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  1. Lony

    Continue with 3 words only

    Merry Christmas all.
  2. Lony

    [REL] Diablo 2 Fallen

    Any update for the new 1.60 patch here ?
  3. Ravaged stay single all 4 arrow target the same mob, lowering each arrow dps for the same amount of damage. The change will only be for skill "visual and feeling" but not to boost purpose and make it overpowered ^^ Because the skill feeling not so epic imo only with 1 base arrow , don't feel like we use a skill, it's the same visual as auto attack .
  4. Ohhhh bad ; sad T_T You rock man ^^ DO these change are updated now ? Please can you do the same change you made for frenzied Rampage numbers projectiles for Dryad Ravaged impact for 4 total projectiles ? ( 2 base + 2 with the gold modifier) and adjusting the dmg of course . I feel like this skill need better visual impact instead of this lonely arrow and more relevant sound effect.The close combat version need a tweak too . I remember the wood elf in sacred 1 had a arrow skill that make enemy explode when slain , it was very nice , it miss me
  5. I found micromanagement for rune stack annoying; the idea is very good but we can't ctrl + left click them for autoplacement from player inventory to stash , it is possible to get a fix for this ?
  6. Oooops my bad I mean 2 extra modifier for skill for a total of 8 ( +1 in each line) Also can we enjoy more rune skill 5 extra for 10 total different skill by aspect ? I feel like sacred 1 had more skill in my memory
  7. Any plan to update them ? I checked and admin compatibilty was not checked, so do I need to check ?
  8. Lony

    Notes on various txt files

    It is possible to tweak some CA with the text file ? HU!.. example of one coming in my mind, ad 2 extra arrow for Darting Assault of the Dryad ?
  9. I just installed 1.60 with the cm enabler , firstly I got a litle error "registery key doesn't exist" but the patcher worked anyway and now I'm in game and all seem ok, for now ^^
  10. You don't get me , in first page you said, "play it with other mod enable" it not recommended since it still a beta test ; so now can we use other mod along side 1.60 ? Like Enhanced spell ?
  11. SO it is the final version ?no beta anymore ? Can we play this with mod now ? It's alway not recommended ? Thank
  12. Thank you for hard work , a lot of improvement. Any plan to add more combat art and modification for each aspect, like 1 or 2 more combat art and 2 more modification for a total of 5 customization per rune ? I feel like game is a little short of it and need more.
  13. Lony


    Ok nice, we can play multiplayer with hamachi or tuungle , thank