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  1. Jacek

    Seraphim starter tips

    Ok. And what about expert touch ?
  2. Jacek

    Seraphim starter tips

    As some of you already know SW and Inquisitor did not work out exactly as planned for us But still hellbent on this idea of 2 x light sabre - so we will go with dual wield seraphim We want to specialize in Exalted warrior (exalted warrior will be our dmg) and take some support skills: 1. will taking radiant pillar with only delude mod and 1 rune consumed be enough as a debuff? 2. and same goes for Flaring nova - just 1 rune, only impulse and stun mods? 1 and 2 will only serve as debuff and cc. So far we've taken: tactics, armour, dualwield. 3. what skills shall be mastered first at clvl 75? 4. all into str? for dmg and attack rating? Btw, seraphim is our thing...I mean...it is MY thing if you know what I mean although my daughter plays her too...and likes her but not as much as I Looking forward to hearing from you soon Cheers Edit - expert touch on or off? We will use flaring nova for cc and divine protection.
  3. Ehh...tough luck. First let me say we were toying with SW and Inquisitor up to approx clvl 20ish each in silver and Ice HE is our main clvl 73 about to finish Plat with 8 skills only and 100+ points unspent. Well...it was a mistake to start Sacred adventure with HE - this character is so god-like, overpowered, her defences are a direct consequence of her amazing killing speed and variety of utility skills, but it is the incredible dmg output mostly - killing mobs bosses champs before they can reach you. We wanted to go allout malee, dual wielding preferably for a chage of pace and gamestyle. SW...well...I just cannot bear the way this guy walks. I mean I cannot really stand it and it gets on my nerves even more then watching 7 o'clock news on our national tv. He really needs to go see an orthopaedist as there is something seriously off with his spine and pelvis. To play him is like mental tortures for me. Now the Inquisitor...awesome looks in his robes with light sabres, really stunning, inspiring awe and stuff... but....I wouldn't be myself if there wasn't any but, no matter how hard we try we cannot get this Puryfying Chastisement to work correctly...it is more often off then on and it does not definitely suit our playstyle. And then I discovered her...The Seraphim...she is so hot in Niokaste armour set...she could be our dualwielder with two sabres...I checked out her combat arts in wiki and on youtube - perfect choice, the winner... ...so on the menu screen I was checking her out late last night and my wife saw me checking her out too thoroughly as she would phrase it as it was with HE and got...angry, jealous, whatever. So as you can see all odds seem to be against me but we are going strong ahead against all odds...with our icy HE. cheers
  4. Hmm...still watching Star Wars So we might be building an Inquisitor with 2 x light sabre instead of a SW. So, could u please advise on th efollowing: 1. points shall go in willpower to increase sabers dmg, right? This seems to be a problem: willpower increases dmg of light sabers vs. str increases dmg of swords and attack rating...so 50% / 50% willpower for dmg and str for attackrating? Help me out on this one guys as we want to go Darth Vader with 2 x light sabre ... 2. if I socket magic pearl it will convert all saber's dmg to magic or only the physical part? Tomorrow I will do some theorycrafting maybe... cheers
  5. Jacek

    Advice for beginner Shadow Warrior

    This is what we have in mind for our SW - could you guys please offer some advice / criticisism? It is just a backbone, not a complete build. To an extent, idea modelled after our Ice HE...: 1. Expert touch: on. 2. Aspect: single aspect - death warrior 3. Attribute points: all in str 4. Skills: 1. Dual wield 2. Tactics Lore 3. Armour Lore 4. Death Warrior Focus 5. Constitution 6. Toughness 7. Spell resistance 8. Malevolent Champion Focus 9. Concentration 10. Combat Discipline 5. Combat Arts: 1. Demonic Blow: Wound / Fraility / Trauma - single target / boss 2. Scything sweep: Force /Intent / Rage - mobs; 3. Rosing Command: Persistance 6. Buffs: 1. Grim Resiliance: Rejuvenation / Discipline / Reflex 2. Reflective Emanation: Backlash / Antimagic / Riposte 7. Gear: emphasis on +skills / chance to halve regen as we have a nice collection of +2 all skills / -10ish % chance to halve regen. What shall be the first 3 skills to master? EDIT: we are watching star wars episode iv new hope...maybe dualwielding light saber inquisitor it does tickle our fancy
  6. Jacek

    High Elf tips for a new player

    @moderators....maybe you could please consider moving this HE dmg being unequalled issue that accidentally popped up to a new thread?
  7. Jacek

