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  1. nothing, tried everything, always the same message uff... I can not be there Dx9?
  2. Then .net framework 3.5 is ok I see the guide, and I tried install microsoft visual studio but nothing.. same result
  3. Hi Thanks for the reply, I tried everything you wrote. I do not know what to do My System: Ryzen 5 1600 MSI GTX1080 Gaming x 16 gb ram Motherboard msi tomahawk b350 Windows 10 (10.0) professional 64-bit (build 16299) directX 12 Tips? Sigh I want play....:( Tank you for all Ps one last thing today I buy gog version of sacred 2 gold but I have the same result
  4. Hi I need your help, my sacred 2 gold don't start, I tried everything, but I always have the same message: startup error driver: [nvldumd.dll] graphicscard: [NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080] device: [\\.\\DISPLAY1] cDX9Base::_initDX() CreateDevice failed! cDX9Advance::_initAdvance() initDX failed! SacredApp::setup() setupWindow failed App::Setup() failed I tried to install Dx,Physx,cm0160 hotfix I do not know what to do anymore HELP sorry if I have a wrong place to write Ps I have windows 10
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