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  1. [Solved] Crash "one on three"

    pipeweed carrying?
  2. [Solved] Crash "one on three"

    It's much more appropriate to call it "PCleaner "(I.e. Purse Cleaner)
  3. I just think Fire/Ice HE much easier and safer bargainer if thats the goal of creating a character, but, bah, anyways I hate bargaining and better wont play at niob than creating "networks", farm gold or something, I have even decide that I wont use my plat blacksmith to help new characters - let 'em swim or die
  4. Dragon Mage: Alchemical Berserk

    I would like to ask you, gents, have somebody carried forward such build, will berserk be viable on plat and/or niob with the current 1.6 patch, I have created a DM with accent on dragon aspect, but I dunno what skills should I prioritize - I have currently invested in Alchemy, EP, dragon lore+focus, armor, staffs... 4 left to go...
  5. Sorry, I am a bit of late, but the question is why She needs only Lore and Focus in Fire or Ice to keep up to level and...and... that's that, isn't it? plenty of room for the EP, bargain, riding, ...whatever - devotion, maybe
  6. And I have found another "useful"(or rather cheating) feature(comm. patch 1.6) - while in dragon/berserk form just apply familiar buff(runes will work the same way, I suspect) - your HP will increase, but after returning to normal form this increase will remain until reload, so you can indefinitely change forms, reapply the buff, thus raising your HP up to enormous values!
  7. Hello, I am a noob myself, but my experience shows that: I ignore almost all of the side quest(except tutorials and couple at the very start) and yet most of my characters have finished silver around 50 - too much XP for killing mobs, on gold the pace is much slower - I am finishing it around 60, so, yeah, side quests is mostly for platinum/niob difficulties There is a special cheat for this - weapons with the stat "+%% life leech"(dont confuse with +X LL, it should looks like "+1.2% life leech", not "+12 life leech" and not all weapons have this stat - only two handed, throwing stars, knuckles,...But I see it like OP - if you have proficiency with the weapon and tactical lore skills - you should not have problems with other weapons, I killed bossed even with resistance to my weapon damage type - just it takes some time and patience, but at least it gives you the feeling that its a boss("have you played old school scroll actions games where bosses were like - oh, FECAL MATTER! I have reached him with only 1 life left and he one-shot me:)") - while %%LL weapons kills bosses like common thrash in a couple of the seconds Bargain skill, hands down. Just keep it up to your level. But I hate it - so you could use Enhanced Perception instead like me, even if your weapon bad you will get many armor pieces with slots and slots can be enhanced with blacksmith by choosing whet(+damage, +attack). Or... you can download stashes with a plethora of items on this site and loose interest for this game I also advice to ask about your character build in the corresponding sections, something is wrong with your char - my Shadow Warrior had no such problems, even though he has no bargain or EP skills, items in stash or such....(I must confess - he has a blasck smith skill it helps a bit, actually) Good luck on your exploration! Offtopic question to admins : whats the heck is " FECAL MATTER&#33"?
  8. ThisAfter installing patch 1.60, I didn't do much exploration, but I have run full campaign 3 times for 3 different charaters + created and played with 4 other characters for a long time without a single crash, freeze, whatever(more over- I do not use physx from the patch, instead I am running game with it's native physx - leaves, rocks and such clutter)! And before 1.60 patch my game was constantly frozen. So, Евгений, you are either having problems with your system/drivers - maybe you are using Windows 8/10(I am using Windows 7 myself) or you are visiting some specific and problematic areas... Do you have any problems during campaign?
  9. Weapon priority on Combat Arts

    I do only hope that sometime in the future some developers will notice how much time sacred followers have invested in this game and will create something as good instead of bleak and inexpressive games like new ones(Grim Dawn, Path of Exile, Van Helsing, you name it)
  10. But it's also kinda of a cheat - you have raised your stats by 60 as though you ve gained 60 levels, while mobs have just remained at the same low level, there was no this quest originally, I suppose it is introduced in CP as a helping hand for newbies and their first characters, but not for the completing it 1000 times at first level and gaining more stats than one could possibly distribute
  11. Weapon priority on Combat Arts

    For this type of game it would be definitely better, it's not a hardcore rpg or survival horror or something; besides it is not as forgivable as aforementioned Titan Quest, in which you practically have no way to screw your character in softcore. At the very least developers could have made more detailed CA mods description.
  12. Is not it much easier to just use a editor and change values?
  13. I didnot mention it, because I do not like teleportation skills in this game, seraphim's and SW's jumps are unreliable - they may work or may not, only good for debuffing bosses, and HE and dryad's are laggy - much easier to reach destination on foot for me. Oh, and once I jumped with Seraphim somewhere in the bottomland and was unable to jump out back from there - that was a predicament, I must say!
  14. Sorry I was unable to find it in wiki, I suspect there is much better explanation there than I can provide with my Engrish, but if you are using, say, Incendiary Shower on a mob, the spell will be placed in such way that mob will be at border(circumference) of the circle of effect so you will hit this mob, but can miss others, with ctrl you have full control of the space where spell will be landed so it will hit all the targets you intended to It, actually, much easier to check and see for yourself Oh and Ctrl helps to quicksell the junk in the inventory, also - the most useful feature of this button
  15. Weapon priority on Combat Arts

    I think I just get used to Titan Quest(and Diablo), where you see what you get - info on character and skills screen are more than enough for successful building and planning. Sacred 2 forces you to plan character beforehand, but on the other side most of game-stats are hidden, so you really have no idea what your character will be like. Praise the community, we can use wiki to find many answers, thank you gentlemen, wiki has really helped me to chose skills and mods for them, without wiki my characters would be totally random