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  1. took the code changes schot made and implemented into my <edited out> working fine on mobile.
  2. at least im glad I decided right bcause im working with the wiki on a 4:3 screen
  3. good idea! I made a index placeholder thread for now @gogoblender btw I would add thoriums 2.29 inofficial patch to the modding section too since its the base of replacing game files
  4. the sound pak extractor will not give the internal name thus you need to find it first to have the right filename for the 2.29 patch to work its pak folder loading magic
  5. @gogoblender I would suggest pinning reborn, ruddicks video of how to import 3d models:
  6. I can compile a list with topics you could move to the newly created section if you want me to!
  7. @MetaL found some really old images posted on our old neglected forum (we didnt know how to edit static graphics like the stones and trees, buildings)
  8. thanks for the response. thats the thing I have planned! the wiki part will contain guides, tools, id lists and so forth - all linked back to the forums in their respective thread made for people who dont know a single thing about s1 "modding" I may want to use this to explain my thoughts a bit better. point of the subforum are exactly these things. there are little pieces of information about s1 scattered everywhere. we could just move related stuff. pin newest work, stuff like radmin, dgvoodoo, reborn etc... and related to your commitment statement: its not about me wanting to get people to commit to something, its about bringing everyone and everything together in one place. your work and related work of others will be located inside "modding" and not under "xyz here we go and some videos - oh whatabout these random threads next to how to play online ". we have some public tools for everyone to download. some examples: allow your own permanent pet (a little playful thing, nothing more) teleporter tools, launcher with updates, and stuff like you mentioned. autocollect in mp, anti afk kick, anim stuff and item spawn stuff is there too. we have non public tools but there is too much to list at this point I can provide you with the old version later but its unfinished and some things are just not good. the stuff got made 9 years ago when we were still kids
  9. nah we are good thank you. but there wont be an update around darkbloods for quite a while since the german community is a silent place right now and thus development has stopped. im completely on my own with the stuff im working on right now
  10. good to know. the old darkbloods mod included a icy ancaria setting and a rebalance (mainly monster, we made them way harder) and we have some custom QoL tools tailored for our version
  11. since im in the process of adding a modding section to the wiki, I think its finally time for this game to have its own section in the forums, right? this game had many tools created by the long gone community and we have everything backed up. we have the means to import edited model files, unpack many .pak files. s1 ram mods are fun too, there are some interesting things you can do. I can provide id lists for items, models, spells and so forth. creating the subforum would allow us to collect everything in one place, opening up this game for modding (and maybe new users if we advertise some more). we could start to document the game internals. just to demonstrate whats going on right now: there is @MetaL and @Starling to work on ReBorn there is Sacred NL (New Life) there is @Dax (we already had a discussion about this some days ago) and @Ysendra working on graphical stuff there is @VilyaTheWhite and @RuDDicK, working on model stuff and there is darkbloods with me as co admin (we are working on re releasing the old darkbloods mod) since we had a "chat" about this earlier im mentioning you aswell @gogoblender lets go and let me know what you think about this guys
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