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  1. The high elf archers are definitely used in that injured soldier quest near Sloeford to the Happy Cows farm, where you have to choose your companion to either wield a sword or a bow.
  2. How about: Captain Bluestone, pirate.
  3. Not being a native speaker, but I think the grammatically fully correct version would be Bluestone Pirates' Captain?
  4. I did some further testing with the rank id in the drop list, but the results are inconsistent. Even though I had 'rank confined' the 1h energy pistols of drop list id = 1432 to the Garema_warrior_elite and deleted that drop list from the 'drop all weapons' lists id = 1452 (and neither of those are included in any drop pattern as well), I still got sporadic drops of them from other NPC enemies. This could mean two things: a) there are other intrinsic methods that rule the drops b) the rank id may have been intended to be used in such a way but was disregarded for reasons unknown. The latter one seems to to be the more likely one, as already suspected. Apparently the said 'dangerclass' may be the only one to go for, when trying to get some grip on drops, albeit only in quests as it would seem.
  5. Yes, I have seen these quest types. But I'm rather thinking of 'hidden' quests that would use the releasestage = 22 (aka. no quest giver) like the silent boss spawn quests do, to have an NPC enemy, let's say a Demon Lord, spawn when the player enters a certain area. These quests would have to be extended to a include a quest kill of said spawn and would be used to trigger a quest from some other NPC in the (wider) area. The spawn quest itself would remain silent or would only showdlogonwin as "Somebody liked that!" but otherwise left the player in the dark until he/she stumbles upon the said NPC in the area.
  6. @FlixSeems that releasestage = 26 (= 11010) does the trick and allows the quest in SC and MP mode (and in Softcore and Hardcore as well) but not in Free Play. To elaborate a bit from what I've been able to deduce so far: The original releasestage was 30 (= 11110) which seems to translate into allow all modes. The 1st bit (stating from the right) appreas to be the flag for SP/MP mode, 0 = allows MP and 1 = disallows MP (SP mode only) The 2nd bit toggles SC/HC modes, 0 = no HC mode, 1 = HC mode allowed The 3rd bit toggles 'Free Play', 0 = no Free Play, 1 = Free Play allowed The 4th bit does ? - both above mentioned quests have that flag turned on (releasestage 8 = 01000), which would mean that the quests are possibe in SP/MP mode, but not in HC mode and only in Campaign mode, If anyone has further info on the prerequistes of these 2 quests, then we might be able to deduce the meaning of the 4th bit. Lastly, the leftmost (5th) bit - this bit seems to be turned on for all modes quest, see above and boss quests (releasestage 22 = 10110) bit not for the characters class quests (releasestage 11 = 01011) which might have to doe with PvP mode. The are also a lot of quests with releasestage = 0, which I think is the default setting for 'ignore all flags'. Add1: yep, the 5th (leftmost bit) seems to be the toggle for PvP mode as suspected. Tested this wth my MP/HC Dryad in MP PvP mode and releasestage 10 ( = 01010) and the quest does not appear, as to releasestage 26 (= 11010) where the quest appears. So releasestage = 10 seems to be the more 'natural' for quest that you dont want to have in MP Free Play & PvP modes. That then leaves only the 'mystery' of the 4th bit. Add2: further testing seems to indicate that the 4th bit is related to a quest giver showing up. If I set this quest releasestage to 2 (= 00010) or 18 (=10010) or 22 (=10110) then the quest giver does not show up. This does not seem to be related to the 'silent=0/1' parameter of the quest, which I think only toggles log entries on/off. Makes we wonder if it would be possible to have quests triggered just by entering a certain location.
  7. I know, but I haven't done testing all the possible flags yet and I would prefer not having it in MP rather than not having it in HC mode in. I suppose you want to have the quest in MP but only in Campaign mode to avoid possible cheating? Btw, what were the prerequisites for the 'Panem et Circenses' and '7 Rainy Days' quests? Were they Campaign only? My memory is failing me here.
  8. I have been fiddling with this quest and the releasestage, testing on 4 fresh Dryads = 2x SinglePlayer (SC+HC) + 2x MultiPlayer (SC+HC) Releasestage = 31 (aka. full flags) removed the quest from both MultiPlayer instances but kept it on both SinglePlayer instances. Haven't tried Releasestage = 9 (aka. 1001) yet.
  9. It seems that droplist for all weaposn (id=1425) did actually override the 1h energy pistol droplist as I had suspected, because I encountered an epistol drop from a normal goblin warrior. So I deleted the 1h energy pistol droplist form that all weapon droplist and also switched to rank = 8 which seems to be solely assigned to "Barb_garema_officer_elite" (itemtype id = 9644) as they are more easy to farm than the goblin shamans. I also 'upped' the weighted probabilties of the 1h energy pistols to 1 and did about an 1/2 hour run through he southern jungle. I had a 1h epistol drop here: While arguably this could have dropped from a panther or a normal Garema warrior that I had killed on that spot, I doubt it, as I had no other char drop an epistol. This is far from being evidence, but I think it points into the direction that the monster ranks in creatures.txt maybe related to the ranks in the droplists. Futher extensive testing would be required though, to prove this.
  10. I'm going to test this for a bit. I've set the 1h energy pistols (droplist = 1432) to rank =7, which in creatures.txt is only associated to id=924 "Goblin_officer_blue" (itemtype = 8060 / goblin shaman), so in theory 1h energy pistols should now only drop from them. I don't know if this is overridden by the drop_weapon_all doplist (id =1452) with rank = 0 though, where the 1h pistol droplist is included. So far I haven't seen them drop anywhere, but these pistols don't exactly drop like rain even with 60 points into Enhanced Perception.
  11. Is this intended or is there something wrong with the energy shield absorption roll on blowpipes?
  12. Question: does the 'rank' parameter in droplists refer to the the 'rank' parameter in creatures.txt? I see that all droplists seem to have rank = 0, except for one shield droptest with rank = 1, so I gess some thought has gone into that already?
  13. Yes, it does happen with completely fresh chars in 2.4, no matter whether SP or MP chars btw.
  14. The Graverobbers quest in the desert seems borked, I have started the quest by running by and then disposing of all the robbers, but there is no way to hand in the quest for reward (quest giver/finisher doesn't seem to spawn) and now I'm stuck with an escort. Ok, forget it. It's just another case of a failed NPC spawn. The last robber turned up once I logged out/in and went back to the place.
  15. I remember I had briefly looked at them. Weren't they related to 'easteregg' drops like the fruit basket?
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