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  1. It's a mystery for me : many people are talking about how Diablo 2 needs only a cosmetic remastering, for me this game is long outdated(in many aspects) and will never return at my desktop! Sacred 2 still remains best ARPG all-around, even though I don't like so many things in it, and yet...all new ARPGS have the same fate : installed-some time has passed - uninstalled. So many times I have tried to return into Diablo3, even more times I have tried to like Grim Dawn, I like so much destruction and gore in games and yet it did not "save" martyr in my eyes - what's wrong with modern games, where is a bomb like Diablo 2 was at it's moment of glory...it seems so easy : just invest some money and find talented artists/animators/designers for a project like Chronicon... but, nah, no luck
  2. I am just shocked as how can a person be so devoted that he can spent so many time on such a menial task - to put it briefly, I have simply no words at all! I have run around several merchants, and...guess what, all images are looking like they were originally created by the developers! Amazingly stunning work!
  3. "xml fix for merchant" - not a merchant, but a mage who is dabbling in combo runes
  4. In this case, and, since "longer names risk being cut off when displayed in the Last Opponent Window", just CBP. Who knows, maybe he is a cop disguised as a pirate
  5. And I would interpret "Bluestone pirate captain" like a pirate captain from the town named Bluestone, while "Bluestone Pirates captain" sounds for me more like a head of the "Bluestone Pirates" gang
  6. I am too lazy to make any real tests, however I am using this thingy for dual wielding : one strongest weapon is always the same with phys mods and the other is constantly changing depending on which elemental damage mod is the most effective in a current situation. Maybe, this is how it was intended in the first place?
  7. Oh, my! This makes sacred looking like baldur's gate! what a deceit!
  8. A good day to you, sir! Nah, we can't and you really should not! In the accordance with your message I have made a conclusion that you are into story driven and/or games with a solid gameplay. Sorry to disappoint, but both things are sacred weaknesses! Won't say much about sacred 1, since I consider it outdated and much weaker in many regards, but Sacred 2 is all about atmosphere, world design and art. IMHO, all of these is very important for ARPG, since no matter how good a game is, it's very repetitive in its nature, there should be something for a sore eye. "meaningless exploration, no teleportation" - but traveling and sightseeing are the best parts of this game! Consider sacred like a dessert, which you should not eat too much and which should be savored slowly and pensively While you are looking for a beef to quickly sate your hunger! None of the mentioned titles can give you sacred feeling, neither sacred can replace any of them. All are ARPGs and yet they are so different. C'est la vie
  9. Probably, he should have attended a swordsmanship school alongside with Jubei
  10. Well, actually, Jubei Yagyu is a real historical person, probably quite popular in Japan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yagyū_Jūbei_Mitsuyoshi
  11. I was never into fighting games, especially I was never able to get into MK, but I have remebered samurai shodown 4 quite well ,due to its outstanding characters, most of all Ukyo and...Jubei(who was looking like a bandit or Ronin from a very great game Battle Realms)!
  12. "As with Haomarush, Genjuros, and Khanzo, Jubei'Thos is named after a character from the Samurai Shodown fighting game series, Jubei Yagyu"(c)wow wiki
  13. Noo, in sacred everything is even worse : if you have no bargain skill, there is no need to bother trading at all. We need some casino, like in diablo
  14. Could not agree THQ is very low on budget and Sacred 2 was an overinvested project, since the quality in art, design, and sound! TQ expansions(and darksiders 3, btw) is a proof of their policy : a decent additional content in terms of quantity, but very poor in terms of quality. At first I have decided for myself that its better to play TQ without their expansions and at second I have abandoned it alongside other arpgs in favor of THE ONE, err, I mean the second! TQ was my favourite one for a long time and the decision about considering TQ as a time-worn, rusty artifact of old was made with a great help of the THQ expansions I fear THQ is unable to make a worthy sacred successor
  15. but as far as I remember you don't need any mods for dat : http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Prism's_SP_Masterguide,_SP_Tips_%26_Tricks
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