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  1. Thank you for keeping the mod updated ! Have a great day
  2. And of course the way people talk to you ;)
  3. I see your point If we were to put back the context of Ancaria, you'd rather remove the opportunity to use a power judged too great, even though it would diminish your chances to win, than using it even for a good cause.Thank you for offering these arguments !
  4. You described well the choice that is offered, yet the consequences of that choice is to be considered as well : if I keep going with the HP universe ( I'm somewhat of a potterhead myself so I don't mind ^^ ) you could see the problem : say Voldemort is alive and you could use the wand to destroy him, wouldn't you do it ? Wouldn't it be moral to do so ? Here it's exactly the same : an entity ( Lumen, a potential dictator ) might come back if you help unite the people of Ancaria, and if you don't have the power to defeat him that could end in enslavement ! But if, for a greater good, you take the power of the energy-T to take Lumen down ( say it is possible - because if with it you can't take him down, without there's not much chance to win ) then you act for free will and liberty, don't you agree ?
  5. Hi everyone, Usually, I choose the "good" way with characters, some might say it's boring but I like it, and anyway that's not the question here : in fact I wondered if the "good" way really was good.. Let me explain : if you go through with the good main quest, then you will help neutralize the side effect of the energy-T ( more or less, I oversimplify to avoid spoilers ) and help bring peace in Ancaria. Therefore, you contribute to unite the different nations in Ancaria, and by doing so might accelerate the time when Lumen should come back,( since he left and said he would only come back once all Ancaria is united). And speeding things up to the point where we are under the dominion of an entity is far from good wouldn't you say? And in the other han, the bad main quest grants you powers beyond imagination, maybe enough to end god's dominion over all kind and bring back free will ? So what would you say is really the good and the bad side here? ( if we elude the inquisition's torture and all these stuff, and we just talk about the big picture )
  6. Thank you so much! I hope that didn't took too much of your time ^^ Now I can summon a reaper at will, that's so cool 😁 Have a great day!
  7. Thanks so much for your response, I hope there's indeed a little trick to switch the skin, ( just for me or those interested, I don't intend on changing the skin for everybody ^^ , just knowing where to look and what to change to switch the skin would be perfect!). And thanks also for the tip, I didn't know that they leveled up this way, I always believed they leveled up with the character x)
  8. Hello and many thanks for this mod Flix ! You were very kind a few days ago when we talked about your other mod for changing the main menu, so I hoped you wouldn't mind another question ^^ Actually, I love these changes you made here, at the exception of the skin of the Harbinger of Death, which looks like a succube,( more like a sexual puppet than a real warrior for a demonic conjurer wouldn't you say?). I do however like the Vile Lancer skin in the Diablo 2 Fallan Angel,( that I put below in case you forgot what she looked like). She really looks like a fallen angel with those red wings and a scythe, do you think it is possible to switch the skins ? If so could you tell me how to do so ? And by the way this CA is only making the recharge time getting bigger and bigger as its level rises, no good point in spending runes in it, so I don't understand the point in upgrading this CA,( not talking about the three possibles upgrades but the runes spent). Thanks a lot in advance !
  9. Thank you for your fast response !
  10. I would love to see that one day !
  11. Hello Flix ! First thank you for this mod, I really like the vanilla version that I tried today. I noticed however that the logo you have is the vanilla though mine is the CM one, the background is perfect, here is juste the icon that doesn't change.. Would you have an idea for changing that please ? Thanks in advance !
  12. Thank you gogoblender ! Indeed it would be pretty cool, let's open ARE ! ( Ancaria Real Estate ;) ) I hope someone could have such knowledge around here though ^^
  13. Hi everyone, I wondered if it could be possible to create a mod that would make us a home somewhere in the map ? At first a simple home for everyone, then maybe a home according to whether you play a mage or a dark warrior for instance ! I'm not sure it is doable since I know nothing about modding.. If someone has such knowledge thanks for sharing it As a french player I could do the translation part if needed, and help if no special qualification is required with pleasure. Thanks in advance !
  14. Indeed! Actually, to be more specific, it is the dark High Elf, with fierce control over minds and a strong will to dominate all life. Kinda related to the great eye, for lotr fans I personally prefer the high elf, for we shouldn't disrupt the sleep of the ones that are already dead and the shadow warrior has been awoken! Never a good thing^^ By the way I found the page of the said Jinx who made the pictures I shared below the one I edited. You can see his work here: http://steam.cryotank.net/?p=1580 He does a lot of other games too! Have a good day!
  15. Hi everybody ! For all those who are using the grid interface with steam, maybe, just like me, you'd like to change the pictures shown. In order to do that, just right click on your game and choose "Set Custom Image" with an image of your preference,( 460x215 only however). And here are some pictures I "made",( just a simple editing thanks to sacred wiki pictures): And others I found on the web, related to a certain Jinx but the page looks deleted so at least it won't go lost^^ And don't hesitate to share your own personal picture if you'd like, so that we could all have a wider choice^^ Good day to you all !
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