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  1. kevin.ryan00

    The Queen of Blades

    Hey whats up man im liking the build... got quick questions tho.. your suggestion of how many points into each skill and what levels they need to be mastered:) example what 3 skills by 75 2 more skils by 100-110 ish can u tell me what skills u suggest and how many points to put into the other skills. thanks for your help #Sacred 2-360 MirC xbox trading channel (gamesurge 6777)
  2. kevin.ryan00

    MirC Channel For Xbox 360 Sacred 2 Trading

    Thanks. We need people to idle the channel to get it started. Every person helps! thanks again and hope we can get this started and it will be big one day!
  3. Hey all, I am starting an MirC channel for Sacred 2 MirC for English speaking people lol. The channel name is #Sacred 2-360 This channel will be used for trading purposes just like Diablo 2 trade channels. This will help so you don't need to join every game and ask for items. It will save you a lot of time looking for set or unique items! Many other people are looking for items just like you start trading in channel #Sacred 2-360! The server is irc.gamesurge.net (6667)
  4. kevin.ryan00

    Eye of the Storm: a Hybrid Inquisitor Build

    Hey im interested in what attributes to get.. I like the build and im goin to try it out so let me know