaning their adds.
  5. Just curious, is it possible to get T-mutants have raised a level after their mutations?
  6. Thanks for your input, I have posted that just to raise a bit of a discussion to see if others might think along the same lines about 'Goldenglade Touch' as I, I.e. that it currently needs a bit of additional work. I have referenced the 200 rune level on a theoretical base only, as I'm aware that for all practical purposes you'd rather end up at abt. 65% chance of stun reflect (2 out of 3) which seems fine for me, considering that it isn't the main purpose of GT. The willpower boost is why I choose it as a non-detrimental effect, as you correctly noticed. Contrary to you though,
  7. After playing around with various chars, I've recently returned to my personal fav the dryad. I like the changes from 2.4 (and 3.0) so far, but I'm still kind of dissatisfied with 'Goldenglade Touch'. It seems somewhat 'meh' in comparison to most other skills and I've been looking into ways improve it. Therefore I'd suggest to add "et_chance_reflect_stun" to the base skill at 25% or 30% chance and increase it by 0.3% (3) per rune level. That way you'd end up with 85% or 90% stun immunity at rune level 200, which should be a good incentive to invest into this skill. I a
  8. I've also uploaded a corrected german AppendBonus.csv file now, as it contained 2 further errors. Here's the Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GJt1NMkcXRv--99FmB50mwnnJzAcCnDE/view?usp=sharing
  9. Btw, renaming the file to just S2rw.exe (from S2rw.v1.7.exe) solved the issue. Seems Windows Defender all of a sudden got a bit finicky with file names after the last heuristics update.
  10. Updated the files. Seems to have been the only ocurrance of a missing bracket. Changed 2 other strings I found from <BR> to <br> as I dont know if the parser may stumble on those.
  11. I had that issue too in the inventory. After I picking up a 2H lightsabre with my newly 3.0 created temple guardian, when I clicked on a ring and a bow in the inventory, both played the lightsabre sound. Maybe I messed up something during the update even though I did it by the book. Hadn't come across that issue again since. P.S. the temple guardian was a 3.0 creation and it happened playing it with the 3.0a update.
  12. I jsut nocticed upon getting to Hugard on the Mount Island that there is an error in the below string resource. the closing bracket after the first "Mir egal!<br><br>" was missing. As I have not touched that resource, it probably was missing there already. P.S. I've just looked into the german global.res provided with S2EE v3.0 from 9th Dec. 2020 and the bracket is missing there too. P.P.S Win10 just now decided that the S2rw.exe contains a virus. Damn it. 4196750956 Ok, du würdig. Kannst Tier kaufen! Aber nicht jetz
  13. Sorry to be imprecise. I meant the I took the globals.res after installing S2Core and Alt. Spells mod. I think I made changes to abt. 1800 strings of abt. 55,000 strings in total, so I guess it would be easier to include the alterations into the general file.
  14. It was made for S2Core + Alt. Spells
  15. I have uploaded the corrected version of the german Itemnames.csv to Google Drive. Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RSETPY8d6wYg_QbmMUBXRsnuG8C8jUCE/view?usp=sharing After some brief play testing with all 7 chars I have also made some minor chnages to the german global.res as to skills/mods description, I.e. changing 'Blizzard' into 'Schneesturm', 'Skelettturm' into 'Knochenturm' and 'Tornado' into 'Wirbelwind' to be consistent and did some minor changes to the wording of others. Most notably I changed the english button names 'Single Player', 'Multiplayer', 'Speci
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