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  1. so we are currently in the process of rebuilding some kind of (so far its mostly german) s1uw community on discord where anyone of us is active on a daily basis. if someone wants to join: https://discord.gg/2HC77WD depending on how many english speaking people will join we will structure our things around that too.
  2. I never had someone actually be glad I came back to a forum to this day so thats something I probably wont forget so fast my dude. actually this isnt my first account here but I forgot the old name and email. (doesnt change anything since I never wrote anything and that was like 10 years ago? ) (please dont ban me for multi account now that I got a warm welcome ) I will look into introducing myself but for now I have to get some sleep. good night
  3. thanks since I got back into sacred like last week I still need to get back on track again since I forgot so much stuff. but I will keep an eye on this forum
  4. hey sorry im no forum user and I always forget about these. I want to clear out some stuff. there was never a public thing like a "sacred toolset" it was just a collection of old id lists, hacks, tools and other stuff I had lying around on my hdd. sorry to disappoint you with this. like you already found out, the russian vk communitys for this game is where new stuff regarding sacred happens today. darkbloods was dead for like 7 years but im now in the process of recollecting old members of our long lost sacred history. we have opened a discord server but stuff written there so far is german only.
  5. sorry again, I dont know who jayce is and he did not pm me yet
  6. sorry I thought the sacred item manager is common knowledge when you play sacred 1. the poster above me showed how to use it already but here is another one:
  7. what excactly are you talking about? here is an item export out of s1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-CLX0O2z8nsk7mAKa1nmMwY8n-g9J2Es/view?usp=sharing
  8. hi, since an old download, I provided a while ago, got removed by mediafire I thought I could reupload it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VT_uvBmZ0iADS2377arb8Otj5jKPBI3a/view
  9. hey there, I am just here to clear out some of the things thorium said. we as darkbloods tried to re enable unused content (monsters, weapons, LOTS of unused sets/items for every class). we did not replace any used content, besides changing the general theme of ancaria to an icy, cold land. we also got in contact with old sacred developers but our development stopped right after that (personal reasons). we were in contact with the raven-rock dev too, but he vanished at some point (again, personal reasons). if anyone is interested in some ID lists, programs, information. the file attached to this post contains every piece of stuff I got left on my drive. im not the author of some of these texts and I didnt create ANY of these programs but this game and any info is just too old and anyone who worked on this stuff has vanished years ago, so I just dont care. and as thorium said, everything is in german. have fun >MEDIAFIREDOWNLOAD<