    High Elf tips for a new player

    We hold back on points just to see what Ice HE is capable of ... weird, we know These points will be distributed today Now we will be rushing Plat to get to Niob Next toon we will have some kind of a 2H fighter....SW with a 2H axe or hammer maybe...but Inquisitor really tickled our fancy...with these robes looks awesome. it migh be only because of the looks that we will pick up Inquisitor. and inquisitor doesnt run in this funny / weird way as SW does Btw, is there any toon that can match HE killing speed / power?
  8. Jacek

    High Elf tips for a new player

    I will do the shoping tomorrow We also have a shield and a dagger with 14ish% chance to halve regen time each and both have good sockets Out of curiosity Im checking out how strong HE is and ice HE is more survivable then fire HE imo. We still have only 8 skills and 110 points unspent... I can only imagine what will ahppen when we take combat discipline - 1 point with 70ish to all skills I can tell dmg output is no issue at all although we start to take dmg...finally So we need to tread more cautiously. The paln is: take Combat Discipline as 9th skill and put just 1 skill in each combo as we prefer to cast CAs without any combos, then master Armour Lore, Constitution and Ancient Magic. The big 5 to be 75 asap: MSF, MSL, AL, Constitution and AM. in that order. ehh...and we have to bring up DAF for EM . We have not used Expulse Magic so far...no need. Maybe now in Plat. About to kill Gar and... as it is 11ish pm here now
  9. Jacek

    High Elf tips for a new player

    Platinum unlocked Finally we have Faladall's all pieces ilvl 75 - farming Gold guardians Got our first Tristram companion to drop ilvl 70ish. Also, we have +2 all skills and -10,1% chance to have regen time amu
  10. Jacek

    High Elf tips for a new player

    We have DAF but currently only at slvl 14 to be pushed maybe to 31 later on with hard points to mod Expulse magic too as now only GI fully modded. Plus we have +69 to all skills. Btw, this HE has some really amazing firepower...icepower
  11. Jacek

    High Elf tips for a new player

    approaching the end of gold we can already tell that in platinum dmg dealt by mobs will ... hurt dmg on our end as I said is just awesome, but still its gold only. how long regen shall we keep on expulse magic? now we have expulse magic at slvl 2 + 6 from items and regen is approx 0.2 sec we did not use expulse magic so far at all...not even once. no need We can already tell cascading shroud will come in handy. dmg mitigation makes huge difference thank you
  12. Jacek

    High Elf tips for a new player

    Thank you guys We are clvl 67 atm and the playstyle sometimes is that we get hit....depending whether RN or GT are used....but we cannot evade being hit....due to old / young age and lack of skill We have MSL and MSF at clvl. we were thinking of mastering them 1st and then constitution 3rd and ancient magic 4th as constitution and anvient magic ioho offer most bang for buck with AL now into play with your explanation. We noticed dmg output isnt any issue now . its plain awesome. Survivability maybe a little of an issue esp. when fighting bosses. Bqsically we are running in gold now main quest line only rushing to platinum and in desert after swamp now having killed scorpion boss. by level 75, we will have madtered: MSF MSL and....? Constitution AL and AM are the 3 contenders but in what order? maybe AL first instead of Constitution as AL will act twofold - survivability bonus plus bonus to regen ?
  13. Jacek

    High Elf tips for a new player

    Hi guys...me again...I guess u grew tired of me asking questions all the time Well, could u please tell me what it exactly means - from sacred wiki: "Delphic Arcania Lore increases Hitpoint Regeneration as though it were damage, increases casting speed, allows for modification points." - I just don't understand the part in yellow We are also debating ourselves between Shield Lore vs DA Lore for GI as our 10th skill - any real advantages for taking DA lore rather then Shield Lore in the long (niob) run? cheers
  14. Jacek

    High Elf tips for a new player

    Hmm...this is weird: I was using faladal gloves ilvl 60 socketed with 2 yellow rings (each ring giving +3 all skills) . And the gloves were showing bonus of +8 to all skills, not +6. I just found faladal gloves ilvl 75. I socketed them with the same two rings and now they display bonus of +7 to all skills. We are now clvl 59. Why is the bonus of +all skills lower with the better item? Shall I stick to lower levels items them in order not to lose the bonuses?
  15. Jacek

    High Elf tips for a new player

    Is there any trick to unlock Platinium fast guys? In Gold, what mainquest bosses / other bosses would u recommend for farming equipment? In silver, guardians + mentor pot = insane experience in matter of seconds but equipment has poorer stats then in Gold So we will be farmin guardians for experience and eq in Gold And we r just discovering amazing utility of shadow step cheers