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  1. Probably, he should have attended a swordsmanship school alongside with Jubei
  2. Well, actually, Jubei Yagyu is a real historical person, probably quite popular in Japan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yagyū_Jūbei_Mitsuyoshi
  3. I was never into fighting games, especially I was never able to get into MK, but I have remebered samurai shodown 4 quite well ,due to its outstanding characters, most of all Ukyo and...Jubei(who was looking like a bandit or Ronin from a very great game Battle Realms)!
  4. "As with Haomarush, Genjuros, and Khanzo, Jubei'Thos is named after a character from the Samurai Shodown fighting game series, Jubei Yagyu"(c)wow wiki
  5. Noo, in sacred everything is even worse : if you have no bargain skill, there is no need to bother trading at all. We need some casino, like in diablo
  6. Could not agree THQ is very low on budget and Sacred 2 was an overinvested project, since the quality in art, design, and sound! TQ expansions(and darksiders 3, btw) is a proof of their policy : a decent additional content in terms of quantity, but very poor in terms of quality. At first I have decided for myself that its better to play TQ without their expansions and at second I have abandoned it alongside other arpgs in favor of THE ONE, err, I mean the second! TQ was my favourite one for a long time and the decision about considering TQ as a time-worn, rusty artifact of old was made with a great help of the THQ expansions I fear THQ is unable to make a worthy sacred successor
  7. but as far as I remember you don't need any mods for dat : http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Prism's_SP_Masterguide,_SP_Tips_%26_Tricks
  8. Actually this "trash" is what making me returning into Sacred 2 again and again and again
  9. Can you provide a savegame? I can try it and say is it a savegame problem or gamebuild problem Or simply try a new character...
  10. Exactly! Very nerved!
  11. Hi! Maybe yours is avoiding COVID and keeping a recommended distance? My dupe is very aggressive with his blade and quite often is casting mutation
  12. Ahh, this is an addition of the EE 2.4, which I have omitted Well, imho, not as good as total removal of the stat bonuses from rewards, yet, at the least, dark jedi wont feel himself gimped anymore
  13. Yeah, it is intended! See: you wanna be a badass? - play evil campaign - receive no bonuses for "feed the poor" you wanna be a hardcore badass? - play HC evil campaign - receive no bonuses at all! Maybe, these quests should be eliminated from EE completely and irreversibly!
  14. I am not sure about that Luckily for me, TG is not my favored one! And, like I said before, wisp and dragon are what should be be included in the game in a first place! Minotaur and succubi are quite fun as well! As a bonus SW now can be a true summoner, which is very interesting approach... Has not tested other new CAs, since they are in place of unused ones and require new characters, but they all sound very interesting and cool at first glance! Sooo, I would not call it *"legacy" inclusion*, but fun and entertaining inclusion
  15. Oh, no, I was about to say that I prefer to use either fire OR ice debuff depending on the situation and that it would be probably a good idea to remove mutation CA(which is cast by dupe) and leave fiery ember in place, may be even move dupe to another aspect as well, since LF is overflooded with useful and strong CAs. Propelled Levitation has a cool animation so increasing casting speed and adding debuff to it is also a good idea, but, my, I am being carried away
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