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  1. Its just the first 3 potions you get from the chest when you start a new game that wont stack, not realy a big deal, try progressing through the game I think every other healing potion will stack to 99.
  2. Anyway didnt have a single bug or crash during my playthrough, graphics are all maxed, physics on, 4x AA, elite textures, patch works extremly well
  3. My bad I haven't played in a while, forgot I had survival mod instaled while I was playing cm 1.50, disabled it, the dragon appeared again as a boss now.
  4. I dont know if this is a bug or not but the restored dragon in T energy fields appeared as a normal non boss creature to me, took him out in 3 or 4 hits.. xD
  5. Thank you for replying, I needed to know which mod should I use for higher difficulty, since without any its a bit too easy, reading the info for challenge mod, looks good, looking forward trying it when it becomes available for cm 1.60 along with enchanced spells. All the best!
  6. Hello, first I'd like to thank everyone who is working on this wonderfull project for one of my favorite game. Now, im reading on forum that all the mods will need to be updated in order to work with cm 1.60, currently im using surival mod with cm 1.50, any plans on updating Survival Mod, or will the Challenge Mod(the one that comes and is compatible with enchanced spells) replace it, and be part of the new and upcoming Sacred 2 Enchanced Edition? Thanks
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