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    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Thanks for creating the mod! Hm, maybe rework it into a mod for the Sublime Guardian, if that is possible? So people who like the playstyle can mod for it and everyone else can go for a straight power up for the summon.
  2. Fabur

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    The enhanced spell mod page linked in the description has a short answer: There is also a longer description of the challenge mode on that page (Enhanced Spells Mod). @Flix I just tried out your mod for a few hours and like it so far. There is one thing that bugs me a bit though: The Sublime Guardians ability to convert enemies for a short time. For me it slows down the gameplay a bit, as I cannot kill enemies that are currently under the influence of the convert spell. So I have to wait for the spell to finish or have them teleport after me for the duration of spell. Is there any way to make them killable while they are effected by the spell? Or maybe reduce the duration or even replace the skill completely (as you have already done for the Seraphim herself)?