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  1. I did use Notepad++ as well for editing with the DSpellchecker plugin (Hunspell dict). P.S.: I have reuploaded both files UTF-8 encoded, as I just noticed on my Linux system that the globalDe_texts file was encoded in UTF-16 (hence the large size) which may lead to problems with some text editors.
  2. I have just finished the 2nd pass of the global.res and uploaded the changed files. I have corrected the resource IDs that I messed up and applied some further corrections that I found in the 2nd go. This includes changes of names for 'Maegalcarwen' and 2 further names: 'Dulcinea' from the Lost Ogre quest is now named 'Dulcamara' as there is already the dead cow called 'Dulcinea' I also renamed the Ogre shaman 'Bartislartfass' from the goblin sinews quest to 'Slartifartbass' as there is already a mage called 'Barti Slartfass' in the Undead Legion quest. Anyone who does
  3. Noted. I intend to change Megalcarwen to Maegalcarwen in the resources as well. On a quick scroll-through yesterday I've noticed that I've managed to screw up a few resource IDs, so please dont use the this global.res yet. I have currently started a 2nd run where I will correct those too.
  4. Nevermind that, I'm most probably going to do a second passtrough anyways.
  5. I'm finally done going through de german localized global.res file. It took me a bit longer than I expected as I decided to apply corrections to all the string resources, even if they are only used to trigger the dialogue text, as Flix has pointed out earlier. Otherwise the correction list would be less than half as long, but I feel more comfortable with having done so. I have tried to be as consistent as possible with the corrections, but that wasn't an easy task as even the devs weren't consistent with their spellings for main denominations like Artamark (found: Artamak, Atam
  6. Thanks! Yes, there is a historical german military idiom (WWI) called 'Katze' which is just as you described it. Strangely, the aforementioned 'portal cat' has been named 'Portal-Kater' in german.
  7. I'm seeing them in the german global.res being named 'Portkatze' (=portcat or port cat) by the dozen and I'm just wondering what it's all about, because the german translation doen't make much sense.
  8. Btw, can somebody enlighten me about all those 'portcats'. I'm not aware of them. Is this a pun or joke I'm not getting or are they really of feline persuasion?
  9. Btw, it was noticed in the german forum that the globel.res (DE_de) needs a correction to: 1247205589 Kaleidoskopischer Evangelist (from Kaleidoskpischer Evangelist) P.S.: in fact it needs a lot more corrections. I'm currently working on them.
  10. Having some spare time, I'm currently combing thru the german (DE_de) global.res with my wordprocessor and dictionary. While doing so, I noticed the below text lines about the Garganthrod (scorpion king) in english. Have these lines been added in the S2EE versions? 0450013763 That won't be a problem for me, either. 0450013768 I always wanted to see if scorpions are immune to their own poison. 0450014207 I know all about awful creatures. 0450014329 I have defeated Earth Elementals, Trolls, and Dragons. That scorpion I'll crush under one sandal, no matter how big it is! 0450
  11. It has been noticed by a user of the german Sacred Legends forum, that the energy pistols do not work properly with the TG. I tried them myself and it seems that the weapon fx is placed wrongly as the projectiles hit the ground below the TG.
  12. Yep true, her pelvis isn't there too::
  13. The Undead (Dark) Seraphim in game has issues with the head texture reskin:
  14. Ok, thanks. So its hardcoded, good to know.
  15. P.S. I also noticed that you increased the health potion cooldown to 7 secs. so that spamming potions now only gives approx. 15% of the full amount I/o of 20% previously. But the dot damage still only ticks 5 times (value=500). I would suggest to extend the dot ticks likewise and reduce the dot damage per tick accordingly so that the health potion cooldown is in line with the dot ticks once again. P.P.S: I still enjoy blowing up the bulbs!
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