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  1. I used the default options and got this: Fan reached 100% as well. I will try full HD with Antialiasing next. Guess this is a bad result for this resolution? Thank you, will try this one next Nope, other games work perfectly fine. I... don't think I have a NVIDIA control panel, I use an AMD gc and my AMD settings don't seem to have any PhysX related options. I will try disabling PhysX tonight, I usually can play about 1 hour before the crash, but I don't have enough time currently.
  2. Damn. Can I test this in any way? I found GPU UserBenchmark via google, would you recommend this? I still have warranty on my graphics card. But it will be hard to tell them it's broken, if everything but an old game works.
  3. But... I just bougt a new one It's about 1 year old, why would it not handle a game from 2008? But it really much sounds like that, especially because the game works fine for quite a while. I don't have any issues with other games though. In the steam forum we are speculating if PhysX is the problem, because it's needed to run the game and I can't install it.
  4. Hi, I was recommended to post my issue here. It's not really about the community patch since it occured before using the patch as well, but maybe someone can help me here. I am running the game in compability mode Win XP SP 3 (originally Win 10) and use the community patch 1.60. It fixed most of my crashes and lags, but the worst ones still appear: Randomly, without any announcement, everything crashes. Not just the game. My screen turns dark green and the only option left is shutting down my PC by force. Manually. I mean by using the reset button. Absolutely everything freezes. I couldn't find anyone else having this problem and I am terribly afraid of destroying my computer by running this game. Anyone else experiencing the same or knows what to do? Thanks in advance for any replies <3 -- My graphics card: Radeon RX 480, drivers up to date Can't install PhysX, running the .exe of the installer would just give me a box saying "text". I use "nocpubinding" for starting sacred, "skipopenal" would just make everyone refuse to move, I couldn't move with W, S or mouse and enemies were stuck on place as well, so I removed the skipopenal command.