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  1. The Darkmatter Radmin Network is not created by me, was almost there. Of course u should able to find my servers if ure connected to some public Sacred Networks in Radmin. There are much public Networks, dont think its necessary to create my own. But here it is: Alias: Sacred International Lobby Password: Sacred (ill try to figure it out how to create a network without password, it shouldnt be exclusive only for this forum :D) gogogogo
  2. Hey Community! I decided to set up a little Multiplayer Lobby for Sacred Underworld. Actually the servers are running on my main system, so often I have to shut down over night,or when im working.. because of money.... But I ordered a little, very little pc set up with an average energy consuption about 18w. (4gb ddr3, dual core @1,65 ghz) So in future (4-5 days I think) u will see the list of servers all day, and all night, 24/7. Necessary is Radmin VPN. PM me for questions about that. Cost: Round about 30€/anno. It's worth. Hope ill see u guys online! ♥
  3. Hello to everyone! Can anyone tell me how to disassebling the pak-files? Im in love with this game since 2006. Now I want to bring some creativity into the game. love to see that the community is alive <3
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