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  1. thx but this sky (day) was last year few minutes before the "gang" arrived to have a ride to the "season ending meeting" at luimex (ferrari dealer) weather was very nice and on german the autobahn (no speed limit most parts of the way) a pleasure imagine: 8 ferarris, 3 lambos, some porsche and us (us means my wife with an bmw m6 gc, a friend with an bmw m5 comp an me I took my tracktool bmw m2 that day) (25 real sportscars in a convoy- the count was more than 14000 horse power in row -> imagine the sound ....) the ride and the event was perfect - but the way back ... it started raining -> have a look http://joogie.de/carpassion/vids/scheibenversiegelung.mp4 I didn´t use the wipers, because my windshield is made with special ceramic stuff the black car in front of me in the vid is a 458 stardale speciale aperto (boaaahhhh ehhh) speed in the rain was about 100- 130 km/h faster is not possible with the semislicks ... today the weather is ... no... no weather for racers joogie
  2. Hooyaah asked me for a picture -> I am the older one
  3. Trimmed Elite Textures

    ok thx I´ll find this grafics somewhere ... joogie
  4. Trimmed Elite Textures

    hi flo, link funktioniert aber registrierung bei mega nicht - erhalte keine aktivierungs e-mail ... dann noch eine private frage ... gruz joogie