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  1. A few more wrong ones I've found recently. more_s2gs_log.txt
  2. I hardly see any new ones, it seems to peter out. more_s2gs_log.txt
  3. The next dose. more_s2gs_log.txt
  4. Just a few more entries from the log. more_s2gs_log.txt
  5. Some goblins have paid a visit to the desert tribes, it seems. more_s2gs_log.txt
  6. Some more, seen enclosed. Seemes that the rabbit cultists cant wear their chests too. more_s2gs_log.txt
  7. TRIGGER: ENTER!cEventCreate::_handleUserData() getSignature(bpid=1394 equipTgt=1 slot=0) failed (creatureRef=2361 type=8 063)! cEventCreate::_handleUserData() getSignature(bpid=1394 equipTgt=1 slot=0) failed (creatureRef=2411 type=7561)! Blueprint ID = 1394 Name="EMPTY" What's that? A dummy ressource?
  8. I dont think we had these already, see encl. more_s2gs_log.txt
  9. A 'few' more errors & mismatches from a swamp run. May contain doubles. more_s2gs_log.txt
  10. Just a few more equiment errors, see attachment. (why should a Dryad be able to equip wings or a battery ?) more_s2gs_log.txt
  11. Some further error msgs I noticed, see encl. more_s2gs_log.txt
  12. Enclosed please find the gameserver message log when entering & leaving the standalone server with my char. There maybe be further errors hidden in the game. I'll try topost them when I see them during gameplay. s2gs_log.txt
  13. I#m not using the Gen Mod Enabler nor am I running any other mods. Just the I&B Addon and the CMP0160.
  14. Oh, there seems to be a misunderstanding. The game runs alright for me, but I notice error messages in the log when I enter the stand-alone server. Seems to me that some resources are missing or having a wrong path or denomination. This may lead to server crashes when these resources are being called upon.
  15. Nope, I'm running the GOG version.