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  1. Methatronc

    New Steam Grid Pictures

    Indeed! Actually, to be more specific, it is the dark High Elf, with fierce control over minds and a strong will to dominate all life. Kinda related to the great eye, for lotr fans I personally prefer the high elf, for we shouldn't disrupt the sleep of the ones that are already dead and the shadow warrior has been awoken! Never a good thing^^ By the way I found the page of the said Jinx who made the pictures I shared below the one I edited. You can see his work here: http://steam.cryotank.net/?p=1580 He does a lot of other games too! Have a good day!
  2. Methatronc

    New Steam Grid Pictures

    Hi everybody ! For all those who are using the grid interface with steam, maybe, just like me, you'd like to change the pictures shown. In order to do that, just right click on your game and choose "Set Custom Image" with an image of your preference,( 460x215 only however). And here are some pictures I "made",( just a simple editing thanks to sacred wiki pictures): And others I found on the web, related to a certain Jinx but the page looks deleted so at least it won't go lost^^ And don't hesitate to share your own personal picture if you'd like, so that we could all have a wider choice^^ Good day to you all !
  3. Indeed it would be! Thanks for the idea, I was afraid that enabling it after creating a character would damage the save but you don't seem to have that impression, so thanks again Have a good weekend^^
  4. Hi! I wonder, could it be possible to generate a character with some cloths on to begin with? So that the said fancy lady doesn't catch a cold^^ Thanks!
  5. Methatronc

    Sweet old nostalgia

    I didn't even knew it was possible! I am installing it as I speak Thanks to you, for your shared knowledge once again!
  6. Methatronc

    Sweet old nostalgia

    Hello everyone, First of, I want to say how much I appreciate and most certainly underestimate the work done in order to achieve the community patch. However, I do enjoy some of the old ambiences, such as the logo that we can see when we start the game, or the one in the upper left corner of the main menu. Therefore, I would like to help those, here, who would like to find these back. Here are a few screenshots to see what to expect once it is done, as for the main menu and for the loading screen. In order to make it works, real simple, just download the 1.zip and 2.zip. Then unzip the 1.zip, you will have a folder to be put in "...\Sacred 2 Gold\pak". If there already is a "data" folder, just past the "outgame" folder inside "data". Same if there already is a "outgame" folder, then just paste the three files in it. Finally unzip 2.zip, you will have a file to be put in your "...\Sacred 2 Gold\system". Logically, windows should prompt a "would you like to overwrite" kind of message, say yes : you want the file in the 2.zip to overwrite the one in your folder. That's all folks ! Hope you enjoy, and have a great day. See you back in Ancaria 2.7z 1.7z
  7. Methatronc

    [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    @Flix Thanks so much for this release, I discover a whole new Ancaria thanks to you, many hours to be spent on my desk most certainly !
  8. Methatronc

    [Solved] Crash "one on three"

    After a short talk with the microsoft support, it appears that you were right, I will delete the picture I posted earlier as someone might misunderstand it, the way I did. Indeed, windows 10 doesn't erases temp files after shutdown, only earlier releases used to do that. Thanks a lot for your detailed answer, I never tried to close background software such as CCleaner, so there is a chance of making it work! And as you said I won't touch the temp folder, as it might make my whole system crashes. Thanks again and have a good day ! [Edit: @rm3000 You were right!! It's finally working, the issue was with the background softwares,( here, CCleaner), that I had to close so that they wouldn't be using a process that was preventing Sacred 2 from loading, so thanks again!! ]
  9. Methatronc

    [Solved] Crash "one on three"

    @rm3000 I skipped that part... Thanks for that, I only saw the last update, which was in 2017, and I thought that it would be windows 10 related. I will see with them how about current software, thanks again.
  10. Methatronc

    [Solved] Crash "one on three"

    Indeed, as mad as we all are ^^
  11. Methatronc

    [Solved] Crash "one on three"

    @Androdion So the answer is, according to someone who knows about it apparently : < It means that the temporary files the system itself (Windows 10 OS) creates in some cases (not all) will be deleted. So, whatever this software is, if it is creating its own temp files - Microsoft/Windows could care less and actually doesn't even know they are actually temporary files and will not touch them.> [Edit: Apparently, the said expert wasn't one, and such files aren't deleted] So no reason to blame windows for this, no worry though, as the only inconvenience is kill the process twice before being able to tun it, I'll do it ^^ @Hooyaah À la bonne votre!! Cheers mate! “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” I'm glad you've decided to help others with the said time ^^
  12. Methatronc

    [Solved] Crash "one on three"

    @Androdion I will ask microsoft for that and return with an answer @Hooyaah Thanks for the tips! These are mainly already in place but we never know right? ^^ I try and if it works, champagne
  13. I also love the alternate mod particularly ! Thanks a lot to the team behind it And for those who are using the Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition 2.0 I had the confirmation,( PM me if I shouldn't say it here), that the "creatureinfo.txt" has to be overwritten by the mod!
  14. Methatronc

    [Solved] Crash "one on three"

    According to microsoft website, these files are always deleted every time the computer is shut down, could that be the issue? [Edit: Windows 10 doesn't erases temp files] And indeed when I launch it just afterward the successful third time, or the 4th or even the 5th, it works!
  15. Methatronc

    [Solved] Crash "one on three"

    Certainly a bad idea yes!! Though I never kill svchost, only sacred2.exe, and it's working on the third time, never the first :/