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  1. mhhh, you mean the link on sacred-legends.de is the same as here? If yes it is strange because I just downloaded it 4 days or so ago.
  2. I can affirm your statements. Its working now. The CM Version I downloaded was from sacred-legends.de posted on december 12th 2017, what fits to your earlier statements regarding a second release of the CM. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks for the fast answer. I'll do what you have written and post the results.
  4. Thanks for the reply and for the insight of the whys. I'm confused. Are you saying you have CM Patch V160 and can use "Darting Assault" with a magic staffs and shoot projectiles to the enemies? (english is not my native language so might have misunderstood you there)
  5. Hello DarkMatter community, my question refers to the use of mage staffs (which use int to enhance damage) as range weapons. I'm using Sacred 2 Ice & Blood V2.65.2 with the Community Patch V160. On this wiki site it is stated in the first paragraph that you can use "Mage Staffs" as ranged weapons if the "Magic Staffs" lore skill is used. However I can use staff weapons as ranged weapons without the use of any lore skill already. What I can't do is use combat arts like "Ravaged Impact" or "Darting Assault" as ranged abilities. My character moves close to the enemies but still
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